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Amanda R.

I need to steal this idea sometime. In my small academic library, we have TONS of books I've never heard off from the late 1900s to the 1950s. Highlighting "lost reads" is a brilliant concept!


Amanda--Let me know if you do as I'd love to see which books you have on hand (am always looking for interesting reading suggestions!). For some reason my library also has lots of books from the first half of the 20th century, too. Lots of middlebrow sorts of books (though certainly not exclusively) that we wouldn't order in now.


This does sound well worth reading indeed. This is one of those books I would like to have and start right away! I can see why you enjoyed it.

Michelle Ann

I was very interested to read this review, as I have just finished Willa Cather's excellent book, 'Death Comes for the Archbishop', coincidentally also set in the early years of New Mexico. It is the first time I have read about that state, and I wanted to read more. I think I have just found my next book!

Shannon (Giraffe Days)

I love the premise, simple as it is, and the author's flow of words - I wonder just how hard it might be to find a copy? It's sad how some books go out of print, even when they were popular at the time. This is such a great theme for a series of posts, Danielle :)


I'm not very big on courtroom drama books either but this does sound quite good. I'd never heard of it so thank you for highlighting this book Danielle!


Caroline--It was purely by chance that I read this one, but it was well done and it sounds like well received, too, when it was first published. Too bad it is out of print now.
Michelle Ann--I've never really been very interested to read about this part of the US, but now my curiosity has been sparked. I love Willa Cather, though, and had expected to read Death Comes to the Archbishop at some point. I hope you enjoy this one, too!
Shannon--I was lucky to find a nice copy in my library, so perhaps a library would be a good place to start. You might also find a used mass market edition floating around, too! It's always fun to find new books like this in my library, so I am glad you are enjoying the posts, too!
Iliana--I read a few when I was younger and they are entertaining, but I prefer other sorts of stories. But I thought this one well done and much of the action/story takes place outside the courtroom as well. Curiously the crime book I'm reading set in Italy is also a courtroom drama! I'm on a roll now, it seems.


Sounds like this one was lots of fun. Too bad it has gone out of print given it was so popular in its day.


I love books like this one. They feel like treasures when I come across one. Great review!


Stefanie--I really enjoyed this one and am not surprised that it was a bestseller. I guess that's what libraries are for--and why I hope mine doesn't do too much weeding in the fiction section this summer!
Kathleen--There must be all sorts of great books sitting quietly on those library shelves! It's fun to go in search for them.

Timber Gilliland

A lost treasure. I stumble upon this along with some Micky Spillane paperbacks while going through my Father's basement. Along w/the plots twists there is also great use of the language, humor, history, issues of the law and an underlying love story to boot. Thanks for your post. I'm looking for other Stephan Becker novels though they do seem to be out of print.

Timber Gilliland



Timber Gililand--Wasn't this a great read? I've not yet found any of his other books, but I should really look. I think I could easily get them through interlibrary loan. I have yet to try Micky Spillane but as I love a good mystery I should really try him as well! Good luck in your search!

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