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Brilliant, Danielle. I loved your comments about Elizabeth Taylor and her critical reception and that Atlantic article was fascinating. Thank you for your kind words about Carolyn and I and the week - your enthusiasm is wonderful and I have so enjoyed your posts!


"well and truly hooked" on Elizabeth Taylor: that's it exactly! (I haven't read the Elizabeth Jane Howard books, but I've meant to. Perhaps I need a week devoted to them to get those pages turning!)


I discovered today that my copy of The Enchanted April is a Virago Modern Classic! I plan to read more Viragos after reading your posts and will check out the blogs you mentioned here. Happy reading!


I'll have to go read that article, since I just read my first Elizabeth Taylor this week (Angel, which I recommend!) I'm just glad to have discovered these authors, even though sad that they aren't better known.


Oh I loved this book - it was wonderful and Taylor really is underrated and underappreciated. I think I've enjoyed everything by her I've ever read.

I finished my virago read, A Lost Lady by Willa Cather and thought it was one of the best books I'd read in ages. I have to hope Virago week is still going tomorrow so I can post on it.


I love that cover - it's one of the few ETs that I don't yet own.


I have been thinking a lot lately about underrated female writers. I read a review on Penelope Lively's MoonTiger and Max (Pechorin's Journal) who reviewed it deplored this fact as well. I will certainly read more Elizabeth Taylor. I always loved the Virago books and the concept behind them.


A week to be home with your books sounds ideal to me, Danielle! This has been such a terrific week of great posts as well, I have to tear myself away to read my own Virago!

Taylor has been such an unexpected pleasure. Her writing grabbed me last year and my fascination with her just increases with each new book.


Great post. Between your fairly frequent mentions of Taylor and now that Atlantic article I am going to start looking for here books when I venture to the bookstore. Thanks. Thanks a lot ;)


Rachel--That Atlantic article is really great and I'm glad a magazine that is so admired by many people wrote about Taylor. I know she's known amongst bloggers but she should really have a wider audience. And I've really enjoyed my week reading Viragos--and of course it will carry over as I finish up my books. It's nice to indulge in reading books that I love so much.
BuriedinPrint--I am slowly working my way through Taylor's novels--I have them all lined up and read to go and am glad I've finally had a chance to pick another one up. EJH is great--do give her books a chance--the Cazalet quartet of books is a wonderful read and I've been meaning to read them again. I have the first one sitting by my bedside. Her memoir Slipstream is also excellent.
Kathy--I was very bad and ordered several more OOP Virago titles this afternoon. I had an Amazon credit, so I guess I don't feel *too* bad about it. Some are hard to come by so I snap them up whenever I have an opportunity to do so. And The Enchanted April is a great place to start with Virago Press!
Carolyn--What's nice about this readalong is that these authors are now getting a little "press" which they otherwise would not! So many of these books are so good and it's a pity they are often hard to come by. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Angel--what an interesting character!
Litlove--I've liked everything I've read about ET as well and have Nicola Beauman's bio of her to read at some point. I love Willa Cather and have A Lost Lady on hand as well--maybe I'll get to it this year as well. I'm looking forward to reading your post and the readalong goes through the weekend, so your timing is perfect!
Verity--I think I like this cover better than the newer one actually. I've also been collecting ET's books--now I just need to read through them all!
Caroline--This is what I love about Virago Press is they publish women authors who might otherwise not had an opportunity or who might have just faded into obscurity. And I'm glad so many of their books are still around on the second hand market. I only wish they would reissue some of these older titles as well as publish new ones. I have yet to read Penelope Lively--but I have heard many good things about Moon Tiger and have it on my pile of books to read!
Darlene--I've not had much time to read all the other posts, so I am looking forward now to catching up on what everyone else has been writing. I've been bad and ordered several OOP Virago titles--mostly books by Elizabeth von Arnim as I've been enjoying The Solitary Summer. I'm afraid I'll be writing more titles down once I get to read other posts! Every time I read one of ET's books I just want to go and pick up another, so I understand well what you're going through!
Stefanie--I love that Atlantic article--I do hope lots of new people went and looked for her books when they read it! And I am only too happy to pass the favor of creating a little booklust! I bet you can find something by her at HPB--keep an eye out for her!


I think that's one of the nicest covers I've ever seen on a book. I'm thinking that this because it looks like a Cornish fishing village.

Dorothy W.

I have this Taylor book as well as a bunch of others I haven't yet gotten to, although I want to. I also want to read Elizabeth Jane Howard. Lots to look forward to! I'm glad you're enjoying the Virago week.


Cath--I wonder if it is set in Cornwall--I will have to pay attention to that. It sounds like a nice little seaside village. And the cover illustration is really lovely!
Dorothy--It's nice to have a few of her books on hand--I want to keep reading through her work slowly. I love Elizabeth Jane Howard--her WWII books are great--I would love to reread them and I should try some of her other books as well. It was fun reading all Viragos last week!

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