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One day I will read something by her! I'm pretty sure I added her to my list after reading one of your reviews. Hope you are enjoying this book.


I love Molly Keane but it's been a long time since I picked up one of her novels. Taking Chances sounds fantastic - I can't wait to read your thoughts on it!


Iliana--I am enjoying it--after leaving it so long on my night table--but you know how it goes. Sometimes you just need a little nudge. Now maybe I'll zip through the next several books and get on a roll!
Rachel--I hope to read her a bit more regularly this year. I do like her style--she's very different, but I find her world really fascinating. I think this novel is a bit more to my taste than the first two, though they were enjoyable as well in different ways.


I definitely want to read something by Molly Keane. I'm just not quite sure where to begin. This one sounds most intriguing!


I liked your first paragraph a lot. Isn't it mysterious how some authors just touch us more deeply and we cannot really put our finger on it? I can see what must be nice about her novels and will certainly read one of her books soon. I agree with litlove, this one does sound very intriguing.


Fun! What a great character descritpion too. I like "Mary was a factor for disturbance" I know people like that, who, wherever they go something distruptive always happens.


I've got two Molly Keane books on my Virago stack, Devoted Ladies and The Rising Tide, but so far haven't been motivated to get at them, it'll be nice to keep reading your reviews of her work. Another Anglo-Irish novel is The Last September by Elizabeth Bowen, which I really liked last year.

Dorothy W.

I found a Molly Keane book recently (The Rising Tide) and I snapped it up because of your posts on her!


I'm so glad you didn't delete her from your sidebar, even if it take awhile to find "the right reading time" for this one: that would have been toooooo sad. Wouldn't it be funny if this one turned out to be your favourite of hers so far?!


Litlove--She certainly has lots of books to choose from. Some seem light and fluffy, but I think this one might have a bit more substance to it.
Caroline--I wonder if I had tried one of her other books first if I would have been so intent on reading all her books, but Two Days in Aragon was so good that I'm willing to read everything she's written!
Stefanie--I loved that description, too. I wonder if she will wreak havoc intentionally or just get caught up in a messy situation!
Carolyn--I think both of those are slightly older books so I will get to them eventually. I'm hoping this week will get me motivated to keep reading more of her books this year rather than leaving them to languish.
Dorothy--I'm glad you picked it up! I'm looking forward to getting to some of her more famous books soon.
BuriedinPrint--Removing a book from my sidebar is often the kiss of death and I really didn't want to set my project aside. I usually get to books "I've been meaning to get to" sooner or later. Actually of the more recent books I've read this is my favorite so far, though I'm not sure it will surpass Two Days in Aragon.

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