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I saw a copy of The Novel in the Viola in the shop the other day and struggled so hard to resist.

For me the next couple of big books are Susanna Kearsley's The Rose Garden and Elizabeth Chadwick's next book which is due to be released in the UK in a couple of months time!


Well, now that I've read your post, I'll be eagerly awaiting the new Sarah Waters. If we have a long wait for it in the U.S., I'll have to remind myself that I still have two of her earlier books to read and that I don't need it immediately. But I will want it!

And those Stewarts look delicious. I have yet to read any of her non Arthurian books (and I love those)!

The book I'm most excited about is the next The Pirate King coming this fall from Laurie King--yet another Mary Russell, and there's another coming in 2012.

I'm also now nearly caught up with the Morland Dynasty, so I'll be eagerly anticipating the last book this November. (And I'll no doubt be wishing for more when the series is done.)


Mary Stewart is a longtime favorite for me. The covers are very beautiful, but I think I might be a little on the fence about them. They don't really fit the storylines very well. Maybe I'm just being picky. LOL

Love the fact that a new Lady Julia Grey mystery will be out soon. Another of my favorite series.


Marg--You're very good--I would have snapped it right up! :) I am just waiting for it to be released in the UK--I hadn't realized it was already out in Australia. I knew Susanna K had a new book coming out, but not Elizabeth Chadwick--I must go check that out!
Teresa--I wonder how far along she is in writing it! Her website has not been updated with any info on this one. I know she sometimes takes several years between books depending on how much research she has to do. I like the sound of it as well, but will have to content myself with Tipping the Velvet in the interim. I've read her Arthurian books and a couple of others. They are lovely covers and tempt me to order a few right now. I really need to get back to Mary Russell--I'm way at the beginning of the series, so I'll note the title of the new one but will wait until paper since I have so many others to read. It's exciting when a favorite author has a forthcoming book to look forward to. And I've started CHE's The Long Shadow but I am stuck once again. I was gung ho, but it's that period. Must get past the Restoration...
Kay--As much as I love those Vogue covers I was also thinking that they looked bright and cheery when the books are often dark and broody. The US editions are actually not too bad--more atmospheric, but I will still probably order a few of the new ones! :) I've pulled out the third Lady Julia Grey book to start since I am now several books behind. They are books I tend to inhale so I bet I can catch up fast! I love them as well.


A Lot! But top of the list are the new Geraldine Brooks, 'Caleb's Crossing' and the new one coming from Ian Rankin which as yet has no title, but which is the second in the series which began with 'The Corrections'.


Very excited about the new Susanna Kearsley, thanks for that news! and the new Sarah Waters but that looks to be a little way off yet.


I agree the new Mary Stewart covers are rather nice but, in my opinion anyway, the Winifred Holtby ones are *stunning*. I scrolled down through those with my jaw on the floor. lol!


Margaret Atwood supposedly has a new book coming out in the fall which I hope is true! Isn't book lusting fun? The anticipation, the imagining reading the book in some cozy place with all the time in the world. Can't beat it!


I've ordered and am eagerly awaiting Mary Stewart The Moon-Spinners and This Rough Magic, both in the new look which I agree is very nice but not really reflecting the storylines. The USA copies are much better at that I think (I have Nine Coaches Waiting and Thornyhold). The rest of my 'Stewart Collection' is older.

nomadreader (Carrie)

What fantastic news Sarah Waters is working on a new novel! I'll have to catch up on her backlist too. I'm eagerly awaiting John Emmett, especially after the Orange New Writer news.


Temptations, temptations. I looked at the covers and they are nice indeed. I haven't read Mary Stewart. I just discovered Hesperus Classics. The books are relly nice too.


Oh boy, a new Susanna Kearsley!!!! And, I am very impressed that someone has actually caught up in the Morland Saga; I love them but with so much else to read it will take me a long time to finish.

Margaret Powling

No one has yet mentioned what shone out like a beacon in your post! A new KATHARINE MCMAHON (capitals intentional!) Wowzer, that really is something to look forward to!

Dorothy W.

Good news about the Sarah Waters. I've only read one (Fingersmith), but I enjoyed it so much, I'm looking forward to her others and am very glad she's producing more. I'm really looking forward to the new David Foster Wallace, although I may not get to it for a long while.

The new Jane Harris is top of my wishlist, alongside Elizabth Speller. I loved The Return of Captain John Emmett, and often gaze at the library's copy, wishing that I hadn't read it and still had it to discover.

I'm eager to read the upcoming Stella Gibbons reissues too.

And I have to say that I have a copy of The Novel in the Viola, and it looks lovely.


I'm very excited to hear that there is a new Waters book coming out. I've only read Fingersmith so far so have many more to enjoy before I have to mourn the end of my experience with her writing.


You are so good at knowing what is coming out! I hardly ever know, well, apart from waiting for hardback books to come into paperback. I'm hoping I'll get a copy of Tom Rachman's The Imperfectionists shortly. I ordered one, it's been published, but amazon has run out of copies, sigh. And I'd like to get Naomi Alderman's The Lessons, too.


