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I think they are all gorgeous, but somehow that February sampler is the one that most catches my eye because of its delicacy. You are amazing, Danielle!


I also like lighthouses. I just realized what I find so appealing in your needlework is the size. I don't think you could do a huge design unless you would spend your whole life on it. I always enjoyed miniature paintings. And the work of some naive painters that is often very small as well.


Wow - they are brilliant! I have to concentrate on one at a time or I'd never get anything done, but I do end up stockpiling kits and patterns...


Interesting, I have never seen a pincushion like that before. Looking forward to seeing it finished! And I also admire the way you can keep the edges from fraying.


Lovely work, Danielle. It's funny how our personalities remain the same whatever our pursuit is: reading, stitching, etc. I smile to think of comfort stitching!


Rain, Rain looks lovely Danielle! As, of course, do all your other works in progress. I like your lighthouse one. I like lighthouses too. My husband's dad was actually born in a lighthouse on the Hudson River (Esopus Meadows), his parents were the keepers. He lived there until he was 3 and his dad died. Back in those days they wouldn't let a woman keep the lighthouse alone.


These are all beautiful, thanks for sharing! I love having something like needlework or knitting to work on especially in the winter. Something very cozy about it.


They're all gorgeous and you're so well organised with your albums. What a great idea.


Litlove--I do like the February Sampler quite a lot myself and will try to finish it soon--I'm very bad at setting needlework projects aside when I come to a boring part!
Caroline--I like working small too. I know some people who stitch over one linen thread--very small indeed, but I have a hard time with the floss running beneath the weave of the fabric! I can do a little but not an entire sampler over one. It's amazing what some stitchers can accomplish--I'm very slow so it's hard to complete a very large work in a small amount of time!
Verity--I've been an awful stockpiler as well. As a matter of fact I have so much stash that I actually don't buy much now though I am occasionally tempted. I try and think if I have something similar on hand if I see something I like--often I do. And you're wise to work one project at a time, I think. I try and have just one larger project and one smaller at a time, but sometimes I get ahead of myself and start new ones...
Catharina--Some fabrics fray very badly, but the Lambswool is fairly stiff so it seems to keep its shape better. I try and zigzag the edges of larger pieces of linen so I don't have the fraying problem. I love that sort of pincushion--I'm not sure who thought it up, but it's very creative. There are some wonderfully different designs out there that have the most unusual finishing techniques!
Kathy--I hadn't thought of that, but you're right. Some designs are very intricate and I do love working on them, but sometimes I like something nice and easy that I know I can complete without too much effort! :)
Stefanie--Finally--how long ago did I share that one? How cool about your husband--imagine if he had been able to grow up in a lighthouse! It's something that I only ever seem to come across in novels--someone actually living in a lighthouse. Too bad about his mom not being able to run it alone...typical I guess as I bet she could have done it!
Elizabeth--I always wonder what people who don't have hobbies do with their time! :) I seem to have too many and not enough spare time to do them all. And winter seems an especially good time for needlework.
Katrina--Thanks. I have had my picturetrail album for years now and try and keep it up. As you can see there are some years I've managed to stitch far more than in recent years! I think there are lots of freebie websites like Flickr where you can upload photos and keep albums--I like the idea of sharing my work.


The mattress pincushion is adorable. Is it called that because of the shape or is there another reason? I love the February sampler you are working on. So pretty! I love the little hedgehog guy :)

Dorothy W.

Congratulations on your first 2011 finish! The pincushion (pincushion to be!) looks great. I think stitching would be fun in these gloomy winter months -- creating something beautiful would be satisfying!


Iliana--I'm guessing they (whoever first designed this) called it a mattress pincushion due to the shape--it is sort of mattress-y. It's sort of funky sounding, but I love the way they look. Isnt't the hedgehog great? There'll be another one below if I can keep going and get to the bottom!
Dorothy--It is nice to have something pleasant and colorful to work on when it is so grey and gloomy out--which it has been a lot lately. I miss seeing the sun. I need to pick a good gardening design next! And I do like that feeling of satisfaction of making something all by hand and all by myself! :)

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