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Loved your review of this great book. Like you I read the UK version, so I hadn't heard of the American title - I definitely agree its rather apt considering both women's behaviours. This book was definitely the type that had you reading until the wee hours, because you had to find out what would happen next (as if you didn't already know the answer - nothing good). So glad you liked it!


Nadia--They pulled the line from the book, and it was so fitting. This would be such a good book to read in a group--I had to stop myself from sharing more of the story as I found it such an interesting read. And it was very hard to put down. I've already promised a coworker that I'll pass it along to her next!


Wonderful review Danielle. I saw the movie a few years back and thought it was really gripping but just never got to the book as the movie was still a bit too fresh in my mind. I'd really like to read this one to see how the characters are described.

Dorothy W.

I know the title, but that's about all I know about this book. It sounds intriguing! I don't really remember the movie -- I've missed this one entirely. I can see how the story would be very gripping.


Very interesting review of a book I wouldn't be naturally drawn to...but you make it sound so fascinating! I seem to recall the movie coming out a few years ago (?) but I didn't see that either!


I LOVED this book -- although it also sort of freaked me out. Very intense. Great review!


I loved this too, almost read it in one sitting. I watched the movie afterwards and wasn't totally convinced. It did remind me of Whatever happened to Baby Jane? Another movie on female relationships gone awry... An understatement, of course. How did you think it compared to Jenn Asworth? Which one did you prefer.
The American title doesn't do it for me. The shorter the better, I think. I wonder why they chose to change it?


Another fan of this book here! I thought it was stunningly written. And wonderful review, Danielle - you really bring it to life!


Iliana--From what I recall the movie was equally as good--I need to borrow it again and compare. This is a good one to read first, or at least leave lots of space beteen watching the movie and reading the book. Well worth reading as well.
Dorothy--I borrowed the movie from the library and didn't even realize at the time it had been a book first. I'm a little curious about her other books but am afraid they won't be as good as this one!
Kathy--It's the sort of thing you don't really want to know about but once you start reading about it you find you can't stop your self from wanting to know more. Heller is a very good storyteller.
Karen--It's funny as I hadn't really intended to read it but I picked it up to read a bit and found I couldn't put it down. Definitely freaky, but I loved it too.
Caroline--This is one I could have devoured in one sitting had I been given the chance! I saw the movie too long ago to compare, though I recall liking the movie (knowing nothing about the book). I need to watch it again now. You know I have never seen Whatever Happened to Baby Jane! I know it is famous--I have lots of gaps in my movie watching, I'm afraid. Another for the Netflix queue! It would be hard to choose between the Ashworth and the Heller--I liked both--both are stories that you feel you shouldn't be finding so much enjoyment from, but can't help yourself, if you know what I mean. It's too early in the year to tell, but I could easily see choosing this one as a favorite, too. And the title switch did confuse me--not sure why they did that though it does refer back to the book. At least it wasn't completely changed!
Litlove--One of the things I did recall from the movie was Judi Dench as Barbara, who was so wonderful in the role--I visualized her as the character the whole way through. This one really made an impression on me.


I just had this one out from the library and had to return it, unfinished. I'm so disappointed I wasn't able to read it after reading your comments. It sounds like I would have enjoyed it.


Kathleen--Oh well, that's the thing with library books--due dates always through me off, too. I tend to request the same books over and over sometimes, so maybe you'll have a chance to finish it later!

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