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Sam Sattler

What you describe is pretty much my attitude toward e-book readers. I have a Sony Reader and an iPad that has all the various reader applications downloaded to it but I almost never buy a book. I'm much more interested in finding out-of-print stuff, freebies, and review copies. For that the Readers are perfect, but as a substitute for a real book? Never gonna happen.


It certainly seems to be the year of the holdouts getting ereaders! I hope you enjoy it. I have ended up buying a few books for mine. They were all for book club and books I didn't imagine I'd want to keep in a hard copy version but that I'd need for longer than I could borrow them from the library. I realized the ebook is perfect for that.


Have fun!


Welcome to the dark side! I love my ereader, but it is not a replacement for paper books in any way shape or form. I will still continue to read both! Enjoy!


My daughter doesn't like the Kindle because it lacks that finger swipe capability. I'll have to tell her that the Nook would be much more to her liking!

Can you use it to check out library books?


Sam--The Nook is pretty slick I will admit, though I think it has a few more features than I really need. It's just nice having something portable to read books on that I can get for free--that otherwise I would have to try and ILL through the library. I still drag along a paper book or two with me to work, though, even with the Nook! :)
Teresa--I really hadn't considered it until I had heard about other readers' experiences with free books--that appealed to me. I can see where there might be situations that a purchased ebook would come in handy, though I'm going to try and hold off buying any as there seems to be an abundance of public domain titles to choose from. It is a little tempting just to try it though! :) So far I really like it and see it as just another 'book' to pick up and read.
Linda--Thank you! I've found some good ebook links, but munseys is new to me!
Marg--Thanks, I really never thought the day would come when I would be excited about a Nook! :) It's just a nice alternative, but I still prefer paper books, too.
Susan--Yes, you can load library books on to it, though I have yet to try it. I already have so many and I know the library books will expire. There is no shortage of choices at least! If she likes the swipe option she might like this a lot. The bottom screen can be navigated with a fingertip and there is a keyboard that displays to search. If she is used to an iPhone this would be a piece of cake for her to use. And the LCD display turns off after a couple of seconds so there is no distraction when you are reading the book.


That's a very cool toy indeed! You must be having loads of fun with it. :) I have been wishing for an eReader for quite some time too, mainly due to all the freebies out there, esp the classics & out of print books. And like you, I know it is purely greed that this desire to own an eReader is feeding on. I have downloaded many pdf files on my computer, but it is really not so handy to read them, like you would a book. Accessibility & portability is indeed a big issue. Looking forward to the day when I can read all these treasures that I have stored up, anywhere anytime. I do not believe digital books can ever replace paper books too. You are right, they should co-exist happily together. As for reading in the gym, I think the most ideal form is still to listen to an audiobook. :)


I enjoyed reading your post but I am not tempted at all. It looks nice though.


I wanted a Nook, but Barnes and Noble wouldn't sell me one because I don't live in America. Isn't that against the Human Rights Act or something? Any way, I had to settle for a Kindle and I also use my I-Pad for reading when I'm at home. But as you say there is no reason why on earth they shouldn't exist together and the e-reader is a wonderful way of reading those novels that are out of print and very difficult to find. My one gripe is that so far there are comparatively few academic texts available and as they are often the ones that are soooo heavy they are also the ones that my back could do without having to carry around in the original paper format.


I love my Kindle! Its so much to read it on the treadmill - so far it has yet to fall. Like you, I plan on using it for the freebies - all those classics that I never read, but am now willing to give a chance. I'm still buying real books like crazy, so I know that my Kindle will never replace them - I'm just enjoying both. Have fun with yours! And yes, keeping the wi-fi on all the time drains the power on your nook - or at least it does on my kindle.


When I read my Kindle on the treadmill, I simply up the font size and put it on the book rest. No risk of falling. (OK, sometimes I hold it, but I'm trying to remember the other works just great.)

Thomas at My Porch

I think you may be the first blogger I have come across (excluding me) who has mentioned Ward Just. Have you read other books by him? I have read most of his novels and generally quite like them.


Congratulations on your new ereader! If you haven't found yet, check them out. They have loads of Elizabeth von Arnim titles. I might be getting a second Kindle in April so my husband and I don't have to share anymore. We have a plane trip to a family wedding in August and if we don't have 2 ereaders by then an argument is sure to happen!


