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The Art of Losing sounds very interesting, it gets my vote. I want to know what happened, why her mother died, and how their family is coping.

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I read one or two reviews of The Art of Losing last year but sadly forgot if the readers liked it. Glasshopper sounds very atmospherical. I wold start that right away. I would also be very tempted by the last one.. It speaks to me immediately. It's about being a foreigner, learning another language. Is it at war time story, the Jewish name could point to that? When you start dreaming in another language, that's when you start to be really bi-/trilingual or whatever.


Those books all look really really good. I have only heard about Mr Rosemblum before, so I'm very glad you have review copies of books that I haven't read that much about.


Keisha--It is a good opening line, isn't it? Thanks for sharing your teaser link--I'll be checking it out!
Caroline--I admit I am most tempted by Glasshopper--I like the setting and time period, though all the books sound good. I've not yet read any reviews of The Art of Losing. And I think Mr. Rosenblum is about assimilation after WWII. I've heard many good things about that one. When I was first learning Spanish I would sometime dream in Spanish--I've not done that lately, but you're right, you can really tell you are immersing yourself in the language.
IIris--I think quite a few people were reading Mr. Rosenblum (Mr. Rosenblum's List in the UK) last year. I've been wanting to read it, but you know how hard it is to choose when a number of books sound good.


I read Mr Rosenblum last year and absolutely loved it. It made my best of list for last year and I highly recommend it. Of course, to be fair I haven't read any of the others!


Marg--I was quite pleased to get a copy of Mr. Rosenblum after hearing so many good things about it. I'm still undecided which to choose, but I will definitely be reading this one this year!


I think Mr Rosenbaum tempts me most, but all four sound very good! How lovely to have such an interesting range of choice.


Oh, they all sound good! What a nice dilemma to have. I think I'd be tempted most by the Art of Losing.

Dorothy W.

I think The Art of Losing sounds best too, although they all look good. I like the way those Europa editions look! I wonder if my library has that one ...


Litlove--So many good book choices are nice indeed!
Stefanie--After hemming and hawing I've decided on the Connell. I like the thriller-ish sound of it. I like these sorts of hard decisions.
Dorothy--It's funny as I initially checked this one out from my public library but had to return it unread and then it later appeared in my mail box. It seems I'm destined to read it. And I love the designs of the Europa Editions books, too.

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