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Dorothy W.

This sounds so good! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it so much and that Maisie is developing as a character. It's interesting to think of her entering the pre-World War II years -- and scary too. I'm looking forward to getting to this one!


I love hearing that the series continues to be a favorite! I'm eagerly awaiting this one although at the same time I sort of don't want to read it because then it's a long wait for the next Maisie book!


Dorothy--It had a little bit of the spy thing going on, but no worries if spy novels aren't your thing as it was more closely a regular mystery. I wonder how far into or close to the war years she'll take Maisie--I think it is still the early 30s in this one.
Iliana--It is nice to know you have an unread Maisie Dobbs mystery on hand. I usually can't wait to grab the newest and read, and they seem to get better with each new book.


I would really love to explore this series but the books are hard to find, especially if you want to read them in chronological order. It does sound as if she has a lot to offer. I like it when the character evolves and changes.


I thoroughly enjoyed this as well and like you I was interested to see the introduction of the Nazi issue. It is an area relatively well explored in British fiction, mainly because it is a touchy subject in our past. So many people who should have known better were taken in by Hitler and the results could have been disastrous. I hope Winspear pushes this further.


Loved your review. I'm a couple of books behind and really *must* catch up soon.


I've fallen behind in this series and must catch up. I've loved all the Maisie novels I've read so far, and this new one sounds very interesting. I'll definitely look out for it when it makes paperback.

Margaret Powling

Oh dear, I've just started the book and am tempted to read your review, but have not done so. Will return to it after I've read of Maisie's latest exploits ... But it's a very good start and whilst it's possibly inconsequential to say so, I really love the cover design!
Margaret P


This and other mentions of the series have sold me on giving these books a go, having only been vaguely aware of them before now. I'm currently working my way through the Peter Winsey novels and these seem like they might be good companion reading. Like you I find the context of this period of the last century fascinating so I'm looking forward to Maisie Dobbs, and thank you for yet another recommendation!

Nancy Dwinell

Hi Dani, Can't wait to read this! This is by far my favorite series and I'm glad to hear that the latest is another good one. I stopped reading your post before the details since I haven't picked this one up yet. I must get to B&N later today! I'll go back to read your thoughts when I finish the book. Nancy


Sounds like a fun one. I've only read one Maisie Dobbs book a few years ago and did enjoy it very much but it seems other things always get in my way of trying out another one.

Margaret Powling

I don't know whether Danielle would advise the same, but I'd say to anyone who hasn't yet read Maisie, to start with the first book and read in chronological order through the series, as there is the on-going back story which develops with each book.
Margaret P


I haven't read any of the books but they sound right up my street. I'll take note of what Margaret P says too and read them in chronological order.

jenn aka the picky girl

I cannot wait to get my hands on this one!! Maybe this weekend I'll make a trip to get it.

Julia - pagesofjulia

I have very purposefully not read this post or the comments above! so please excuse me if I'm restating. But do you know that Book Club Girl's read-along of the whole series will discuss this book on April 25? If you're interested. That's at and I'll also review it on my blog on the same date. Maybe I'll remember to come back and read your review then. :)


I am looking forward to reading this. The last one I read (I forget the title) had a brief appearance by Oswald Mosley. I am intrigued to see how the lead up to WWII will be handled by the coming books.


Caroline--I'll keep an eye out for the first one in the series when I go to my library sale today--very cheap books and I sometimes see her work there. It is a fun mystery series if you enjoy cozy-ish sorts--this one with a strong historical slant and very interesting characters.
Annie--I'm glad she is looking forward too, even though often the mysteries are wrapped up in some question or issue from the first world war as well. I know about the war years, but not a whole lot about the build up and political leanings/attitudes. I'd like to read more nonfiction now.
Bibliolathas--The nice thing is knowing you have some good reads ahead of you!
Litlove--These are nice quick reads really, so you'll catch up in no time!
Margaret--I don't think I gave away any spoilers, but I am like you--I prefer not knowing any/many details of a story before reading! Would love to know what you think when you finish. And I love the cover designs, too, and meant to mention that in my post.
Sarah--I hope you enjoy these when you get to them. I have only read one of the Sayers' mysteries--Gaudy Night with Harriet Vane, which I loved (and wouldn't mind rereading). I have wanted to go back and read the Wimsey novels in order but haven't had a chance to do so yet!
Nancy--I don't like knowing too much about a book I'm going to be reading either--always read the first and last paragraphs to get an opinion but skip the details otherwise. I hope you enjoy it as well. This is a series I wouldn't mind going back and rereading.
Stefanie--I'm glad you liked the Winspear novel you read. I know you are not a big mystery reader, but an occasional one is fun.
Margaret--I agree--you get so much more out of the books if you read them in order. Each new book seems to build on the last and the characters develop. If possible--much better to read in order!
Katrina--If you like historical novels and the period between the wars, I do think you'd enjoy these. It's been fascinating to see how Maisie's character develops!
Jenn--Tempting, isn't it? I hope you enjoy it when you get to it. I can't usually wait and read them right away, too.
Julia--Thanks for the link and reminder to check out the read along. I have been so behind in blog reading, but I will head on over there this weekend! It's cool a group is reading the books together!
Ed--I remember that. This one has a little bit of the spy story to it and talks more about the political attitudes of the era. I hope you get to it soon1 :)


I have a serious case of bookenvy. My library only has the first two Maisie Dobbs and I loved them :)Must go and suggest them to add the series to their collection now.

Mike B.

No matter how great Winspear is at publishing a book nearly every year, I'm already anticipating the next and this one just came out.


I've only recently started getting back into mysteries after a childhood of reading almost nothing but Nancy Drew. Jacqueline Winspear sounds like the next author I should check out - something about the period setting of this series sounds perfect to me.


Catharina--I'm surprised your library doesn't have more of her books. She seems to be a popular author. Can patrons give buying suggestions?
Mike--I am ready for the next one, too! I almost wish I had discovered her when she had ten books already published as there would be lots to read at once. It's a long wait now for the next!
Ellen--I loved Nancy Drew when I was young, too. I had lots of those original hardcovers that my older sister had collected. If you like that particular era you might want to try Maisie Dobbs as Winspear is great with historical details from that period.


I'm a little behind with this seris - I haven't read this one or the previous book. But I was interested to see you describe Maisie as a "rational, analytical character" - I suppose she is in the sense that she approaches her mysteries in an analytical manner. But one of the things that frustrated me about this series was Maisie's increasing... psychic abilities, almost - the way she's able to sense things from people, and even from empty rooms. There's not as much pleasure in that for me as there is in a mystery that is solved just through logical deduction. But I will go on and read the rest of the series, because I enjoy them nonetheless.


Celia--I recall one book particularly talked about Maisie's more "psychic" abilities, but it doesn't come up quite so strongly in any of the other books from what I recall. I think I've heard other readers mention that this aspect of the stories doesn't work well for them either. It hasn't bothered me too much as I like the historical details and the various characters and how they have developed and interact, but you're right that these are not really traditional mystery sorts of reads.


I was happy to see that you read 84, Charing Cross Road, an all time favorite of mine. I reread it periodically, just for a return visit. I've yet to read the latest Maisie. I can't wait.


Beth--I loved reading 84, Charing Cross Road again and followed up with Duchess of Bloomsbury Street, which was almost as good (nothing can quite top 84 Charing Cross... I really enjoy the Maisie Dobbs books and am already looking forward to the next. Winspear has a new one coming out next spring--maybe in April? Or a bit earlier even.

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