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This sounds really interesting! One of my biggest annoyances w spy fiction is one the spy is superhuman, so Rimington sounds perfect for me. :)


This does sound quite good. I like the bit about the dress sense... Nice addition... All in all it does sound a lot like a mystery more than a spy novel... I am interested to read what you think of her next novels.


So glad to see your review of the Rimington! I had been hovering over the possibility of getting one of her novels (and there are quite a few cheap copies available). Now I certainly will - I'd like to give her a try.


Sounds very interesting. Might have to give this a try.


I've had this on my radar for a while, and am glad to read about it. I heard LeCarré on Canadian Radio not too long ago, and he talked about how the spy biz has changed. He said one of the things is that so, so many people have information now, and not always the same information. It used to be a small circle who all knew all the information.


How fun to have a smart female spy that doesn't have to dress in low-cut slinky dresses to get the work done!

Margaret Powling

I really enjoyed the first two Rimington novels and this is such a coincidence: I ordered the third one only yesterday!


Eva--I think you'd get on will with Rimington's novel. It's all pretty standard intelligence work--nothing out of the ordinary really, but I liked the way Liz and the others pieced all the information together--plus it still has some edge of your seat scenes. It'll be interesting as I read to see what other styles I come across w/ spy fiction.
Caroline--It's funny as that is one of the first things you find out about Liz when reading--she's certainly no frump! :) I like her and will be looking forward to more of the books. I suppose I have in my head what I expect is a novel of espionage, but maybe it's as much plain old fashioned leg work as all the secretive stuff with special gadgets. Interesting.
Litlove--She's definitely worth a try--especially if you can pick up a book on the cheap. I've already got the second book lined up and will certainly read more.
Kathy--If you like detective fiction, this is actually pretty similar. I hope you like it if you do pick it up!
Nan--I bet intelligence work really is different now that everyone is so connected and no one really has any secrets anymore in terms of identities. It would be wonderful to hear him speak. I'm curious to compare novels--early and late. I'll be reading Le Carre eventually, too.
Stefanie--Isn't it funny the perception we have of what a female spy is/was like--an ingenue really--oozing sex. Liz may dress well, but she doesn't take any crap off of any man either.
Margaret--So glad to hear you liked the second one as well. I hope to read it sooner or later. I will have to order the third as well--once I decide I like an author/series I tend to like to scoop up several of the books to keep on hand.


I have seen Rimington's books in shops but have wondered whether they are being published purely because of who she is (or was). You have made me interested in reading them.


Ed--I've read other reviewers who had a similar response--seeing her name on the cover as a selling point, but wondering whether that was enough of a draw. She can write, so no worries there. I really did enjoy it and plan on reading more. And if you notice, I am Finally reading the Silva, which you kindly sent. It's also very good--a very different sort of spy story. I think I will need to read more of his books now.


This is one of my series which I listen to on audio book as the narrator, Maggie Mash is brilliant.

I've found the first two to be the strongest in the series and loved At Risk.


Karen--I'll have to keep the audio books in mind as I go. I really enjoyed the first and have the second one ready to go! I'm not sure how far I'll read in the series, but it's good to know the best are the first few.

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