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All of those read-a-longs sound tempting! My library's copy of The Summer Book has been stolen, but I do want to read some Jansson this year. I've decided to join in the Virago week, so thanks for the link!


Aren't there some terrific events taking place, Danielle! I am just about finished The Bookshop and really enjoying it. Wait until you meet Christine...what a hoot!

My Virago of choice for the read-along is going to be Delafield's, The Way Things Are. Looking forward to see which titles you end up going with.


I'm planning to read the Bookshop as well, Dani. I read it many years ago but I would like to read it again. I'm also planning to participate in the Virago week but haven't decided what to read yet. Strange meeting is a wonderful novel. I know you enjoyed Jennifer Johnston's Babylon recently so I think you'll like this one. I know how you feel about being back at work, I go back on Monday. Have a lovely weekend.


Eva--I think this month is going to be a little busier than usual with good books, but I hope to read along for as many of these as I can. Too bad about the Jansson--they must only have one copy? And the Virago week should be fun and I fully expect to be tempted by all the books everyone else chooses to read.
Darlene--I am trying to stay away from challenges this year, but readalongs seem much easier to do--just one book to read and then you get to enjoy the discussion that follows. As The Bookshop is fairly short I am hoping to be able to read it in the week before Cornflower's discussion. I have it at the ready, though, as you see in the photo. And I will definitely read the Delafield in my photo--you tempted me earlier, though I hope to also read at least one other. Sounds like great fun!
Lyn--I have never read any PF, though I have a whole stack of her books. I have no idea why I've waited, but you know how it is when you want to read Everything. I think I have my Viragos all picked out, but we'll see what happens at the end of the month. I have started the Hill and it does remind me a lot of Jennifer Johnston's novel. I am trying to keep it out of my mind as I read as I read it not long ago. It was such a wonderful book, but I don't want to compare them too much. Going back for a full week was a bit of a shock, but I think I'm back into the swing of things. Still, the weekend came just in time! :) Enjoy your last weekend before work, too.


Thanks for all the information on read-alongs. I agree that read-alongs seem to be less stressful than challenges.


Lisa--It seems to be a very busy month this month! The nice thing about readalongs is it is just a matter of one book, and these all seem very short. Also it is just something you can do if you want and join in on discussions when you can.


First of all thanks for mentioning my read along and second thanks for mentioning all the others... They sound great and I totally agree apart from the Murakami challenge and maybe R.I.P challenges are not for me. Fitzgerald is highly tempting, like you I have a collection but haven't read her yet. The Virago week is a big temptation as well. Are you planning on posting on Strange Meeting? I am really odd, I organize the read along and don't even know if people tend to post as well or if they really just "read along" and comment... Help...


I have the Summer Book ordered and did not know about the readalong, I hope I get to join.

Same goes for the Virago week, I have yet to find any Virago's, but if I do, I will definitely join!


I just bought a used copy of The Summer Book because your description of it in an earlier post sounded so wonderful (and my library didn't have any copies of it). Since it's "on the shelf" and qualifies for that challenge, maybe that will be the next book I pick up. (I'm currently halfway through two very enjoyable books and want to concentrate on them, but I'll be done and ready for something new soon!)


Susan Hill was on my list of favorites last year, I think she is a terrific writer, I like the setting of Strange Meeting and will look out for it. And Tove Jansson's The Summer Book is a lovely book. Many hours of happy reading ahead so I guess and enjoy your weekend!

Dorothy W.

That looks like a great line up of books! I'm looking forward to the Jansson book, and I'm tempted by the Virago reading week, although I may not have time for much. I have a lot for the end of the month, with the Jansson and the Le Carre books both due within two days.


I read Strange Meeting for a university class and it is good, quietly sad without being as melodramatic as most WWI stuff. I also liked what Susan Hill wrote about her WWI research in Howards End is on the Landing and how Benjamin Britten's music inspired her.

Also thanks for mentioning Virago Reading Week! I've been typing
up a full list of their books by author which should be up soon.

And The Metropolis Case sounds interesting, I'm fascinated by 1860s Paris, is it a blog tour arranged by the publisher? (Now I'd kind of like to join in!)


