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Borders’ filling of a Chapter 11 is nothing new. Independents went first – I can remember when I bought “Watership Down” – for $5.95 our town had five independent bookstores. With the coming of Waldenbooks (Borders) and the advent of Amazon all five ceased to existent after a number of years. Many are now even forecasting the end of bound books by 90% within the next 10 years. Publishers continue to complain just how much publishing money is increasing – I personally believe there are costs involved but not to the extent they claim. Most, if not all, books are now printed and bound in China.

As you can see I do not think much of the publishing industry these days but I can in all honesty tell you I like the feel of having a good old-fashioned book between my hands and not an electronic device.


Edd--It's a little ironic as it is thanks to the likes of Border and B&N that the little indie store where I worked six or seven years ago closed. Now Borders is becoming a victim to bigger competitors. Still it is sad. It will be interesting to see how things play out in the coming years. I would certainly hate to see such a decrease in bound books--I'm not at all ready to give them up, which is why (in part) I've become such a hoarder. These are hard times for the industry, but it seems as though I read somewhere that more books are being published now than previously, which seems strange with everything that is happening.


There are so many reasons why bookshops don't work. The internet, the kindle....
You got an appealing list of books here. I still have to read an earlier of Dawn Tripp's novels but will keep in mind that she is publishing regularly. You: A Novel is the one that would tempt me the most but a reference to Ruth Rendell piques my curiosity. (I have a Rendell review upcoming this weekened or early next week). I love psychlogical thrillers a great deal as well.

Liz F

Dogs of Rome is very good - not brilliant but very good.
I like the sound of the last four books on your list - will have to see if the library has any of them or alternatively get my son to buy me them for a birthday present as he will be on holiday in California in April - lucky boy!
Our Borders branches went last year, more because of bad decisions by the management than a downturn in the book selling section which is a shame.
I would spend your gift cards sooner rather than later - that could be a fun shopping trip!


I love the promise of Spring, our patio door is even open a smidge this morning! It won't last but nevermind...


Louise Welch and Joanna Briscoe are both authors I really want to read, and I'm intrigued by Dawn Tripp (although having just checked on amazon, her novels are not yet available here with the exception of Moon Tide - is that a good one?). I hate to see the bookstores fail, even though I'm a fan of independents at heart. Borders closed over here in the UK over a year ago, so I guess it has been in rough water for a while now. It's a shame.


I'm going to have to keep a notebook as well so that I can remind myself of where I've heard about books when they arrive for me at the library and I have no idea why! I have definitely heard good things about the Conor Fitzgerald somewhere, but can't for the life of me remember who it was praising it.

As for Spring, yesterday I might have agreed with you, but today the temperature has plummeted again and there's snow in the weather forecast. A long weekend in with a good book and a large pot of tea, is called for I think.


What a nice bunch of books to look forward to. That's always fun, isn't it? This past week has felt like spring here but Sunday we are expecting 4-6 inches of snow. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.


I haven't heard of a lot of these..I will have to check them out. Spring is definitely in the air (at least down South)!


All three Borders in my county are closing. I buy things at Borders occasionally (they send me coupons!) and always enjoy the experience of browsing in a bookstore, so I hate to see it go.


Caroline--Regular bricks and mortar bookstores do have a lot of competition these days. I do enjoy spending time browsing, as it is hard to do online. I'm curious to hear which Rendell you read--I do love her work and it's been far too long since I read anything by her. Do give Dawn Tripp a go if you get a chance--I was happy to see a new book on the way!
Liz--Dogs of Rome looks like it would be entertaining--and it sounds pretty good for a first novel. Are you giving your son a list of books to find for you while he's here?! I am going to definitely spend my gift cards--maybe this weekend. I've been trying to decide on a list of books to choose from. There are lots of books coming out, but I want to order books they have in stock--and I have a coupon, too!
Darlene--The good weather never lasts this early in the year--it's almost cruel to lull us into a false sense of happiness! Still, I'll take however many days I can get. Is your snow almost gone? Ours is and now I get to look at a lovely brown lawn! :)
Litlove--I've really enjoyed all of Dawn Tripp's novels--I think they might be reissuing her older ones now that she has a new book coming out. Maybe you can find a cheap-y copy, as her books have been out for several years now. I pulled out a book I have on hand by Louise Welsh, but I know I shouldn't start anything else new...I already have too many other books started. I also prefer indie bookstores--it's ironic as I worked in a little independent for about ten years and we were put out of business by the likes of Borders and now look what has happened to them!
Annie--I tend to write down titles on little scraps of paper which end up all over the place, so I try and keep notes in my little notebook now. I was eyeing the Fitzgerald when it came out so now that it is in paper I will buy it. I'm with you on a weekend inside with a pot of tea--we're due for either rain or snow this weekend--but the sunshine and warmth were nice while they lasted.
Stefanie--My Amazon wishlist keeps growing by leaps and bounds, but you're right it is nice to have books to choose from later. We're due for a little rain or snow, but I think we're lucky as we won't end up with much--just after you've melted yours off there will be more. That's always the case!
Lisa--A few of these (both books an authors) were completely new to me as well. It's hard to browse on Amazon, but I still end up with a list of new books to watch for.


Kathy--Wow--all three stores! I am really lucky as the Omaha stores are staying open from what I understand. It would be a shame to see them go, but they must be doing okay here. I don't go to Borders a lot, but I occasionally will drop by or order online. I like that their selection is different than B&N, so I can usually always find something good.


Many of these sound intriguing to me as well. The only one that was already nuzzled into my TBR list was Beth Pownings, but I have enjoyed Bobbie Ann Mason's books and stories and just hadn't realized she had something new out. In Country was a powerful story and it sounds like this one might bear some similarities to it thematically.

Dorothy W.

My local Borders is going out of business, as is the one on my way to work, sadly. They weren't my favorite stores, either, but still, they were decent and nearby. I will miss having them around. We went to Borders yesterday to look for good deals, and the place was PACKED. I've never seen that many people there. And they were only offering 20% off! Too bad those people couldn't have shopped there before they went out of business.


BuriedinPrint--Beth Pownings is Canadian, isn't she? I love a story that has anything to do with sailing, so it caught my eye right away! I've not read Bobbie Ann Mason, though I like the sound of this one very much. I will have to look for In Country, too.
Dorothy--Somehow the Nebraska stores missed the cut, which I was happy to hear. I know the Omaha stores are almost always very busy. Several bloggers now have mentioned their local Borders stores are closing--and often in big cities, which surprises me, but with over 200 store closings I guess it's going to be very widespread. It is sad that they finally pull in customers just as they are closing--but that's always the way I suppose. I feel sorry for all the employees who have lost their jobs--very stressful!

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