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Your "mystery" book looks delightful! I was unaware of that author, and should check to see if my library has any.


Rebecca--I had not heard of that author either, but it sounds right up my alley. I'll be starting it this weekend!


Your mystery sounds very good... I could imagine starting it right away. I'm knee deep in Hammett at the moment, quite different, I suppose. I love Chandler but I am not sure I like Hammett as much. Persephone reading week tempts me as well. I got two or three by now.


I will definitely be reading the Winifred Holtby (which looks like a quick read to me, even if it is a longish one). And I didn't know about Persephone week but will certainly join in that.Otherwise, lots of biography reading has been planned (although I am easily diverted!).


Well done for getting through your readalong books for January! I think I maybe need a bit more focus to organising my reading as its sadly lacking at the moment. I want to read South Riding before it hits the BBC and have a copy from the 1940s sitting on my shelves that I picked up ages ago (not actually in the 1940s I hasten to add!). My copy doesn't look anywhere near 500 pages but on checking it is 492 pages - just smaller print and thinner paper from the post war period I guess. So that one next for me I think. Enjoy your more laid back reading this month!

Margaret Powling

I have just finished South Riding and absolutely loved it. Too things struck me: one, that it is very modern in many ways, especially the petty politics of local councils, the perennial gulf between the haves and have nots, etc; two, that parts are seriously over-written which good editing might've improved. It is a long book, a tad short of 500 pages, but it kept me reading to the end. And yes, mine is a Virago copy, too.


Some good reading to look forward to! Your "mystery" book does sound like fun. I'm not reading anything special this month, I'm just hoping to finish a book or two and get on to some fresh ones.


At the moment I am reading Harvest
of Blossoms - Poems From A Life Cut Short by Selma Meerbaum- Eisinger who died at 18 in a German labor camp in Ukraine in 1942. I'm reading the poetry in German which means going slow.
I also want to finish Daniel Huws Memories of Ted Hughes 1952 - 1963 this weekend before making a choice for what comes next. As via ILL Strange Meeting has arrived that will be among the books I want to read this month however.


Your piles of books alwys give me new ideas, which is not always a good thing! I have had South Riding on order from Amazon since early January; so frustrating to be waiting for it, even tho' it will simply be added to one of my piles when it does arrive. I think that only another book addict would understand this.


I didn't realize your postal group started again - how fun! Of course I had to peek and the book looks good. I still haven't finished my Virago book either, this week has just been nuts but I'm hoping to finish my book soon. And, I'm joining the Persephone Reading Weekend as well. Fun stuff to look forward to.

Dorothy W.

I have a lot of review copies to read this month; I've gone a little crazy requesting them lately! It's fun to read new things, though. I didn't participate in Virago reading week -- ran out of time -- but perhaps I can participate in the Persephone week. I don't think I have any actual Persephones, but I know I have books they've put out, just in other editions. I'll have to hunt around,.


I am reading something that I don't think I would have under ordinary conditions: Mystic River. I am teaching it in my sophomore literature course next week, and it's one of those books where the gritty is combined with the beautiful. That is, the events are very tragic and the way the people express themselves is often vulgar, but the narrator's voice--his observations and comments are expressed quite beautifully. I think some of the guys in the class will like it. Don't know about the girls, though. But since I am teaching Major Pettigrew Takes a Stand later in the semester, I wanted to cover a more gritty, Chandleresque kind of book. (I have not seen the film though I did pick it up second-hand.)


Caroline--A cozy mystery is just what I am in the mood for, so it is perfect timing. I read one of Chandler's Nick and Nora books ages ago, but don't remember much about it, and read Hammett's The Maltese Falcon as well. I'd like to read both authors again as I like that gritty, pared down style very much. Have you read The Postman Always Rings Twice? Another classic. I've read it and also listened to it on audio. I'm looking forward to reading a Persephone title later this month--hopefully I'll have finished all my Viragos by then!
Litlove--I always equate long books with difficult, slow reading, but that is definitely not always the case, is it! Maybe I will read a bit and see how it goes. I do want to read it in any case, though it may not be finished this month. I love biographies and just brought home the first volume of Penelope Mortimer's memoirs. I'm looking forward to hearing about the books you're reading.
Sarah--I like reading plans as I seem to really get down to it and read in a nice orderly fashion, but it's also nice to just read randomly. The downside is I go from book to book without finishing much at all. It's fun that so many people are reading South Riding--I do like reading along. I own a copy, but it is an ugly little mass market with tiny print all squeezed into the gutter of the book. When I saw my library had a nice Virago, I had to grab it from the shelf.
Margaret--I'm so glad you liked it. It's always good to hear positive remarks about a book. I'm not surprised that it could have used a bit more editing, but it sounds like it has a timeless quality to it. Now you make me really want to start reading rather than wait. Will you watch the BBC program?
Stefanie--I did so well with moving along in my books at a nice pace, and now I figure I will wander randomly and not finish very much at all! I am already lining up new books in my mind though.
Catharina--You are so good at reading poetry. Every time you mention some book of poetry I think I should at least pull out my Robert Frost book! I do hope you like Strange Meeting and am looking forward to hearing what you think. I thought it really well done, if a little heart wrenching. I have the Remarque book out but I wonder if I should wait and finish a few non-war books first.
Cathy--I get extremely impatient waiting for a book to come in the mail. I come home and see the package has not arrived and am so disappointed. It's always a happy day when I get my book mail, but then the book I had been waiting for impatiently just goes to the TBR pile--why do I do that? I could at least start reading immediately. So I totally understand.
Iliana--My postal group just started this month. I sent my book off and have the first book to read. It's very exciting really--I will have some mystery book to look forward to every other month now for the next year and a half or so. I finished one more of my Viragos tonight so just have two left to go! And I think as soon as I finish something I will start reading Saplings.
Dorothy--I don't blame you for downloading review copies on your Nook--that is exactly what I would be doing too!There are always so many readalongs and challenges--it is impossible to keep up, but I do like to join in on the occasional one when the book really appeals. I hope you do join in and read a Persephone--that would be fun!
Denise--I kind of like reading outside my comfort zone sometimes. I don't do it enough, though. I have heard of the movie Mystic River, but didn't realize it was a book. I'll have to look it up as it sounds really good. I don't mind gritty as long as it isn't too violent. And I want to read Major Pettigrew at some point, too. It sounds like your students are reading good, contemporary fiction--I don't recall getting to read much contemporary fiction in high school.

Margaret Powling

Oh yes, Danielle, I shall certainly watch the TV drama series (I think it's going to be in three parts) when it is shown - looking forward to it, especially as it has two of my favourite actors in it, David Morrissey and Anna Maxwell Davies. There's a big cast of characters, surely some storylines will be dropped compeltely and others expanded ... but whatever, I shall certainly be watching.


Ooh, South Riding looks good. I'm about to start a long book myself, Travels in Siberia by Ian Frazier, which comes to me highly recommended. Although it's out now in hardcover, I'm reading an advance reader's copy (paperback, woohoo, which is good 'cause it's 500+ pages) borrowed from a friend.


Margaret--You'll have to tell me how it is. We will get to see it in the Spring here and I hope to read the book by then. It seems like everything the BBC does is good, so I can't wait!
Heather--The Frazier book sounds good--I prefer to read big, chunky books in paperback too, as otherwise they are to unwieldy to carry about. I've got a few really long books on the go and it is taking me ages to get through them.

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