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Rohan Maitzen

What fun these look! I got A Novel Bookstore for Christmas (and pitched it for Slaves of Golconda, but it garnered no votes, as I recall). I think I'll turn to it soon myself. I'll be interested to know if you like La Plante's novels. I haven't read any, but like you I've seen all of Prime Suspect. Some of the greatness there is Helen Mirren, to be sure, but LaPlante has to get some credit too!


Rohan--I love Helen Mirren and only wish there had been more episodes to watch as they were completely addictive and she was so convincing in that part! I'm a little afraid to read the books (even though it's a different character) in fear they won't live up. It's funny how there will almost always be one book that gets no votes when the Slaves choose. I still want to read this one and was excited to find it--it must have just been waiting for me!


Oh, no. Are we discussing Transit tomorrow??? I had it through my head discussion started next Friday.


Susan--I thought it was the 4th? Maybe I gave the wrong date when I sent out the email?


The Novel Bookstore's one of my recent purchases, and I believe Dorothy's bought it as well.

We ought to put it to a vote again--it'll probably win next time!


Susan--It seems like the perfect sort of book for the Slaves to read. I think there were just too many other really good choices--I always have a hard time choosing!

Jan Smith

Oh, good for you finding those Goddards! I await Part II of you Library Sale Finds! A local library's sale is in two weeks - I can hardly wait.

Dorothy W.

A Novel Bookstore didn't get any votes from the Slaves, but I did buy a copy of it shortly afterward! I'm looking forward to it. I'm also curious about Moonflower Vine. Jane Smiley included it in her 100 Novels book, so it's been on my mind ever since.


I didn't get the email. Remember, I have a different email address now, so the group emails are probably still going to the old one.

But I did see the 4th mentioned on Twitter, and my malfunctioning brain then decided the 4th was on Friday, not Monday. :( No big deal, but it gave me a start.


The Moonflower Vine is a lovely book, I liked it a lot. Laurence Cossé's book has been discussed by numerous blogger's. Should you want to see a list of all the books mentioned in the book, made the effort to list them.
I'm not tempted by the book itself but couldn't really tell you why, hopefully you will like it.
I wanted to read along for the Shirley Hazzard but couldn't make it. I'm very interested in your review.


I thought I'd read all of Joan Aiken's books but this is one I don't know. Is there any indication it came out under a different title in the UK?

Liz F

The first couple of Anna Travis books are up to the high standard Lynda La Plante set herself but either the third or fourth (can't remember which) was a big disappointment: it read as though she was writing on automatic pilot and I ended up not really caring what happened.
The Prime Suspect series that LLP actually wrote herself were very good but there were a couple where she just wrote the outline and other writers were responsible for the script and even Helen Mirren couldn't make up for the difference!


I haven't read Lynda LaPlante yet, but I treated myself to the complete set of Prime Suspect last year and I've been watching those recently. I still have a few episodes to go, but I think I'm going to go ahead and write a post about that series. Helen Mirren is awesome!


I'm drooling over the words "library book sale." Our library has a "Friends of the Library" book shop which I frequent every time I go to the library. The bargains are amazing, but I don't find things every time I go. I see I've limited myself (probably wisely or I'll be even more inundated with books) to books/authors I already know I want to read. I think I should do some browsing and just see what strikes my fancy, don't you?


There's only one known to me author in your great finds: Lynda La Plante but I can't find which book I read, and I like what you write about Robert Goddard.


Well done on the Robert Goddards. I find them great page turners, and he's so good at setting his thrillers in interesting places! Got to love library sales.


I bet you like A Novel Bookstore. As a mystery it is deeply flawed, but as a indulgence of bibliophile dreaming, it is irresistible.


Jan--Part 2 coming soon. It was serendipitous to find those Goddards. I hadn't heard of him before and now I have a stack of books to choose from.
Dorothy--Jane Smiley also wrote the intro to the book. It's one I had looked at online so many times so I was happy to finally get a copy. A Novel Bookstore sounds like fun, too.
Susan--I have corrected your email, so you should get the Slaves emails now--not that there are very many of them, but in case there are any changes you'll know ahead of time.
Caroline--I'm glad to hear about The Moonflower Vine--I might start it soon,though I should try and finish a few books first. Thanks for the link for the Cossé reviews--I'm very curious about it. I'm not sure I did a very good job writing about the Hazzard book, but it is worth reading if you have a chance.
Annie--There is no alternate title on the copyright page. It only says published in 1964. It looks like it might be an early book as the only books listed by the author are The Fortune Hunter and a juvenile title--The Wolves of Willoughby Chase. Of course publishers are notorious for changing titles, so that could be the case here. The heroine's name is Deborah Lindsay and the home is called Gilmartin. Does any of that ring a bell? It seems to take place in winter, too.
Liz--It sounds like I'm at least safe to start here anyway. I'm not sure how many I'll end up reading, but I'd like to try at least one of her novels as I keep seeing them at the library. I didn't realize that LLP didn't write all the Prime Suspect scripts--interesting.
Kay--I really liked watching Prime Suspect, too, but some of the shows were quite intense. I'm not sure what to get from Netflix now--am back to Upstairs/Downstairs episodes.
Kathy--Browsing is good sometimes! I like trying new authors this way as it benefits the library and the books are used so not full price, so I don't feel I've lost anything if I don't like the book. I can just give it back to the library to sell in another sale! We don't have a shop w/in the library, but they do have a little shelf with books--I rarely find anything there, though.
Catharina--I think I have brought home books by Lynda La Plante a few times now, but they always go back to the library unread. Now I can read it at my leisure. Robert Goddard looks very promising, too.
Ramblingfancy--I'm in the mood for a page turner at the moment, so I might just give one a try sooner than later. I love our library sales, too. I always think I won't find anything and then usually find too much.
Frances--It sounds like it would be up my alley--so it was quite a find to get it priced so inexpensively. I don't mind a stretch of the imagination (which this sort of sounds like from the description) if it has something else going for it (which it sounds like it does!).


I enjoyed the Aiken, though my favorite "Gothic" of hers is probably "The Crystal Crow", which is really an odd little book.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE "The Moonflower Vine". It's probably one of my favorite books... I read it years ago as my Mom had a copy of it, and managed to track down an old paperback of it for myself. I really am in the mood to read it again... I'll have to dig it out!


Nice pile of books! Since this is titled part 1, I suspect there are more forthcoming in a part 2? The weather here hasn't been as warm as it is there, but I did go out Sunday without a coat. Granted I was still wearing a heavy sweatshirt, but there wasn't a coat over it so that was something!


Oolookitty--I had heard of Joan Aiken but never came across her books. It sounds like fun actually. I'm so glad to hear lots of people like The Moonflower Vine. I am tempted to start reading now, only I have too many other books started at the moment. It's nice that it was brought back into print, too!
Stefanie--Yes, part two coming in just a few days. I knew this would be a lazy posting week, and having new books to share makes it easy. Getting rid of winter coats is such a nice feeling. I still wear gloves in the morning, but it's much nicer now. I'm sure it'll turn hot overnight though! Will try and remain optimistic, however.

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