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I have to read some Elizabeth von Armin! I had no idea that she also wrote Mrs. Skeffington. I loved that movie with Bette Davis. So looking forward to finding out more about her work.

Claire - The Captive Reader

Oh you have Christopher and Columbus! I'm so jealous! That's the von Arnim I'm most excited to read but my library doesn't have a copy and none of my local used bookstores have it either. Eventually, I know I'll probably break down and order it online but I do love the hunt.

Looks like you have many wonderful titles to enjoy!


I was going to read Christa T very soon as well. I've read quite a few of Christa Wolf's novels I think not that many have been translated. The whole literature of the former GDR is shamefully neglected translation wise. I particularly fond of Monika Maron and Brigitte Reimann but there are so many more.
I have to have a closer look at On the Side of the Angels.


I am interested by your use of the word 'inspired'. I hadn't realised it could be used to mean 'given a good excuse for'. I shall have to try it on my bank manager next time he complains about my Amazon bill:)


Oooh so lovely. I think EvA is wonderful (as I've said before) so glad that you have these copies now. Also I thought on The side of angels was brilliant - Darlene has just acquired a copy too. I fidn't enjoy The quest for Christa T so much...


I'm jealous, too! I must finish a few of the many books I'm reading right now so I can start an Elizabeth von Arnim!


Look at all those yummy von Arnim's! I have Christopher and Columbus on my Kindle, waiting. I've had my eye on the Christa Wolf book for ages so I look forward to you reading it. Maybe if you rave about it I will finally get around to picking it up!


WHAT a haul - I am quite jealous! All those lovely Von Arnims!

Claire (Paperback Reader), Simon (Stuck in a Book) and I are actually going to be doing a group read of The Caravaners at some point next month if you want to join us!


How lovely! And my husband found a copy of On the Side of Angels for me last weekend...the cover is fab isn't it. Lucky you!


Lovely stack indeed! Enjoy... :)


Elizabeth--I have been a little familiar with her books but didn't realize she had written so many. It's funny as my mom asked for the movie Mr Skeffington, which I bought for her and had no idea it was based on Elizabeth von Arnim's book! I'm really looking forward to reading more by her.
Claire--I hope you happen upon it! I rarely find Viragos locally, so I ordered several used copies of EvA's books from Amazon. I didn't really know what Christopher and Columbus was about, but it does sound very good and am looking forward to it.
Caroline--I have a big, thick book of her essays, but I don't have any of her other works. I'm very interested in the former DDR--I at one time had a penfriend from there and when I was living in Austria she came and visited. Sadly we have completely lost touch now for many years. When I saw this one as I was browsing I thought it looked interesting and could add another German author to my pile.
Annie--It's amazing how you can bend words to another meaning entirely! :) I'm often inspired to buy books....
Verity--I really loved those two gardening books and knew I had to read more of her. I'm very excited to add her to my pile and hope it won't be too long before I pick one up. It's good to hear This Side of Angels is a good read--I wasn't sure about it when I ordered but figured I'd take a chance. And Christa Wolf seems sort of a formidable author to me--I will wait until I am in the right mood for it.
Kathy--I have really been going on about her lately, haven't I? I think you'll enjoy her when you get to her! At least you'll have something good to look forward to.
Stefanie--Isn't it nice that a number of her books are available from Project Gutenberg. I'll let you know about Christa T. It was sort of an impulse buy--I had one of her books but I hadn't heard about this one previously.
Rachel--See what your reading week inspired?! I loved The Solitary Summer and was seeing everyone else with all these great Viragos and thought as it had been so long since I had bought any that it was time for a splurge. I'd love to read along with The Caravaners--I'll keep an eye out for details!
Darlene--What a nice husband--he's got a good eye for books! I love the cover, too. I think it is what caught my eye as I was browsing online and then it sounded good, so I took a chance. But it sounds like it was a good choice in the end--can't wait to read it as well.
Michelle--I do feel spoiled, but I am sure I will enjoy each and every one!

Dorothy W.

All of those authors sound wonderfully interesting. I definitely want to read Von Arnim, but Betty Miller and Christa Wolf also look great. I know very little about the last two, although I'm intrigued by a blurb from Stevie Smith!


More books by Elizabeth von Arnim to read! The only one I've read is The Caravaners and I really enjoyed it. Some of these are free online, so I'll be able to download them onto my nook...


Dorothy--I'm very pleased with my new stack of books, I must say. I'm always curious what other authors have to say about books--the Stevie Smith quote was interesting. Miller was born in Ireland though I think the book is set in England. Virago books are almost always provocative in some way or other which is part of the appeal to me!
Frisbee--Yay--I love her work and want to read more of her fiction. I'm tempted to pick one up soon as a matter of fact. I have looked at the Girlebooks site and there are a number of her books there, which is nice as lots of people can have access to them. It's too bad she's not published over here, but free is good, too! :)


These look gorgeous! You are so lucky to be able to get hold of von Arnim - she is hard to come by over here, it seems. I would so like to read more of her, as I think I have loved everything I've ever read by her - really loved it, with a passion.


Always love to see a stack of Viragos. I don't think I realized how many books Elizabeth Von Arnim had written. Wow. I still have only read The Enchanted April but hopefully will read more by her someday soon.

Enjoy these!


Litlove--I found them fairly cheap through Amazon. How do those used dealers manage to sell books for only $1 or so? I snapped them up and can't wait to read her. I've loved all the books I've read as well and can't wait to start one of her more traditional novels.
Iliana--I didn't realize it either. I knew that Virago has a few in print still, but when you look at the list of books she's written, it's pretty long. The more I read by her the more I want to read more, so be prepared when you do pick up another.


I love Fraulein Schmidt. She is a fabulous character...I think I will have to reread that now that you've made me think of it :) Enjoy all your wonderful von Arnim reads.


Melwyk--I'm so glad to hear you say it's good. I thought it sounded wonderful and can't wait to read it. I am starting with The Caravaners as there are a few others reading it this month, but I will surely get to it soon, I think!

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