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She is an author I'm curious to read. I recently ordered Diary of a Provincial Lady and discovered that there are three parts in it... Groomed to find a suitable husband, just like cattle. Isn't it humiliating?


Sounds like a goody ....I don't have that one so I'll have to look for it :0)

Just spotted an Inspector Lynley on your sidebar and as I've never read one I've ordered the first from my local library ...


Aren't libraries great...'Thank Heaven Fasting' is Now an inter -library loan request
Our poor library has to charge $3 but I think it's great value.

Thanks for the most inviting extract and introduction :0)


Enjoy! I think I found this even more delightful than the Provincial Lady.


I do wish she were more readily available as I love her works. Come on, Persephone! Start re-issuing them!


Those poor young women being pushed towards marriage and not to strike out for themselves! Still, I am desperate to read this book and hope someone reissues it at some point.


I've got Diary of a Provincial Lady on my TBR list, and I'm expecting to like it. I'm happy to hear Delafield wrote a lot of books--I love finding a new author who has a good number of books to enjoy.


What fun this sounds. Though I am so glad to live in an age where if you don't get married that's ok. Though when I turned 20 I remember my grandma on my mom's side telling me I was an "old maid" because I was neither married nor engaged to be so.


Ohhhh I'm SO excited for you that you're reading this book! It was a real treasure when I got to - I got my copy as a gift from a friend, and I good thing since I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. She gave me a disintegrating hardback and I love it. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the ending!


I loved this book! It was the last thing I read before I jumped on a plane to New York! You are in for a real treat. E M Delafield was a marvellous, and very diverse, writer. If you enjoy this you should definitely read Consequences, republished by Persephone, and also The Way Things Are, another Virago. I am so looking forward to reading your Virago posts during the week!


I like the sound of this one! I'm very excited about Virago week. I'm planning to readalong and can't wait to choose my book.

Dorothy W.

Thank God I do not live in that time and place! It sounds horrible to have to go on the "marriage market" in that way. I need to read Delafield at some point; I have Diary of a Provincial Lady but haven't gotten there yet.


Caroline--I loved the first Provincial Lady book--a very cozy sort of read. I have one of the others in the series--maybe The Provincial Lady in London (I forget without checking my shelves). Wouldn't it have been horrible to have been married off like that--learning all the tricks to find a suitable husband. I wonder what it was like for the 'lower classes' who didn't have the same luxuries. Maybe they were left to choose on their own.
Val--I think I must have ordered this from Better World Books or somewhere without realizing just what it was about--and it has ended up being a treat. I think it would be a good ILL choice--even with paying the extra charge! I love the Lynley books--I've read all of them and this is her most recent. Lots of tumultuous things have gone on in the last books and I think some of her readers have become disgruntled, but I still love the series. She plots do get a bit unwieldy later in the series--the books seem to get longer and longer, but I still have to read each new one when it comes out. This one is a good one, so I hope she is back on track. Let me know what you think when you get around to reading one of them (good to start with the first I think).
Verity--I think I like this more, too, or at least like it in a different way. It seems to have more substance to the story.
Litlove--I'm not sure why no one seems to publish her--except for the Provincial Lady books. I think Persephone has reissued one, which I now want to get my hands on, but I agree they should reissue more!
Darlene--I wonder if Monica will get her husband or perhaps strike out on her own in the end...she seems to be the good daughter, but if Virago has published this, there must be more to the story! I think it's well worth a read and one to look out for!
Kathy--The Provincial Lady is the epitome of 'comfort reads'! I want to read some of the other books in the series, but I'm afraid it won't be as good as the original. I am really enjoying this one, however. She's a witty writer!
Stefanie--Wow 20! Funny how older generations perceive success and how it's dependent on being married or not. Yes, thank goodness things have changed. I think Time did an article on contemporary marriage and now it is the men who benefit more--not women! And the book is a fun read-I'm really enjoying it.
Julia--I think I must have lucked out when I got this one. I was ordering whatever Viragos I could get my hands on rather than choosing specific titles. I have one other one by her that Virago published, which I am now very happy to have. I will save my 'review' for Virago week, but I am thorougly enjoying it now.
Rachel--I will have to go back and reread your review. I like her writing style--she's very good and I know there is going to be more to the story than a simple husband search! I will definitely look for Consequences now and I am lucky to have The Way Things Are, too! So glad you organized the Virago reading week, which has prompted all this--otherwise the book would likely be sitting on my shelves still!
Iliana--I think the readalong will be fun and I expect I'll be writing loads of new titles down to look for. Have fun choosing your book.
Dorothy--I would have hated having to worry about finding a husband, too. I find it fascinating, though. It does make me appreciate being able to make my own choices--we really have come a Long way! The Provincial Lady is wonderful--very different sort of book, but also witty and humorous. I like Delafield!


It looks so fascinating! I would have chosen India in a second. Looking forward to finding this author but neither Bookmooch nor my library have anything by her. Sigh.


Smithereens--I think India would have sounded romantic and exotic, too. It's interesting to read about the "fishing fleet" as I think they were called. I'm surprised your library doesn't have any of the Provincial lady books at least. I'll keep an eye out for duplicates for you--maybe I can find a nice used copy to share, since she is definitely an author worth sharing!

Liz F

I am so envious of you over this book as it is very hard to get hold of here and not in the library's selection at all!
I adore the Provincial Lady books which have been comfort reads for years - if a book can take your mind off being on bed rest in an ante natal ward as they did for me, then they have got to be good!


Liz--I totally lucked out with this one. I ordered it without realizing just what it was. Although I've not ordered any for quite a while, I occasionally will order a few Virago titles to add to my collection. I just get whatever happens to be out there available that sounds good. I agree with you on the Provincial Lady--I have the London book waiting for me.


I loved this one: it was the sort that immediately made me think of several reading friends would love it too. Which only made me love it more!


BuriedinPrint--I had to take a break from it as I was finishing another book, but I'll be reading in earnest now. It really is a pleasure to read and I wish someone would reissue it as I think lots of people would like it!

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