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I've only read one book by L.M. Montgomery so don't feel left out :)

I need to check in on Rennie's series. I picked up one book last year and for some reason didn't finish it but I think that it had a lot of potential. Must go back.

Enjoy your new books!

Dorothy W.

I would LOVE to have you along on my bookish excursions! Come to Connecticut sometime, and we'll go shopping! I hope you enjoy Anne of Green Gables. I loved her growing up, and am very fond of her now.


That is a good pile of books; enjoy them. I have loved LM Montgomery's books since I was a child and have been slowly re-reading them in the last couple of years; unlike some childhood books, they have held up very well and I am really enjoying them all. I hope you enjoy Anne as much as I have! and the Rennie Airth series is great, too!

Claire - The Captive Reader

Yay for L.M. Montgomery and Anne in particular! I loved Anne growing up and still reread at least one of the Anne books each year.


I have only read the one book by LM Montgomery as well: Anne of Green Gables. But I will probably be the billionth person to say i hope you enjoy reading it, because I thought it was quite an enjoyable, comforting read :)

The Flappers 'Vixen' looks interesting, also.



Eiffel's Tower... You just hit a nerve... I remember when I was very little, my grandmother took me up the Eiffel Tower and they were filming on the top where you are normally not allowed to go. It's where Eiffel's study is. I'm glad I've seen it. My father never bothered to go as many Parisians don't.


I love Anne of Green Gables as did my daughters. I also love your continually blooming pile. What fun to come home to another book box, though, I would concur that there is nothing quite like wandering a book store.

Eiffel's Tower sounds intriguing to me and I'll be interested in your revue. When you finish it, you may want to try Erik Larson's The Devil and the White City, which put a subsequent World's Fair in Chicago in 1893. A true story, it reads more like a novel, and is, of course, about attaining and building the fair and the string of murders that coincided. It is quite a read.


Iliana--I read the first Airth book when it came out, but that was well over ten years ago now--I recall liking it, but I wouldn't mind rereading it (since I found a used copy at a library sale)before I read his newer books. I'm looking forward to reading an LM Montgomery book finally.
Dorothy--You are lucky to have so many great bookstores within a day's traveling distance--I'd love to visit them sometime with you and I bet it's gorgeous where you live, too. Who knows--maybe when my credit card is paid off I can finally afford to travel again! :) Anne seems to be a general favorite--I wonder how I made it so far without reading any of those books!
Cathy--I love books that can be read and reread and they lose nothing in the telling. I'm a little afraid to go back to some childhood favorites--think it might be better to leave those fond memories alone. However I am really looking forward to reading about Anne! And the Airth books sound good, too. They are high on my pile at the moment.
Claire--I'm wondering if I'll want to read the whole series after I read the first. I suspect after reading it I will wonder why on earth I waited so long!
Aimee--The Anne of Green Gables certainly do strike a chord with readers, but that's good as it means I have a good reading experience ahead of me--always a good thing! The flapper book sounds totally frivolous, but I like frivolous now and again!
Caroline--When I first visited Paris, I had to go to the top (or whichever level is the top for tourists!)! It's such an iconic image--I can't imagine Paris without the Eiffel tower! Of course to people who live there--I am sure they must be blase about it! I had no idea Eiffel had a study at the top--a luxury! Maybe someday I'll get to go back to it again...
Penny--I don't get out to bookstores as often as I like. Since the weather is cold and nasty and I walk I tend to not go in the cold. I did go after the holidays, which was nice. The Eiffel book sounds good and I hope it is as interesting as it appears. I am sure I've heard of the Larson book--now that you mention it, I think I will add it to my wishlist. I love NF that reads as fiction (since I am such a slow NF reader!).


You will love Anne of Green Gables! Prepare to be swept away!!


I have never read Anne of Green Gables either. Maybe if you really like it you will inspire me to give it a whirl too :) The eiffel tower book sounds like it might be good. Enjoy!


Anne is one of my best friends. I've read the whole series many times--they are true comfort reads for me. One day, I want to visit Prince Edward Island!

Books in the mail are one of life's greatest pleasures, as is browsing bookstores and libraries. The danger for me is stocking up on far too many books until I begin to feel stressed by my TBR list! That kinda defeats the purpose of a hobby, don't you think? Enjoy your new additions--I love hearing about your discoveries.


