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So glad you're reading this; too bad about the hideous cover on this edition, though! And yes, Tam Lin is important...


Oolookitty--I'm really enjoying it. I've not read any sort of fantasy book since maybe Harry Potter? The illustration on this is not very attractive, is it? I have a library copy, so there is no jacket at all--maybe just as well. I'm trying to keep the story of Tam Lin in mind--I'm not as up on my fairy tales and fables as I should be! I wonder why this is OOP?


This is an author I want to read sooner or later. All the covers I saw are somewhat hideous, like cheap romance. Maybe now that she is dead they will re-issue a few in nicer outfits.


It IS the sort of story you can lose yourself in. Ooh reading your post makes me keen to reread the book - which is quite something as I very rarely reread novels.


I've not read this author before and I know she died recently and have seen lots of bloggers say how much they love her work. It seems to be off to a promising start so I look forward to hearing more!


This is definitely my childhood favorite of DWJ's. I love how you already noticed that perfect secret to the magic of her writing: the ability to make you re-examine the ordinary in your life to see if you missed something hidden - and possibly magical.


Caroline--She seems so well known and much loved so I was surprised that some of her books are out of print. I agree--the illustration for this one is not very attractive. There wasn't much to choose from to put on my post. My copy is a library book, however, so there is no dust jacket--just as well maybe?
Litlove--I wasn't sure how I would do with a fantasy novel as I don't read them very often, but I find myself reaching for it more than I anticipated. And I do need some good books to lose myself in at the moment, so I am happy to have this one handy.
Stefanie--She seems to be very well known in the blogging world--how did I miss her? Oh well, am reading her now and it did start out well--a good sign!
Rebekah--I didn't read much in the way of fantasy books when I was young, though I seem to have missed lots actually. I like the magical aspect of the stories--the uncertainty of what is real or not. I am enjoying this very much!

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