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I can't wait to hear what you think of the Rebecca West. :)

I've got several readerly obligations for the month as well. Shirley Hazzard of course for the Slaves, some Faulkner for Classics Circuit, Purple Hibiscus for library staff book club (just finished this afternoon), and I've already completed Louise Penny's Brutal Telling so that I can read the follow-up, which is the novel my friend C. is anxious for me to read. Have you read Penny before?


Susan--I have not yet read Louise Penny, but I've heard good things about her mysteries. Did you like it? I know mysteries really aren't your genre, so if you give it a thumbs up, I'll know it is very good indeed! Can't wait to read Rebecca West--I have a number of her other books--can't seem to get them read. I missed out on sign ups for the Classics Circuit but I like their theme this time around--which of course doesn't stop me from reading along on my own! I can't seem to read any classics at all lately--let alone American classics. Maybe the posts will inspire me!


A Morbid Taste for Bones is great. I need to read more of those books and if you get a chance I do recommend the BBC series. Good stuff.

Thank you for reminding of the Slaves book. I need to order that!


Iliana--I am going to start the Slaves book early this month--I am always rushing at the end! And I have wanted to read Ellis Peters for so long--I'm happy to hear the book has been enjoyed by so many other readers already!


I'm looking forward to read the West, it will be my first of her books. I bought that novel by Shirley Hazzard a while back and saw that you will be reading it with the Slaves but I don't think I will manage this month. It looks very interesting.


And of course, thank you for reading along!


Those are all great readalong projects - I love Brother Cadfael. I think I'll try to join in with Caroline's as I haven't read that particular Rebecca West but do own it. And of course, I'm definitely up for the Shirley Hazzard. Elizabeth von Arnim I adore, but it may be hard to get hold of a copy of that at short notice.


It's a good thing you're starting with the first of the Cadfael books. I do love them, but towards the end of the series they became very formulaic and you knew that the supernumerary you met and then lost track of round about page fifty had done it - even if it hadn't yet been done! The early ones are great thought and I second the recommendation for the TV series. And definitely read Louise Penny, although I'd go right back to the beginning of the series. She is growing with every book.


I will probably be starting the Hazzard book this coming weekend or next week. I want to give myself plenty of time too so I can read carefully. That's my only readalong for the month but I am hoping to get in some good reading while on quarter break.


I started Donald Hall The Painted Bed(poetry)at the end of february and will finish it somewhere this month, hoping to - finally - read the Myth of Pygmalion, finish Nine Coaches Waiting (Mary Stewart), and of course starting Beverley Nichols The Unforgiven Minute as soon as it gets in. There is room for more but not yet sure where it will lead me.


Just had a peek at the synopsis for The Caravaners, it looks absolutely charming...but sadly, I don't have that one. I was very happy to find 'Love' by von Arnim a few weeks ago though! Deep into some reading plans of my own I will be watching from the sidelines...enjoy!


I've read some Brother Gadfael mysteries & enjoyed them quite a bit. There was also a well-made TV series made in the 1990s starring Derek Jacobi as Br. Gadfael.

I'm reading The White Garden and as the novel is about Virginia Woolf it has made me want to read something by her again. :)


I'm reading Rumer Godden's A Time to Dance, No Time to Weep and a book of essays by Anne Fadiman at the moment, and enjoying them both. I'm making an effort to really immerse myself in these without looking ahead to what I'm going to read next--surprisingly hard!


Caroline--The West is the only book by her I've read. I think the first time around I read it much too quickly, so I am happy to revisit it! I picked up the Hazzard book at a library sale and was happy to have it on hand. I like reading along--it's nice finding others online to read with--but it is hard sometimes to squeeze these reads in.
Litlove--There are lots of interesting books to read this month--I like reading with groups as I tend to be a better reader--or at least pick up more details when I read in a group. Too bad more of von Arnim's books aren't more readily available.
Annie--I like reading a mystery series from the beginning, and it sounds like it's better to do so with Ellis Peters. Often the earliest books are not the best as the author is trying to orient herself, but it sounds like in this case the best are at the beginning. I tried one of her historical fiction series of books set in Wales and I just didn't get one with it. Maybe it was a later work as well? Anyway, I will have to see if my library has the DVDs to watch after I read the book. And I am now bumping Louise Penny up the pile!
Stefanie--I think I will do the same. Since it is a slightly longer book than the last few I want to make sure I am not rushing it at the end. Also I have this idea that it might be a slightly more challenging read?
Catharina--You are such a good poetry reader. I had a few of Robert Frost's poetry books on my desk at work, but then I sent them back to be shelved. I don't know why I don't set something on my night table to have nearby at least. Do let me know how you get on with Beverley Nichols--I have him on my pile, but now I have this stack of books I want to read before the end of the month, so I am not sure I will get to it. And I plan on reading something by Mary Stewart this year--have you read My Brother Michael?
Darlene--Doesn't the Caravaners sound good? I may have to take it with me to work tomorrow. I've been itching to start reading another book by Elizabeth v. Arnim, so what a perfect excuse. I have Love as well! :)
Tiina--I've heard many good things about Brother Cadfael and this has been sitting on my book pile for ages. I think I will definitely be watching the TV show as well. Book first, though. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of White Garden as it is on my own pile and it sounds very good, too.
Kathy--I had that out from the library last fall, but I didn't get it read. I loved The Greengage Summer and wanted to try and read something else by her. I love Anne Fadiman, too. I need to immerse myself in just a couple of these books until I finish before letting myself get distracted. Easier said that done, eh?!


Poetry has always been an important part of my life. There was a time I wouldn't leave the house without a small volume in my pocket. Since I started to read two poems in the morning(Donald Hall just now)and two before going to sleep (Ida Gerhardt, as part of my reading project)it has become something I really look forward too each day. I never read Robert Frost. Will see what my library has. I will let you know what I think of Beverley Nichols, the book hasn't arrived yet however so it will be a while.
I am quite sure I read My Brother Michael, but it is very very long ago. I found many five star reviews.I will reread it later this year as it was written in 1959 and the year after Nine Coaches Waiting, which I cannot let go of at the moment.


Catharina--I love Robert Frost. Do look him up--he's a very famous American poet. I am not a poetry reader, but I do love his work. I really would love to get into the habit of reading poetry--someday. I have My Brother Michael and Nine Coaches Waiting and really must read one of them this year!

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