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I love seeing your needlework! I do needlepoint (Elizabeth Bradley mostly) but these samplers are lovely...does a 'mystery sampler' mean you don't know what it's going to look like??


Oh goodness the girl with the umbrella is so cute! What a perfect way to start the new year Danielle. And, you probably have mentioned this but I can't remember, do you listen to audiobooks when you are doing needlework?

Sharon (Ex Libris)

I always love to see your counted cross-stitch projects! I started to do counted cross-stitch again this past year (since I now have trifocals!). Is your first picture of a Prairie Schooler sampler? Love it!


What goergous work - well done. I'm impressed even if you feel your slow, the end results are great. And I agree with you, now is the perfect time to clear out the old lists, piles and projects and start a new. I've got another weeks holiday to finish my sorting.


The umbrella girl is really cute, I agree. January is the month I like the least but the idea of a fresh year, fresh opportunities is wonderful and days are already getting longer again, spring is soon to come...

Joan Kyler

Your needlework is gorgeous. I've done most kinds of needlework, but my favorite is petit point. I made miniature Oriental rugs for my nieces' dollhouse for years and then had some of the extras framed. They make lovely gifts (although I should learn how to frame them myself because good framing is SO expensive). I think I'll resolve to get back to my petit point Oriental rugs / pictures in 2011! I just found your blog and am enjoying it very much. Best wishes for the New Year.


I love the fresh, new feeling of a new year, and it's especially nice in Florida as generally we have our best weather between now and April. (It's already been quite cold, with freezing temps at night a couple of times, but we have a stretch of nice weather ahead of us for the next week or so--yay!) Enjoy your new books and new needlework project(s)--you've inspired me to pick up the cross stitch this year, too, by the way. Just what I need...another hobby :)

Dorothy W.

I spent all day yesterday thinking about spring, because the temps were in the 40s, and the air felt a little like spring. I can't wait for warmer days! January and February are long, though ...


Your February sampler is coming a long quite nicely! We've had gobs of snow here and this morning it was 7 below. But the sun is shining bright and we just filled up the bird feeder with fresh seed so all is well. About mid February I'll start longing for spring.


You find the nicest sampler patterns, Danielle.

We like getting things back to normal as well and my thinking is...Jan, Feb and Mar = 90 days. I can bear that.


Audrey--I'd love to try needlepoint some time. When the Mystery Sampler first came out it was in installments and the design was a surprise, however I decided to stitch it much later so I knew what the actual design looked like ahead of time. Actually I saw someone else's work and that's what made me want to pick it up as well. You can see what the first two parts look like here:
Each section is stitched on different color linen and I'll sew the five sections together at the end.
Iliana--I'm not sure why I've not finished her yet, she is cute. I usually watch movies when I am stitching, which is why I probably don't get as much stitched as I like as I am always stopping to see what's happening in the film.
Sharon--I hope you'll share your work on your blog--I'd love to see what you are working on as well! Yes, the top sampler and the girl with the umbrella and the chart at the bottom are all Prairie Schooler. That is one of my favorite designers--she has a very distinctive style, don't you think?
Tamara--Enjoy your next week off! I wish we at least had Monday off--Mondays are the worst, but I suppose I'm ready. I've been a little lazy and it'll be good to get out and walk again (even in the cold). Thanks for the compliment on the needlework--once a bit is stitched it does look very nice. It's always the first stitches that are the hardest--once there are a few in you feel like you're getting somewhere.
Caroline--It is nice that the days are slowly getting longer again. I'll be happy when it is light out again when I am walking home from work--it's hard leaving in the dark and coming home in the dark. I don't like January at all either and it is such a long month! It's nice to work on the umbrella girl and think about spring and rainy (warm) days.
Joan--Thanks for your kind words! Petit point is gorgeous. I once had a ring that was made of petit point--I bought it in Vienna, but it is long gone sadly. Is it hard to do? I like to try different sorts of needlework as well. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment--please feel free to do so anytime! And best wishes for 2011!
Kathy--I'm never bored between reading and needlework! You'll have to share your work when you are ready to stitch--I would love to see it! And isn't it nice when the weather cooperates? We've had a relatively mild winter this season and I hope it continues. It's still cold, but not much in the way of snow. Still, I think I'd prefer your sunny, warm days! Enjoy the good weather!
Dorothy--Yes, January and February are really long, cold, dark months still, aren't they! We had one day last week where it was over 60! It felt balmy and people were walking around in short sleeves. Unfortunately it only lasted one day, but it gives you hope that spring is coming eventually.
Stefanie--I think every time a storm has passed us by it has hit you guys! Sorry about that, but then I suppose you are used to it by now. Sunshine does help and I bet the birds are happy! February is really coming along nicely though I set it aside in annoyance last night after spotting a mistake. Tonight I will be picking it out--but just one small section thankfully.
Darlene--If it weren't for the internet I would have nothing very nice to stitch. Unfortunately there is no local store, but I have oodles of stash thanks to some wonderful shops who sell their wares online! The holidays are nice, but it does feel good to have the space back when everything is put away and once again nice and neat!


They are lovely. I am intrigued by the fabric you are stitching onto - I do my cross stitch onto Aida which has far bigger holes - I've not come across the material you use - it looks as if it would be far harder.


Oh I love taking the Christmas decorations down! I so appreciate the clean open spaces that are left behind. And I do love seeing your needlework projects - your stitches are so perfect and so neat! The designs are all really cute, but I do not know where you get the patience. I know I wouldn't have it!


Verity--I also started out using Aida and then a coworker showed me how to stitch on linen and it is really very easy. Once I started I was hooked and didn't want to go back to aida. Linen is so versatile--you can do so many more stitches on it. Let me know if you want to try it--I have loads of fabric and would be happy to send you a little cut so you can check it out and try! Linen comes in a variety of counts, too, so no worries about being afraid you won't see the holes!
Litlove--Some people love decorating--I love the feeling of taking it all down and clearing things out. It makes me feel like I'm starting fresh. I wish I had more time to stitch, but the hours seem to fly by when I am working--there aren't enough home hours. Still, even though I'm slow it all adds up.


Do you need a sharper needles? And the same stranded cotton? I'll look out for it over here as it would cost you a fortune to post a bit of material. This may be a project for 2011 - or at least a bit later on as I have an Aida wedding sampler to do first (as well as a birth one for a friend before that!)


Verity--I use either 26 or 28 size needles. They are not really sharp, though--more round edged and they work just fine! Yes you can definitely use plain old DMC or anchor--whichever cotton floss you prefer. You can also use silk, but unfortunately that is a little out of my budget these days! Do let me know, though, I really don't mind posting a bit of linen to you if you don't have a store handy nearby. I am sure I can mail it in a flat mailer and that wouldn't me much at all since it is very lightweight. You could give it a try then! I'm too slow to stitch wedding or birth samplers--I suspect they would quickly turn into anniversary samplers! :)


Hehe - I like the idea of anniversary samplers! I didn't know needles came in sizes - I only ever do cross stitch kits and they come with needles in them, although I have noticed that they vary in fineness!


Verity--Some stitchers seem to prefer certain size needles over others, but I use both. Probably really high count linen--with very small holes would call for a smaller needle. It's nice when you can get a kit with all the floss, fabric and needle!

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