Oooh, a discussion about The Bookshop! I read this one in December and quite enjoyed it but no one I know has read it. I may have to hop over to Cornflower on the 22nd - thanks for the heads up!


Thank you for mentioning Virago Reading Week! I am so glad you'll be joining in. You've got a wonderful list of titles, and I'd be excited to read your thoughts on any one of them!


Oh I loved The Bookshop! I hope you'll enjoy it Danielle.

And, I can't wait to read the Slaves book. I'm hoping this year I'll like the books much more. Maybe last year I just needed a break.

I'm putting the Virago reading week on my calendar. I have a bunch of Virago books and it'd be the perfect time to pick one up!


I loved A View From The Harbour, and The Solitary Summer, so you have treats in store there. I'm hoping to read along with Cornflower (reread, that should be, although I've forgotten the book as it was years ago I read it) and of course I'm looking forward to the Slaves. I love that we're doing The Summer Book in January. I'll be up for the Virago week too!


Caroline--I love the idea of reading challenges, but I get too distracted. I do much better when it is a matter of reading one book along with a group and can then pick and choose when I do that. The Bookshop looks pretty short so I think it will be an easy book to read in a week or so-as a matter of fact all her books tend to be on the short side really. I do plan on posting about the Hill book. I want to do better this year about posting something about everything I read.
Iris--Do please join in with us if you'd like to read the Jansson by the end of the month. Our discussion forum is here:
If you'd like to post on the Slaves blog, just let me know and I would be happy to send you an invite! Used Viragos are hard to find where I live as well-I almost always have to order them online. Maybe your library has some?
Kathy--The Summer Book is really appealing right now as it is snowing here at the moment! I'm sure I'll mention it again, but if you do read it by the end of the month, you're welcome to join in the discussion!
Catharina--I've not yet read much of Susan Hill's work, so I am happy to pick this one up. I have one of her Simon Sereiller mysteries as well. And I've heard lots of good things about Tove Jansson--it's good to finally pick up books you've been meaning to read for ages!
Dorothy--I have a lot planned for this month, so we'll see which ones I manage to finish in time. I always want to read more books than I actually have time for! I'm looking forward to hearing what you make of Le Carre as I plan on reading him this year as well.
Carolyn--How interesting about the Hill book--I've not been able to get my hands on her book of essays--maybe I can ILL it. It's always interesting to hear about what inspires an author to write. I really like books about the WWI era, but they can be very heart wrenching. When I read Jennifer Johnston's book, How Many Miles to Babylon it was also quietly sad. The Hill book reminds me a lot of it. The Metropolis Case blog tour was arranged by TLC Tours:
I think they have their line up all set, but I don't see why you couldn't just read along anyway, since there will be others talking about it, too. I love that period as well and pretty much anything set in Paris!
Lesley--You should have lots of people to discuss it with now! I'm looking forward to reading it finally.
Rachel--I think lots of people are looking forward to this one! And I can't wait to start reading.
Iliana--I'm looking forward to The Bookshop and it's nice to hear good things about it! I hope to do better this year with the Slaves as well. The Summer Book should be a good one to start the new year off with. And it would be fun if you joined in on the Virago reading week. I'm looking forward to seeing which books everyone else will be reading.
Litlove--It was hard choosing which Viragos to read, but these sound really good to me right now and I'm glad you liked the two you mention. It sounds like there will be lots of people reading The Bookshop--I admit I tend to lurk on the discussions, but I do enjoy reading what everyone else has to say about the book. As it's snowing even as I type a book about sunny beaches will be perfect for this dreary month!


Oh look at all those good reads! I almost began The Summer Book today but it is so slim I figured I'd have it done way too early. I am looking forward to it. I have Solitary Summer on my Kindle and would like to read that one too. Alas, I have so many in progress books right now as much as I'd like to add another I just can't do it.


Stefanie--Most of the books are pretty short, so I am not trying to read them all at once! I think the Jansson will go quickly so I plan on waiting, too. I always tell myself--no new books until I finish at least two. When I finish them, I usually end up starting three new ones! :)

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