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A wonderful review Danielle. She sounds fascinating and I would absolutely love to read this one. Or another one. I'll need to look her up, see if I can find something.


Sounds great. You really are a reader after my own heart -- I love the way you find all these obscure books and make them sound so interesting!


Oh, does this ever sound good! And my library has it too. I've added it to my very long list. I had better get reading as the list doesn't seem to stop growing!

Simon T

How exciting to find a new author you love! I haven't read her Persephone collection, but I have bought Touch and Go, and Sing Me Who You Are, on the strength of her being a Persephone author.


The quote does make me curious about Elizabeth Berridge, and your wonderful review "curiouser" still. I love the excitement you bring to a book, this book, with your review and off to the tbr list I go to add Berridge and Across the Common to my list.


Lovely review, Danielle! Sounds like a great read!

Dorothy W.

I love the idea of a subversive suburban fiction writer -- that sounds appealing! I'll have to remember her for when I'm in the mood for something like that.


This was such an interesting post that I saved it until I had time to follow your links! Thanks for sharing. I might try making those corner bookmarks myself. And I had only read six of the 100 Greatest Non-fiction Books, so I've got a long way to go!


This sounds wonderful! I'm going to see if my library has it.


Caroline--None of her books are at any of my local libraries, so maybe you will have more luck where you are finding her. I have requested another title from ILL and I hope it comes in soon.
Harriet--She definitely seems like an author worth looking for and I am glad both Persephone Books and Faber Finds have reissued a few of her titles. I love finding books like this that are not really in the mainstream anymore. Libraries (and used bookstores, too) are the best places for books like these.
Stefanie--The never ending list--but isn't it nice that there is lots to choose from off it! I am hoping my library will order in some of her books as well--I couldn't find any of her books locally.
Simon--I hate to say it but I think I mostly just flipped past her book of short stories in the Persephone catalog--she was just too unknown to me, but now I want that collection! If this is anything to go by, I like her work very much and have Touch and Go on order via ILL! Now I think I'll be looking for all her other books, too.
Penny--Isn't that a great quote? After reading a book by her I want to read more. I love finding books like this that really click with me. I'd love to hear what others think of it--I couldn't really find much out there online from other readers about her.
Tiina--Thank you. I very much enjoyed it and was sad to have to return it to the library.
Dorothy--Isn't that a great description? I wasn't sure what to expect when I first started reading the book. The last quote was somewhat tacked on to my post but it was so descriptive I wanted to share it.
Kathy--I've read even fewer from that NF list! I can see I also need to step up my NF reading! It would be great if others would pick up some of Berridge's work--I think she is definitely an author worth looking for.


She's on my wish list already but your review is just SO seductive that I might have to go and see if there are any cheap secondhand copies available. Ever hopeful!


Litlove--I hope you'll find a cheap copy where you are. I'm not sure how easily obtainable those Faber Finds books are here, but fingers crossed my library will be ordering some of her books, and then they'll be close at hand! :)

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