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I wonder what the Mad in the title means? I didn't overlook your explanation, did I? Puppetstown as the name of a house does alos strike me as very unusual. The title makes me very curious, I bears promise of a very lively, quirky story that is certainly also full nostalgia. I will have to wait to find out more until you tell us.


Molly Keane is so bittersweet! But I loved that description of the children's heads with the leering faces on the back - funny and disturbing at the same time. I keep saying this, don't I? But I really must read her.


Caroline--I've not yet figured out what the Mad means either! Puppetstown is a very unusual name for a great house, and I hope it will all be explained. It does seem quirky and nostalgic is a very good word for it. I think I'm enjoying this the most of the first books I've read (save--Two Days in Aragon--a later novel and what inspired me to read more of her in the first place). It's interesting to see how a writer develops over the course of their novels.
Litlove--Her stories do seem that way very much--not always very happy in the end. I had to chuckle at that second description--they are naughty children, I must say. So many authors to read--it makes it hard when someone writes about someone you know you want to read but you're already in the middle of other books--I have that same problem--you've just made me want to pick up Miss Marjoribanks--I almost pulled it off the shelf last night....


Poor Easter. Maybe she will turn out to be pretty when she is older. The description of the boys cracked me up. The book is off to a good start it seems.


This sounds like classic Molly Keane! I'm glad you're launching straight into another of her novels - sometimes you have to read back to back otherwise you never get around to reading more of an author you know you love.

I'm interested to read how this unfolds...

Dorothy W.

What a great description of those kids! I rarely read books by the same author back to back, but I think it would be interesting to do that more often, just to immerse myself in an author's sensibility for a while. There's something appealing about that idea.


Stefanie--I hope so to, but maybe things will improve when her governess is no longer doing her hair! Yes, this one has definitely gotten off to a good start and I'm quite enjoying it.
Rachel--I think this is one of my favorites so far and I hope it continues in the same vein. I'm really in the mood for her work so I thought I should just keep going to keep the momentum up. And luckily this story is very different than the last so it doesn't feel too much like I'm overdoing her work.
Dorothy--The passage about the boys in particular was really great--and they are naughty, so fitting, too. I don't generally read an author's books back to back, but I thought I might as well start reading since it will be sitting on my nightstand anyway, and I am glad I did. If I wait too long I'll forget too many details of her stories that I've just read.

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