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Sounds very special and spellbinding, I would say. Novels on music don't always work but it sounds as if this one did. I am not a big Wagner fan though I used to be when I was younger but find him too dramatic now. I like it better when I read a novel about music that I enjoy but Wagner singers are quite different from the "ususal" opera singers and as such inetersting as well. The way the story of Tristan and Isolde changed through the ages is quite amazing.


Caroline--The whole time I was reading this I meant to find a CD of the opera. I hate to admit I am completely ignorant when it comes to music. I listen to a lot of contemporary music, but don't know much about anything else. I've only been to one opera as well. It was interesting reading a bit about Wagner--and Tristan and Isolde does sound like it was something special. I will have to see what my library has in terms of CDs so I can get a taste. I bet I could even find something on Youtube as well! Somehow after reading this book I am not at all surprised to hear you say Wagner's music is dramatic!


Sounds different and interesting. I appreciate more challenging reads on occasion, when I'm not reading cozy mysteries, and this sounds intriguing.


What put me off is that he was Hitler's favourite composer. He is full of grandeur and heroism. Of course Hitler related to this dramatic aspect and the choice of themes like the Ring des Nibelungen which is taken from German mythology that was important for Nazism as you know. Tristan and Isolde is a bit different, but not much. Wagner singers must be big and srong as the operas are extremely long and take their toll. His ouvertures are lovely but there is no singing. If you rember Apocalypse Now? Also Wagner (plus other music).


Opera seems to be a recently fashionable inclusion in a novel! I read The Maestro's Voice last year that was all set around a famous opera singer. This does sound like an ambitious novel - Aids, 9/11, the Paris Commune and Tristan and Isolde is quite a mix! But I'm delighted if the author pulled it off.


Sounds like a fascinating book. Do all the storylines come together somehow, or is it more of story about how certain themes or events repeat themselves through time?

Lisa Munley

Great review! I am so glad you enjoyed The Metropolis Case and were able to get caught up in the story and characters. Thanks so much for being on the tour!

nomadreader (Carrie)

Most reviews I've read of this one are a bit mixed. I like the idea of this novel, but it doesn't seem to have any sense of urgency for me to read it. I will be on the lookout for his next book though!


Thanks for this detailed review; sounds interesting. I think you said it: "The Metropolis Case is an ambitious novel" indeed!

Dorothy W.

I don't know much about opera or about Wagner. This sounds like it would be an interesting way to learn more!


Kathy--I tend to read lots of cozies and comfort reads, too, so it was good to read outside my comfort zone!
Caroline--I think maybe that is why I've never made much of an effort to listen to Wagner either, though I should still at least get an idea of what his music is like. The book referred to the ability of the singers and that they must be strong and able to endure a long, difficult performance. Interesting!
Litlove--Funny how certain topics will be in vogue when it comes to fiction! He writes about some subjects only peripherally--to give a feeling of atmosphere I think. There is certainly a lot going on in the story, but somehow it all more or less fits together in the end.
Stefanie--Yes, all the storylines do meet up, and this is where suspension of belief comes in handy. If a reader over-analyzes it, too much, I think it won't hold up well. But it's fiction so I'm willing to cut an author slack if he/she tells a good story.
Lisa--Thanks for inviting me. It was an unusual but entertaining read and I think I might have missed it due to the opera angle, otherwise.
Nomadreader--I did read most of the blog tour reviews as well as some Amazon ones, and I know there were some very mixed reactions to the story. Certainly there are aspects that some readers might have been uncomfortable with and I can respect that. We all come to books with varying ideas and expectations and that's okay. He is a good writer and I'll be curious to see where his next book takes him as well.
Julia--It was definitely an interesting read! Somehow the ambitious storyline seemed to work well against the backdrop of an opera.
Dorothy--I don't know much about him or opera either, so this was an interesting look into a foreign world!


Great review Danielle. I was looking forward to your thoughts on this one because it does sound a bit grand in scope so I was curious to see how you'd end up liking it. I think with novels that have different characters, timeframes, etc. it must be a really difficult task for the author to make it all come together. This is one I'll be adding to my list.


Iliana--I think if you like stories that have more than one storyline and are willing to keep an open mind plot-wise you might like this one. This one is definitely larger than life!

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