Oh Danielle ! All hope is now lost for old school readers !!
But my husband is buying the new ipad and that is going to serve the function of eReader for me - I am not sure that I will be buying that many eBooks either.
But nothing can take away the smell of old and read books and the joy of seeing book stacks across your know you have a met a kindrid spirit when you walk into a house full of books - not so much when you see an electronic device on the table


Enjoy your new toy! :)

I'm all for coexistance, too. I've decided to wait for better (and cheaper) e-readers, though, as I've not been too taken by the technical aspects of the ones I've seen this far. For now I only have a Kindle for PC on my laptop for those older, hard to get, out-of-print books I want to read.


My daughter has a Nook and loves it--it really seemed to be the much better product over the Kindle. I have tried the PC and iPhone apps for e-reading, and don't care for them. I am thinking an iPad might be a good solution for me.

Like you, I like e-readers for the classics, out-of-print, free stuff. I can't imagine my library is in any danger...

Enjoy your Nook!


Glad to year you are enjoying your Nook. I love printed books the best but have found my Kindle indispensable for travel!


I (unexpectedly) got a Nook for Christmas, and though it was a very generous gift my first reaction was 'can I trade it in for some real books?' :) It took me a little while to get used to it, but this morning, there I was in the garage waiting room, reading Dorothy L. Sayers while I waited for the oil to be changed. I see that you've found my (new) favorite resources for freebies.


I have a Nook. I love it...but must confess it did not even slow down my book has a nice feature that allows you to download library books, that's fun. It is convenient for traveling. Congrats on your new toy!


I think any tool that encourages people to read is a good thing! I don't have an ereader yet, but forsee that we will eventually get one. Free downloads are a real temptation, I admit. Enjoy your new toy!

Rohan Maitzen

Just chiming to say I too am one of those whose e-reader and other books pretty happily coexist. I have a Sony Reader and recently got an iPad--I do prefer reading on the Sony, actually, as the iPad is a bit heavy, and the Sony has a leather cover that feels more like a book. I enjoy the free editions but like others here I also like borrowing books from the library, and I've also been buying some that I don't feel strongly about getting in paper (if, for instance, the paper version is a cheap trade paperback, it's not something I'd cherish anyway). I have been disappointed in some of the free classics--the scanning can be haphazard or the editions unpredictable. Mostly this doesn't matter, but I've started warning my students that the free ones are all unedited and vary greatly in quality. (Some of the Google-scanned ones are hilarious if they came from old originals with a font the scanner just can't cope with!)

One funny thing I've realized is that after a week or so of steady e-reading, I get frustrated with a paper book when I have to reach for a pencil or a post-it to flag a passage to remember instead of just tapping it! Who knew new habits could develop so fast...

Anyway, enjoy, and report back as you get used to it.


