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I'm posting on a giveaway today, the book is quite gripping, I started my review coopy over the weekend. Not edge of the seat... thriller but close to that. Not telling what it is yet...
Your sampler really has come to life... Wonderful..
I'm looking forward to five days off as of Wednesday... Can hardly wait.


Wow - excellent progress. I have barely picked up my cross stitch in months :(


I love seeing photos of your x-stitch projects. Your Feb sampler is really beautiful.

Joan Kyler

I must be easily distracted. I cannot watch TV while doing needlepoint, even listening to music or books on tape distracts me from keeping count of the pattern.

I just sent off for a chart for an alphabet / Noah's ark birth sampler that I'm hoping to finish by the end of the year for my 4-month-old grandniece, Grace. It was difficult to find one that was lovely and not tacky.

And, from Prairie Schooler, I got a chart for Sweeping Cobwebs. My friend Jenny and I both love Halloween, so I'd like to make the smaller of the two designs for her.


That's a really lovely piece! (The only things I can do with a needle and thread are (a) sew buttons on and (b) explain to a child what the eye of a needle is to better explain how hard it is for a camel to get through.)

Have you watched Downton Abbey? (I imagine you have!) I so love that sort of thing. But season two isn't come for such a long time. It hadn't occurred to me to watch Upstairs/Downstairs, but of course, that would work!!


Your needlework is always so gorgeous! And I'd love to watch Upstairs/Downstairs - it's such a classic. You remind me that I've only read one nineteenth century novel so far this year. I enjoyed it so much, I really should read another. I've got my eye on George Eliot's Mill On The Floss - I should pick it up!


Caroline--Thanks for the heads up on your giveaway! I hope her new book is as good as her first was! I'm hoping to go work on my sampler as soon as I do a little online catching up--my long weekend has flown by and as usual didn't get as much accomplished as I hoped! I hope you have a nice break from work, too! I know you've wanted to cut down a bit--I hope they let you do so.
Verity--There is never enough time, is there? With moving house and your swimming you've been really busy! Hopefully you'll have more time in the summer.
Cath--I'm getting so close to finishing it that I am having a little burst of energy--a good thing! :)
Joan--It depends on what I'm watching on whether I can also stitch at the same time or not! The Upstairs Downstairs episodes are not too demanding so I can listen/watch and do my work--but it is slow going. I agree that birth samplers can be very cheesy--I'm very picky, too, on the designs I like to stitch. Good luck getting it done by the end of the year--I love alphabet samplers! I've not really looked at the newer PS designs--I'm afraid I would immediately go off and order them--but they are one of my very favorite designers!
Lily--Thank you. Actually there is a lot to be said for being able to sew a button on. Aside from cross stitching that is pretty much my capabilities with a needle and thread, too! I Loved Downton Abbey and even bought it to have on hand. I have already watched it again after having watched it on PBs and expect I'll watch it yet again! The 1970s Upstairs Downstairs is nowhere near as lavish as Downton Abbey but I've gotten very caught up in the storyline!
Litlove--Thank you. I've not picked up my needle in weeks, so it was nice to do a little work this weekend. I usually have read a few other books from the 18th and 19th centuries but nothing this year. As long as I don't make this an excuse to start yet another book....I'm very bad that way, you know! :) But I will have to squeeze in a few books sometime this year.


Oh your needlework is so beautiful. Love how your February sampler is coming along. I get a kick out of seeing the little guy :)

I'm in quite the mood for thrillers right now too. I think it's just that I'm so busy with work that I'm looking for comfort reads and mysteries are my comfort! Let us know if you find a good thriller.


Your stitching is always so beautiful! You have given me a good idea. I could work on crochet or something while I watch a movie.


Iliana--I've not yet found just the right book thriller-wise to start. I did pull out a book by Lisa Unger, who I have not read and am not familiar with, but the book does look promising. I have several good mysteries started, though so I am trying to concentrate on those. I'm totally with you on the need for comfort reads at the moment. I had a little burst of energy with my samplers this weekend--it's nice to make a little progress!
Kathleen--I don't watch much TV but I like to have something in my hands while I'm watching. I don't always get a lot done (too busy watching the screen), but I feel less guilty for just sitting there. Besides stitching is relaxing.


I love your stitching updates! And what a coincidence, my husband has brought home the new series Upstairs Downstairs set in the 1930s. It's delightful! Maybe we could swap DVDs when I will be done with the box.


Your projects are looking so nice! Just keep those episodes of Upstairs/Downstairs going and you will finish them both before the end of the year for sure ;)


Smithereens--I only wish I had a little more time to stitch, but I'm still making progress--even if it is slow progress. I liked the remake of Upstairs Downstairs, but I do wish they would make more episodes--only three, and it didn't seem like enough time really to tell a good story. I've been getting my DVDs from Netflix or the library, but I wouldn't mind buying the 40th anniversary collection at some point!
Stefanie--Thanks. I've made quite a sweeping statement there--I hope I really can finish both of them now! :) I'm getting close though...

Simon T

Wow, those are lovely!

And I don't think I've read anything Victorian or earlier for ages... must dig out Great Expectations and keep on with that.


Simon--Thanks! I've been enjoying working on them. I hadn't realized I was so stuck in the 20th and 21st centuries in my reading. I need a Victorian author on my list, too!

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