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Sounds like you're well supplied with books to make it until warmer temperatures. I am starting a new novel tonight after finishing The Norths Meet Murder(part of the Vintage Mystery Challenge)--Unless by Carol Shields. It joins the three or four other books of varying types scattered around the house...


I've enjoyed the Cadfael series. I've read several, including A Morbid Taste for Bones. Love medieval mysteries!


Glad to see you're picking the Morland books up again. I'll warn you that I didn't think much of Annunciata--she's despicable, but not exactly written in a way where you could love to hate her. But the good news is that you're getting near the point where I thought the series hit its stride and became more consistently enjoyable.


Kathy--I'm certainly never at a loss for something to read! I have certain books I take with me to work, to the gym and others I only read at home, too. And I have not yet read anything by Carol Shields, but I do have one or two of her books on hand.
Jenclair--She has often been recommended to me as someone I might like--maybe this is the nudge I need to finally pick up one of her books.
Teresa--I enjoy reading these and am not sure why I've not been picking them up--spoiled for choice I guess, but your post really put me in the mood. I can see this is going to be heavy on court scenes, which I like to a certain extent, but well, the period is not of interest to me as much as others. Annunciata--I do wonder if she is going to be totally self absorbed? I don't recall her from the last book, but it's been too many years now and I didn't write a very good post about the book. I think if I can just make it past this and the next books I'll be back in more interesting and familiar territory!


Harrod-Eagles is an author I have never heard of. I got Barbal's novel but I am a bit wary by now of the Pereine choices. I read Olmi and Delius when they came out in French and German respectively and even though I found them OK while reading they are of the category I immediately forget after closing the book. It is odd how this happens with some books. I ordered Politycki in German as the paperback will be available shortly. See what I will think of it.

Margaret Powling

I loved K McMahon's Footsteps (and also her book, Confinement.) Do have a bash at reading South Riding so you can enter the discussion, I have thoroughly enjoyed it, all other reading ceased whilst I was reading this. Yes, it's long and, I think, would have benefited by careful pruning, but it is still a very good read and so evocative of the era and place in which it was written.


I am a big fan of the Brother Cadfael mysteries so really hope you enjoy that first one. Also, I've read Footsteps and although it was many years ago, I remember really enjoying that one too. The Pereine press have books I'd very much like to try - lovely editions as well. Hope you are keeping warm under your blankets!

Dorothy W.

50 degrees! Wow. We have a cold snap coming up, and then a little warming next week, but I think it's only going to be in the 40s on Monday. Still, that's warm enough to help the snow melt, and I hope it does! I'm tempted by the Harrod-Eagles books, although a little nervous about taking on a huge long series!


Quite the variety of books you have going, great for when going outdoors is no fun. We need lots of variety indoors. I hope you get your 50 degree day. We were supposed to get up to 35 on the weekend but everyday the forecast lowers the number. They are saying 37 for Monday but I don't dare hope.


Cadfael to look forward lovely
I was born in Shrewsbury so the books are great fun to read ..Hope you like them


Caroline--CHE writes historical novels--the Morland books were supposed to only be a dozen or so covering British history from the 1400s onward, but she has written something like 30 now! She also writes mysteries. I'm enjoying the Barbal, but it is really more of a novella, so I am not all that surprised that it might not linger long in the memory--it is a very quiet sort of story. I plan on reading the other two (and I think my library is getting the newest Peirene book as well), as I've heard so much about them. I want to read more books in translation and this seems a nice easy way to get a foot in the door.
Margaret--As I am getting more into Footsteps, she is drawing me more into the story--it's mysterious enough that it keeps me going. I have a couple of her other books, too, and can't wait to see her new one, which I know she is working on. I've pulled South Riding out of my pile and hope to look at it before bed--you've tempted me! I don't mind long when the story is engaging.
Litlove--It's absolutely frigid out--I want to take my blankets with me when I wait at he bus stop! :) I'm glad to hear someone else say they liked Footsteps--I am getting more into the story as I go, and I do love the era. I fully expect to like Brother Cadfael and will have to go look for my copy--I've been meaning to read Ellis Peters! Yes, those Peirenes are nicely designed!
Dorothy--It's really cold here now--all that cold Canadian air that cuts right down to the bone! I can't wait until it's 20 or 30! How sad is that, that it seems warm in comparison to -7 as a high! I love the Harrod-Eagles books--they're not too demanding and good solid stories, but the idea of there being so many of them really is a little overwhelming. At the rate I am reading them...I'm never going to finish. Must step things up a bit.
Stefanie--And the outdoors really is not any fun at the moment! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the warm air filters up to you and you break 40, too! I'm ready to see that snow all melt away!
Val--Oh, lovely photos--you've sold me, I want to visit there now! :) It's so lush and green. I'm afraid I'd go and then not want to return home again. I am very much looking forward to the stories now--I must take a closer look at those links so I have visuals in mind. Do you not live there any longer?

Kathleen Pizzo

I just purchased the first in the Morland series. I've been following Teresa's progress too and she so makes me want to read all of them. Enjoy all of your books. It sounds as though you have some good ones coming up.


Kathleen--I hope you enjoy it! The books really become very addicting and I hope to make better progress this year than I have recently. Teresa has really inspired me, too, so we'll see how many I can manage this year.


I love the Brother Cadfael mysteries and they were the first ones that opened up the world of historical mysteries for me. I hope you enjoy it! I also have all of Anthony Powell's books but haven't read them yet. I watched the tv series last year and thought it was wonderful. Just need to put a bit of time in between so that it doesn't spoil my reading of the books.

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