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Dorothy W.

Oh, this sounds good, and if it's at all like Glimpses of the Moon, I will like it very much! I liked the set-up of that novel, and this one sounds very good too.


Dorothy--I love finding books like this--hidden away on library shelves with a good story just waiting to be told. I'm not far in, but I like it so far--it is about the different people staying at this French hotel--has lots of possiblities!


Oh you lucky thing having such a well stocked library! This sounds fantastic. I'm off to check the New York Public Library Catalogue to see if I can join in!


Very tempting indeed. I would love to read along but would have to order the book and have no idea if it is possible to get it and by when. Besides I wanted at least not to buy new books of authors whose unread books are staring at me accusingly...


Have not come across that Delafield at all - if you both enjoy it I may have to borrow it from Simon!

Simon T

I've not looked in my copy yet, Dani, and I love this quotation - what a wry and wonderful introduction to the characters! And I love the colours and design of that page - mine is much duller (but with the added excitement of E.M. Delafield's signature!)


Not only did you have me at EM Delafield but Hilary Moon....what a fabulous name for a character!


You rescued the book! I'm sure it had been very lonely all those years. It does sound a bit like Glimpses of the Moon. And wouldn't it be nice to be on the Cote d'Azur right now? But only in my dreams and in books can I get there at the moment. sigh.


Rachel--We have a surprisingly good selection of older novels. I often will hear someone talk about an author and then wonder if we own something by them, and quite often I can find several books. We have a number of books by Anne Bridge (and I still need to read Illyrian Spring, though I would love someday to own a Virago edition). I hope you find a copy of the Delafield.
Caroline--I lucked out by having a copy so close at hand. I love interlibrary loan but it can be very uncertain whether you'll get a book or when. I'm sure there will be plenty of other chances to read along as well!
Verity--It's nice that live so close to Simon--I suspect he has quite a nice personal library of books! :)
Simon--Isn't that a great description? She writes about all the people staying at the hotel--quite a few characters, but they are all so distinct that I've not had too much problem keeping them straight. You'll have to share a photo of her signature--that's very cool! I guess this must be a US edition hence the different design--my copy is somewhat tattered on the outside, though. I hope it means it was much borrowed and read!
Darlene--I think I am going to see a different side of Delafield here--it seems like a fun read, so we'll see. And isn't that a great name?
Stefanie--I think I am going to make it my mission to rescue some of the books on my library's shelves. There is much weeding in the collection going on right now and it pains me to think of the fiction collection having to be culled!! Maybe if more of the older titles circulate, they won't end up on the chopping block. I read about a swimming expedition today--sunshine and sandy beaches--bliss--if only to imagine!

Simon T

I've also just spotted that someone has written in Delafield's real name - de la Pasture, which she wittily changed into Delafield. Her mother (Mrs. Henry de la Pasture) was quite famous for writing children's books, particularly The Unlucky Family.


Simon--I noticed that--I wonder if it was the cataloger who did it, as the date is in the same handwriting. Her name in the catalog appears as Delafield, but it might once have been de la Pasture. Interesting in any case. I don't know much about her--from what other people have told me, she sounds like she was an interesting person. I expect her mother's books are OOP--but I will have to look her up, too.


She is so hard to find in the UK! Which is a shame as I love her so - come on Persephone! Publish more of her out of print titles. In the meantime, I will look forward very much to hearing what you and Simon make of this.


Litlove--It's really a shame that most of her work is out of print. She was such a witty writer--I am very much enjoying this book. I wonder why Persephone doesn't publish more of her work? Or Bloomsbury maybe--they seem to like witty sorts of reads!


I'm so glad you borrowed it. Imagine, all those years (lucky that the library doesn't weed such neglected volumes) without a reader. Poor thing.

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