I'd never read Anne until I read it was chosen as a bedtime book for the girls ..we sometimes read a poem or short story or picture book..sometimes a long classic in chapter chunks... Anne (to my surprise..don't know why) was a great read aloud..I got rather breathless reading it as it is great fun and charges along :0)
It'll be fun to hear how it takes you! I'm testing the "Green knowe" series by Lucy Boston at the moment.


I should proof read and learn to type..sorry 'bout that..hope you can translate for sense


I have Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea in a Wordsworth Classic's edition (not yet read) but...I also have them on DVD, and I absolutely fell for Anne. She is a lovely character! It will be a treat to read the book later this year.


How lucky to still have Anne of Green Gables ahead of you! It's definitely one of the books I wish I could read for the first time again.


Ooh what pretty books! I have that Rennie Airth to read and I loved the first one by him. I'll definitely have to pick it up soon!


Rachel--I am prepared! After seeing so many enthusiastic comments I think I should read this one sooner than later!
Stefanie--I'll let you know about Anne, but I suspect it's every bit as good as everyone says. At least I am not the only one not to have read it growing up! ;) The Eiffel book does look intriguing--so maybe I'll have a little Paris in spring myself!
Kathy--I'd love to visit PEI as well--I love anything by the sea and an island would be even better. Since that is the setting it will make the story even better! It's nice having books like these to revisit. You definitely don't want to feel stressed over what it supposed to give you enjoyment! I'm finding that keeping the library piles down and just concentrating on my own books for a while has been a good thing. I don't have those added piles (w/due dates) staring me in the eye!
Val--I like the idea of reading aloud to kids--and not just the little ones, but even as they get older--it's a nice thing to do where everyone can enjoy the book. I don't have kids, but I notice that my 11-year old niece likes to read her books aloud--I only get bits and pieces of them though! :) And don't you wish you could go back and edit comments!
Catharina--I didn't even think about a movie--I'll have to see what Netflix has. With the Prince Edward Island setting it would be visually stunning I bet. I will definitely be reading this book sometime this year, though.
Rebecca--There are times when I don't mind that I haven't read a book previously (when I was young). I think the pleasure might even be greater now!
Litlove--It was yout post on Rennie Airth that made me go looking for his other books to begin with! I keep picking up the first one, then telling myself I have to wait until I finish the mystery I'm already working on!

Liz F

I have yet to read Anne of Green Gables too although I have read her The Blue Castle which became an instant all-time favourite.
Growing up I adored The Children of Green Knowe by Lucy M Boston and it is a firm favourite of junior daughter as well - sheer magic! Read it if you get a chance.
I am so envious of your book deliveries though - I decided that I can't buy any more until I have worked through at least some of my TBR's because I simply have no room and although I am sticking to it, I can't tell you how hard it is!


Oh, I hope you'll love Anne! Mongomery's Anne books are among my very favorites. :) The Eiffer Tower book sounds very interesting, too.



Liz--Good for you for not buying new books. I am all for reading from the TBR pile and am trying to do much more of that this year! However, I can't just let those gift cards sit there and be ignored. You're the second person to mention Lucy Boston, so I must go check her out now, too.
Tiina--I think Anne is a great favorite of a lot of readers. I am leaving her at the top of my pile as I can't go on any longer without reading her as well! The Eiffel Tower book sounds very exotic to me right now!


I'm reading Pat Conroy's literary memoir, My Reading Life, and he talks about reading A Dance to the Music of Time! He talks about reading and sharing it with his favorite school teacher as the teacher is going through a battle with leukemia. Really a beatiful essay, and it's interested me in the books though I'm terrified of the size. Eeek! Maybe a choice for my e-reader since it makes me less afraid of huge books.


I am so excited that you are going to read "Anne of Green Gables"- I hope you like it..!


I've never read Anne of Green Gables either. I'm awfully happy to hear I am not the only one who hasn't!


Andi--Thanks for telling me about this--I will have to see if I can get the book from my library as now I am curious about what others have to say about the work. It is a massive book, but it's nice that it is broken into four volumes and within each volume are three individual novels. I am trying to just read one book a month and will finish at the end of the year! We'll see. And yes, ereaders make every book seem equal in size anyway!
Vipula--I have a feeling I will like it and probably wonder why it took me so long to read it!
Kathleen--I'm afraid there are loads of books I should have read that I've not gotten to. I missed quite a few children's books as I was left to pick and choose on my own and missed quite a few classics.

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