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I am curious about how exactly brutality can be casual. All 3 of these sound like they'll make for great July reading!


Megan--I'm curious, too. I think it's one of those--the past is a different country--they do things differently there sorts of things! :)


I am definitely not taking on any challenges. I set myself enough of those as it is. But, the Parot sounds interesting, so I may well see if the library has a copy. Thanks.


Changing Italy for Paris will be fun. Your book choices all sound interesting, casual brutality, Napoleon, love, what more could one want from books set in Paris?


Wonderful choices , I agree. I have some 25 Balzac books and checked this morning I got Vendetta in a collection, so might read along with you. It isn't a very famous story and since I haven't read it that's why I'm not sure how good a starting point it is.


Have a lovely time away in sunny Paris. Au revoir ;)


I'm really excited about Paris in July and have been gathering books and films in earnest!


Annie--I do an occasional readalong, but I try not to feel guilty if I stray! I've just started the Parot and am looking forward to reading it. This first one is several years old, so hopefully you'll have no problem finding it.
Stefanie--I shall be reading both cities in tandem! :) Why spend time in one place when you can do both cities. The Parot has a little bit of everything, which is why it is so appealing.
Caroline--I only have Cousin Bette, but I like the idea of starting with a short work. I might see if my library has The Vendetta in paper format, though we may only have it in French. It would be fun if you read along as I know nothing about Balzac or his books.
Jodie--I wouldn't mind actually going, but books are always the next best thing, right. A bientot!
Ellie--I will have to drop by this weekend and see which titles you have chosen. Part of the fun of these readalongs is seeing what everyone else is working on! I'm excited as well.

Dorothy W.

I need to try another Balzac, as the first one I tried I didn't get on with very well (Cousin Bette), but I'm not quite ready to give up. Perhaps something shorter would work well? The last book I read set in Paris was Summer Will Show by Sylvia Townsend Warner, which I didn't get on well with either. I need to read something set in Paris that I like! :)


Dorothy--Paris is a bad showing for you at the moment. Maybe Colette is the solution? I've never read anything by Balzac or even really know anything about him, so I'm working with a clean slate. I have a feeling that The Vendetta is a lesser work, but it still sounds interesting and is short! To be honest Sylvia Townsend Warner sort of doesn't appeal to me either, but I've not yet read her yet so I should keep an open mind.


Danielle--You should love For the King. I read it this past winter in just a couple of sittings. It's a pretty exciting book. I picked up Mistress of the Revolution at the library's book sale. I hope to get a chance to read it soon (I'm teaching summer school, so I haven't had much of a break.)


Denise--I think I will. When I first got it I read a bit and was very much enjoying it--it was just the victim of too many books and too busy a schedule. I wasn't giving it the attention it deserved. I really enjoyed her first one as well. Hopefully you'll have a break soon and can pick it up!


Danielle I'm so glad you are joining us - I haven't heard of any of your selections before so am looking forward to hearing what you think of them.


Ooh what a nice topic! And I'm really interested to know how you get on with that Chatelet's Apprentice book. We gave a copy of that to my brother-in-law one Christmas and I thought it looked intriguing back then! I don't know the Balzac you're going to read, but I really like his shorter novels generally. They are usually easy to read and yet quite provocative.


Karen--I've only just started the Parot mystery and am already planning on reading the Balzac and posting on it in just a few weeks, so it looks like this is one challenge I will actually accomplish! :)
Litlove--It does sound like fun and I couldn't pass it up this year. I love historical fiction and it's been too long since I have read any, so I am looking forward to the Parot. This will be my first Balzac, so I am very curious about it. It sounds like a good choice and a shorter work, too, so perhaps I will manage it as I have been terrible about setting books aside lately.

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