Michelle--Lots of people listen to their iPods and MP3 players at the gym! I still read my books and am just careful what sorts I bring with me--nothing too challenging as it is so noisy there.
Caroline--I totally respect that! I am not far at all from how you feel about it all. Nothing can ever take the place of a good book!
Annie--I do hate it when you can't get something in one country but have to hear all about it. I suppose it has to do with licensing, but perhaps eventually they will be sold in the UK, too. I do think they are breaking a serious code of conduct when it comes to books by not selling them all over the place! :) So many scholarly works are going completely online I'm surprised not more have been published as ebooks. Perhaps as they become more and more popular, what sorts of books you can buy to read on ereaders will expand.
Nadia--I do have a nice case for my Nook, and I have since dropped in when it was inside the case and it was just fine. I am sure am being paranoid-I have yet to ever drop a book while walking! Thanks for the heads up--I am being more cautious about wifi and disconnecting it when I am finished with it.
Denise--The stationary bikes have a nice little shelf that would be prefect for a Nook. The gym's treadmills don't have anywhere good to set a book but I will have to experiment!
Thomas--This is my first Ward Just novel, actually. I do have the Unfinished Season on my pile of books, however. I am enjoying his newest. And don't you wonder why some really good writers don't seem to get any attention? I'm glad to hear he's as good as his books sound.
Stefanie--I've not yet discovered manybooks, but if they have loads of Elizabeth von Arnim, I'll be looking soon! It's good you and your Bookman share, but I think you should have his and hers ereaders and then you could occasionally swap! :)
Vipula--I've shocked you, haven't I?! I was a little surprised at myself actually when I started seriously thinking about getting one. Paper books are still my favorite, though. I carry my ereader and two other books with me to work--I'm never bored that's for certain. I'm definitely not getting rid of my piles of books!
Tiina--I was hoping that I could read books on Adobe Digital Reader on the computer, but it just was not comfortable. So I broke down and can read ebooks almost anywhere. I am all for the price to come down, however, and improvements to be continued to be made with ereaders--that was a concern when I bought mine.
JaneGs--There are lots of comparison articles out there, which really helped me in deciding what to buy. I think the Nook was the best fit for me even with its added features, which I've not yet really used much. And you're right about the great selection of freebie classic books--lots of good stuff for free online.
Kathleen--The easy portability of ereaders for travelers seems to be a big reason for getting one. I don't really travel, but it still comes in really handy.
Audrey-I admit the thought passed my mind, too--just think how many books I could have bought instead! I think it is going to be a good investment in the long run. I am liking my nook the more I use it, and it slips easily into my purse, too. In the long run I think it will be use.
Juliette--Thanks! I think I choose well by buying a nook--for me anyway. I have yet to try and loading a library book on to it, but I am sure I will before too much time passes.
Kathy--Hate to admit it does feel like a fun new toy! That's okay--something fun for the adults! And had I not gotten a good gift card I would still be reading only paper books. I expect I will read far more paper books than online titles, however.
Rohan--I have actually come across that already. I loaded an EM Delafield novel from the Internet Archive, but the book ended up weirdly formatted and with strange words and symbols in place or regular words scattered throughout the text! I also think it doesn't have all the pages scanned! I think with time I'll learn which places have regular ebooks and which are problematic when loaded. Things have moved so fast with this sort of technology, but I guess this is also where the improvement is going to come n as well. They have a ways to go before ereaders are made equally and files become more readable. But this is a start. Sony's have a stylus, don't they? I still have to get used to using my fingers on that screen for footenotes and such. I move so slowly that I have to reread the page again before moving on to the next! I'm getting there, though.


Congratulations on your Nook, it looks much fancier than my e-reader but we bought them for the same reason - access to free & OP books. My e-reader is just like another book to me now. It's been great for my 19th century bookgroup where I can download most of the titles free. These are mostly books that I'm interested in reading but don't necessarily want to buy & keep. I'm glad you've found Girlebooks. They're the best I've come across so far with beautifully formatted pages. As others have mentioned, some free books are unreadable which is a shame.


Lyn--I like my Nook, though I have only used it for the books I can download free. It has games on it, wifi and even the ability to listen to music, but I've so far not used any of these (other than to mess about and see how they work). I was surprised that I liked it so much and even though I am still reading more paper books I read a little bit on it each day. At the moment I am reading the new Maisie Dobbs mystery. I have indeed discovered that not all free ebooks are the same--some don't format well or are even incomplete, which is a shame, but hopefully things will improve now that so many people have them. I'm glad I decided in the end to give it a try!


Yay, you got one! I really like the Nook but ended up going with the Kindle as we have the prime membership. Although I don't even know if that's an advantage. Anyway, like you, I can imagine reading classics on the eReader, especially chunkster books :)

I can't wait to travel with it actually.


Iliana--I've been thinking about it recently. I really hadn't planned on getting one but it was thanks to my parent's gift card that I could do it. I know lots of people rave about traveling with their Kindles. I imagine a Nook must work about the same, though I've not been traveling for ages, but I will use it lots at home!

Dorothy W.

Pure and unadulterated greed -- yes, exactly! That's why I'm enjoying having a Nook too. I couldn't pass up all those free books. Not that I need them, really, as I have SO much to read, but it's wonderful to have more options. I'm glad you're enjoying yours!


Dorothy--It hasn't stopped me buying new books--I just got a box in the mail yesterday, but it is nice being able to download other books. I admit I did buy a new book--you can add a gift card to your account and the ebook will come off the gift card--way too slick. They make it so easy for you to spend money...but I didn't want to wait for a library copy and it was one I didn't feel like I needed to own in hardcopy either. I have way too many books to read as well, but you're right--this is just another option. I said I wouldn't take it to work, but I slip it into my purse every morning and usually read a little bit on it during my break or lunchtime.

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