Annie--I must read something by Ian Rankin this year. He has so many books out that I am never sure where exactly to begin! I didn't realize that Geraldine Brooks had a new one coming out--I loved her last--must check it out.
Lyn--I read an excerpt of an interview with Sarah Waters and she wouldn't reveal more about her new book than what I wrote, so she must indeed still be in the early stages! Still, at least I have an idea of what the book is about. And as I've read the few Kearsley books I own I am happy that there will be a new one to look forward to as well.
Cath--I love those Holtby covers, too. I think they are travel posters? They are gorgeous and somehow seem fitting for her books. They remind me a little of the Maisie Dobbs jacket designs.
Stefanie--Yes, it does sound very good! I had no idea that Margaret Atwood had a new one coming out--she's about due for one, isn't she? I've not read her for a few years now and really must read the last couple she wrote--maybe this will spur me on.
Catharina--I like the newer US editions as well--I have a couple and they do reflect the broody, atmospheric character of the stories. I also have a few of the older mass market books with not as exciting cover designs. I admit I love the retro Vogue covers, but they do give a different feel--more happy and cheerful and I'm not sure if the books are like that (I need to read something by her this year, too).
Nomadreader--I had to look up the Orange New Writer info--I didn't realize--how exciting and I think she's very deserving. I'm very much enjoying the book and plan on getting the new one as soon as it is released. I only have one Sarah Waters book left to read and I can't decide whether to just start it now or wait and savor it!
Caroline--I've only read a couple of Mary Stewart books and liked them very much--romantic suspense often set in exotic places! I love those Hesperus editions--shorter works and lovely covers, too. Their website disappeared so I was afraid they had gone out of business, but then I received a catalog from them a while back and marked a number of books I want. I'll be excited to see new releases from them, too!
Cathy--I am still on book six in the Morland series--I seem to be stuck in the Restoration, which is not my favorite period in history. I was all gung ho about it when I started, but it has been sitting unread for a little while recently. I'm happy to see a new Susanna Kearsley book, too.
Margaret--I agree--I was so excited to finally see something about her new book--and not just a little teaser, but the title, a publishing date and a whole blurb! I've started Footsteps and must get back to it now!
Dorothy--It's really nice to find an author you like and then know you have several more books you can read when you want And that she is actively writing! I have yet to read more than an essay by David Foster Wallace. I've heard a lot about his new book and am very curious generally about his work. I'd like to start with his essays I think.
FleurFisher--I had forgot about Jane Harris--I saw a mention of her new book somewhere. I loved her other book as well. Thanks for the reminder! At least there will be a new book by Elizabeth Speller coming out soon--I am reading Captain John Emmett slowly so I can enjoy and drag out the experience! Lucky you to have Natasha Solomons new book--it'll be out later this month, so not too long of a wait now! :)
Kathleen--You are lucky--you have lots of good books ahead of you. I loved Fingersmith and could (and probably will) happily read it again.
Litlove--You can see how I spend my time online--too much browsing I suspect. I probably should be concentrating on the books I already Own! :) I am trying to be good at waiting for paper editions--though I admit that the authors I listed here I probably won't manage that...I've not read Tom Rachman or Naomi Alderman (she is completely new to me), so I must check their books out-thanks!


Dani, I should probably have said that the reason why I did manage to resist was that I already had more than 20 books in my suitcase, so I don't think I could possibly have carried any more. Otherwise I would have snapped it up straight away!


To are in for a treat! I read The Imperfectionists last summer and loved it. It will be around for a long time.


Marg--I thought you were just showing serious restraint. That sounds like me with too many books in a suitcase! :) Oh well, it's new so you'll be able to get it later. And I hope I'll be getting it soon, too!
Cathy--Your comment makes me very curious now--I am off to go look the book up! Maybe my library has it.


Danielle, I think you're trying to take the rest of us with you! Is it bad to want a book you already own just for the cover art?


Rebecca--I'm a terrible enabler, aren't I?! I am a complete sucker for a good cover, so I'm right there with you! :)


I so wish another Ursula Marlowe mystery was coming out. I love that series! Very reminiscent to me of the Maisie Dobbs books.

Good thing to know another Sarah Waters' book is on the way. I still have to read Night Watch and Fingersmith but like to know there'll be more in store :)


Iliana--I miss the Ursula Marlowe stories and am sad that only a couple were ever published. I wish she would just self-publish or epublish so I could get the next one, but I can understand an author preferring to work with a publisher. I haven't a clue when a new Sarah Waters book can actually be expected, but at least she is working on a new book!

TLC Books

Thanks for the link to our interview! We truly adore Natasha :) Love your blog as well!


TLC Books--I was very happy to find that interview--it makes me look forward to her book all the more! :) Thanks for posting it, Tanya!


I have to bump up Tipping the Velvet and Mr. Rosenblum Dreams in English in my pile. I've been splashing around shortlisted books for Lambda Literary Awards and Chinese Literature Challenge.


Matt--I think I will read Tipping this summer, too. And I've had poor Mr Rosenblum for a few months now and really need to crack that one open, too. I love looking at prize lists--I will have to check out the Lambda Literary Awards. This seems to be the week for shortlist awards by the way--I keep seeing them!

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