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Decisions, decisions. How lovely. They all sound may have to put slips of paper in a hat!


Kathy--Now this is a decision I like! I might have to pull the title out of a hat as just when I think I've chosen, I change my mind! :)


I know that so well. I dip into several books before settling down with one for good. It's only rarely that I know what I want to read and stick to it. Unfortunately these are usually the best reads, those that are driven by a certain urgency.


What great books! I have to say that Twilight sounded great to me, but then, they all did!

Karen K.

I would be tempted by any book called Twilight that is not about vampires, but then I am ornery that way.

I have to say I did not much care for Disgrace. I found it terribly depressing and I disliked the main character. The writing must be amazing since it is so beloved but I just couldn't get the appeal.


How fun to have so many good books to choose from. Why not start them all? ;)


Caroline--I often have a particular book in mind when I am ready to start a new one, but it's also fun being able to dip into a few and think about what appeals and which one really grabs me! And yes, the books that you really feel you need to pick up at every reading moment usually are the best.
Litlove--Since I am going to try and be good next month, maybe this month I'll just go all out and be bad. I have started reading Helen MacInnes, but I think I'm also going to read Twilight which is a short book and has that great opening paragraph!
Karen--I'm ornery that way, too. I like to play this game when I go to the supermarket and look at the racks of books--I see which one I would choose to read if I was stuck in the store with nothing to do--it's really amazing how many books involve vampires these days. Give me a good Paris setting with ordinary people any old day! :) I'm very curious about Disgrace after hearing so many comments about it--it does sound a little depressing, which after a recent book with a very bleak story I've opted for some other type of story. I'll try it at some point as I do think it sounds interesting--just not now.
Stefanie--You are such a bad influence! How about a compromise--I am going to start two. Next month I'll pay for my enthusiasm, but I might as well enjoy myself now.

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