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You will like this very much. Like all the Heyer novels a quick pick me up.

Dorothy W.

Heyer sounds perfect for the end of winter when you're tired of waiting for spring! I'm so glad to see March 1st as well. Our snow is gradually melting, and it's a wonderful thing to see.


Mystica--I do think I will like it. I like Heyer's more comic novels and this seems like a fun one.
Dorothy--I do need some sort of motivation. I'm just not making any sort of real progress with anything these days. Something quick and easy sounds very good right now. Our snow is pretty much all gone, though it is still pretty cold. I'm just happy to hear birds chirping again as that seems like a very good sign that it's going to get nicer out.


I only realized it after you mentioned it that February wasn't such a good reading month for me either. I am fed up with winter but no signs of spring at present. I still haven't read any Heyer but certainly will one day. Everybody seems to have another favourite one.


I haven't read any Heyer and I could certainly do with something as a spring pick-me-up. After going warmer last week our weather has taken a turn for the worse again and temperatures are forecast to be below freezing for the rest of the week. Next winter I am going to hibernate. Does it matter where you start with Heyer?


I used to love Georgette Heyer, but haven't read one of her books for a long time. Definitely a fun antidote to a long, cold winter. Enjoy!


Sounds like you've got the right idea! The birds have been singing here too on the "warmer" mornings. It is a nice sound.


That's such a fun read and will be as good as a tonic I'm sure!


Birds chirping sounds pretty monumental to me! Here's hoping spring will make her way to you sooner than you think!

February wasn't a stellar reading month for me, either. Neither was January, when I come to think of it. Hopefully March will galvanize me into reading action.


Just the other day I noticed the birds chirping here, too. It does make one think of spring. Oh, and the drip, drip, drip of melting snow. What a lovely sound! :)

I read The Reluctant Widow last year and enjoyed it wery much.


Caroline--This winter has been so much better here than last year--we still had lots of snow last year at this time! Now if it would just warm up. I'm hoping March is better for books for me. And Heyer wrote so many books I think that everyone has a different favorite!
Annie--I'm with you on the hibernating thing. Winter does drag on, doesn't it. One day is warm and the next freezing, so you never know how to dress. Heyer is nice, escapist stuff. I think I'd avoid the very earliest books and maybe start with one of the Regency titles. My favorites are The Corinthian and A Civil Contract (this one has a more mature love story with an older heroine). I do warn you some books are heavy on the Regency slang which I find sort of jarring, but they are not all that way! I can't remember if it is the very last ones that use lots of slang. I've also heard The Grand Sophy is a very popular book--I almost picked that one up instead. Next time.
Kathy--I only discovered her in the last few years, but she is fun and I like to keep a few around when I need something light and fluffy. I am enjoying this one and am glad I picked it up.
Ramblingfancy--I agree--much better than a tonic. I like her more comic novels and this one is very highspirited!
Joanna--You don't realize what is it that's missing until you hear it all of a sudden. Now if it would just get lighter earlier! I did well with books in January, but fizzled out last month. Oh well, I'll just keep at it!
Tiina--Isn't it a nice sound? I know lots of people are ready for spring! We're lucky as our snow has almost all melted, but that melting sound is equally nice. I will have to go and find you post on the book! I like her more adventurous stories. Just what I needed.


This was my first and remains my favorite Heyer, which I've read at least 3 times. It is funny, it is suspenseful, it does have an intricate, interesting plot, and a good cast of enjoyable characters.

Enjoy...tis March!


Jane--I can see why--it's great fun to read. My favorite is The Corinthian, which is playful like this one. I expect this is going to end up on my reread list, too.


This is one of my favourites of the heyers I've read. Elinor is a great heroine & the hero is gorgeous, cranky & altogether irresistable. A mperfect Spring read.


Lyn--I like her more adventurous stories--the ones that are very light hearted and often have some sort of mischief in them. And like that the heroine is a bit 'older' too. Carlyon is great--I like the heroes who have a sense of humor and he certainly does. I think Heyer was just what I needed as I am thoroughly enjoying this one!

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