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Apart from everything else, I love the cover - so clean and pristine!


I loved her books when I was young but don't remember very much about them. Very sophisticated heroines, though.


I think it was her novel Decision at Delphi that introduced me to the work of C P Cavafy
I think I remember enjoying the story and Cavafy is a poet I'm glad I was introduced to :0)
they translate Ithaca on the wiki page ..brilliant


I have certainly never heard of her but she sounds like afine writer. It is almost scary how many writers are forgotten but then again how many lives in general are forgotten sooner or later. Oh, my... that was moody.


I read that the important thing was for us all to check books out of the library regularly. Doesn't matter if they get read or not - it's the circulation figures that keep the library in business. This also sounds like a fascinating book and I hope you enjoy it!


I think it is a great little project you have going. I'll do my best in this part of the world. Last week I found one the checkoutcomputer didn't recognize:). I remember reading Helen MacInnes in the same period I was quite fond of Alistair MacLean, which is very long ago. I don't remember titles though.


I've had a lot of luck finding most of Helen MacInnes' books at book sales. I don't think I ever read this one; the premise sounds unfamiliar. I can't wait to hear what it's like.


Helen MacInnes is one of those writers I've heard of but don't know much about. I believe our library has a couple of her books so I'll take a look next time I'm there. I returned 4 books to the library today after reading only 1 of them! Guess I'm doing my part for circulation...

Dorothy W.

My dad was a Helen MacInnes fan, so I think I may have read her when I was young. But it kind of didn't stick, and I never became a fan of the spy genre. Probably I tried to read her too early and couldn't follow what was going on. I may have enjoyed her more if I'd read her later.


Mystica--It has been checked out, but doesn't it look almost new? That's the nice thing about books from an academic library--they are not handled quite as much as public library books and usually not so grimy.
Frisbee--Another author I missed, but she seems as though she was quite popular at one time--I'm looking forward to this one.
Val--Thanks for the link--I'm off to check it out. I do love it when one author leads to another, which is what happens to me very often!
Caroline--Maybe moody but very true unfortunately. I always hope that maybe some of my needlework will be around when I am no longer and someone will wonder about the person who made it. And yes, so many authors who are long forgotten--it's fun to discover them now.
Litlove--I think I will enjoy it--the story sounds right up my alley, and I'm not going to feel guilty about borrowing those books anymore--it may save them from being removed from the collection!
Catharina--Now I feel pretty good about all those library piles I have shared in the past! :) I do hope a few of these will be saved from any weeding done this year in the fiction section! I have a feeling there are a fair few in our collection that are sitting on the shelf and not any longer in the system! And I will have to check out Alistair Maclean, too. I'm looking forward to starting the MacInnes!
Rebecca--I think it may have been her first? I will have to look for her books at library sales now!
Pam--I'm going to be on the look out for her books as well-particularly if I like this one as much as I am expecting to. And I am just as bad as you at borrowing books and not getting them all read...but maybe keeping them in circulation will save them for some other reader...or to be read later?
Dorothy--How interesting--I had not heard of her until someone mentioned her here. I never thought spy novels would really appeal to me, but I've liked what little I've read. It's good to know she is fairly sophisticated, and I am probably coming to her at just the right time now.

Liz F

I think I read all of Helen MacInnes' books in the 70's and early 80's when they were all in print and enjoyed them very much.
I grew up reading Alistair Maclean and they seemed to be the next step at the time - unpretentious fast-moving thrillers.
Haven't read any in years although I have just uncovered a box of books which has been untouched for nearly 20 years and contains a few MacInnes titles so might re-visit a few if the mood takes me!


Oh, what a serendipitous post! I'm close to finish the book, after I noticed that title in your list of spying books and got a copy through bookmooch. I look forward to reading what you think of it... I enjoy it a lot!


Another fun rescued book! And you definitely don't need to feel guilty for borrowing books and returning them unread. It helps the book and the circulation stats help the library.


Liz--I'm glad I found her now--even if her work is OOP. My library has a number of her books so I'll have plenty to keep me busy. Now isn't it nice to discover a box with her books? This is why I hate giving away my books--there will likely come a time when I want to revisit them! And I looked up Alistair Maclean--my library has some of his books, too. I didn't know he wrote Force Ten from Navarone--that's one I recognize. Will be checking him out, too.
Smithereens--I'm so glad you liked it--now I can't wait to start it. I don't think I looked her up in Bookmooch since I have access to some in my library, but I will have to keep her in mind as I never seem to find books to mooch anymore! :)
Stefanie--Why did I ever feel guilty before? I'm very much enjoying my browsing through the fiction stacks, I must admit! Every week I find a few more I want to read....


I always feel guilty when I have to return library books unread. That usually happens too since I check out so many and can never hope to read them all in time. I like your philosophy about having them in circulation instead of sitting on the shelf. I'm going to remember that next time I find myself feeling bad about it!

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