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Jan S.

You certainly know how to score at the booksales!
I've not heard of Clare Layton either, but she sounds very good. I'll be checking my local library for her books - two, it seems.
The Phyllis Whitney title is unknown to me, too. I used to read her, and Victoria Holt back in my twenties. They are great escapism.
Thanks for the "new" titles to explore! You continue to remind me of Helen MacInnes, too. They do sound good, don't they?


Jan--I'm really lucky that my library has these quarterly sales and there is always a really good selection if you're willing to sift through lots of shelves. I always tell myself to be really selective but I end up coming away with a full bookbag anyway. I think I found a V. Holt at a previous sale, too. I've not read Phyllis Whitney in at least twenty years--but it was so tempting there on the shelf and I have yet to read Helen MacInnes, but these seem like good places to start. Lots of escapist reading, but I seem to be choosing a lot of that lately...


Lovely pile of books you got there! :) I bought The Aviary Gate earlier this year, but have not yet read it.


I loved Phyllis Whitney and Helen MacInnes when I was a teenager too. I'm always seeing Death at the President's Lodging when I'm looking for Innes books. It's enjoyable and a quick read but possibly not his best.

Dorothy W.

The book on the woman walking sounds fascinating! It is right up my alley too, since I love reading about athletic women of the 19th century. I just tried to read the May Sinclair novel, but it wasn't the right time; I had a little trouble getting into it. But I still want to read it; it sounds very interesting.


When seeing your library sale books I always wonder why many of them don't have these - if you don't mind my saying so - rather ugly tags.I read Indridason's Voices last year, a rather grim story yet inspector Erlendur is interesting, so I probably will read more too. Looking forward to hearing more about Bold Spirit.


Looks like you got some great books. Disgrace is on my TBR pile!

Constance Reader

What a nice haul! The Phoebe Atwood Taylor sounds very enticing.


I love library sales. I think my library has their next sale at the end of July. Enjoy all of your books!


Clutch of Phantoms sounds terrific -- a mystery that goes beyond the usual. Looking forward to hearing what you think about all of these. And envying you your reading time!


Disgrace is one of the best novels I have ever read. I always thought I want to read all of Coetzee but only managed another two. I don't know any author of literary fiction who can write like this about animals, take them seriously.
I read one van de Wetering and it's different. Quite funny, as far as I rememeber. It would be great for Iris' Dutch Literature Month. Indridason is great. Bleak. bleak, bleak. The others I mostly don't know. In any case a great pile.


Wow, it looks like you came away with some great finds! I read Disgrace last summer and am SO glad I didn't know what it was about or I would not have picked it up. It was an amazing book, but not exactly "light" reading. I have added some of these other names to my list to check out next time I am at the library.


After reading and loving The Chatham School Affair, set on Cape Cod, I shall definitely be looking up The Cape Cod Mystery! It's probably no surprise then that I completely agree with you about where crime books are set being important. I seem to like anywhere overseas because I'm rather an armchair traveller.

Liz F

I adored Helen MacInnes when I was in my late teens and early twenties and I certainly read more than a few Phyllis Whitney novels too - really good escapist stuff and your MacInnes's are two of the best.
The Aviary Gate is wonderful and I thoroughly recommend it - it is a fascinating story and setting.
I seem to recall reading some Margaret Maron books about Deborah Knott years ago and enjoying them so I might see what is available over here now.


Barry Maitland is wonderful so why not start with The Marx Sisters? I've read all his Brock & Kolla mysteries & I love them. How's that for a ringing endorsement?


What a great sale! The Barry Maitland sounds good. I'll be checking to see if my library has any of those.


Decision at Delphi introduced me to the poetry of Cavafy and if I remember correctly was a rattling good read (of the light escapest variety) I haven't read a P Whitney for a long while but know just what you mean a good MM Kaye "Death in..." or an Early Mary Stewart fit the bill too! well for me at least :0)
What a great pile of books...they look yummy and a Green penguin .
If you ever get the chance try a "Cork..." story by MacDonald Hastings they're fun!


Gosh, what a great pile of books - it is so nice to find great titles, but the usual problem is when to read them. How lucky to find that Peter Temple - and it is the first of the series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I have read that Barry Maitland book and though I quite liked it I didn't like it enough to read any more.


Wow! Such great selections and such variety!


Jealous! Drooling over the riches! Looks like you've supplied yourself with quite a bit of good reading. (I used to read Phyllis Whitney when I was a teenager, too!)


Disgrace is fantastic, and while I'm not a big Peter Carey fan, I hope you enjoy the book... and the others!


Looks like a great collection! May Sinclair is a fantastic writer, not to be missed.


Disgrace is one of those books that won't let go of you long after you finished it. It is wonderful. One of my all-time favorites.

How great that you found so many mysteries! I really think I'm on a mystery month :)


Tiina--I was happy to find a nice inexpensive copy of the Hickman as I had heard good things about it!
Katrina--I've never read anything by Michael Innes though I have heard his name often enough--was happy to find a cool green Penguin--even if it isn't his best.
Dorothy--Interesting about the May Sinclair book--I am not familiar with her really but will always snap up a Virago when I see one as I come across them so rarely--haven't been very good about reading them lately, however! The book on the walking woman sounded great--I can't wait to read it--may have to choose it next when I finish my current NF read.
Catharina--I am very lucky that my library has these sales--they use the money for their collections so it helps as they have such an abysmal budget these days! I agree-the labels are awful and impossible to take off the books. I will likely recycle those back when I finish reading them, but I couldn't pass up the cheap price. I need to read Indridason this year, too--am warned about the grim atmosphere!
Stephanie--I did luck out and am pleased with my pile! I might just start the Coetzee next--am trying to decide on one.
Constance Reader--Doesn't that Cape Cod mystery sound great? I have too many mysteries started at the moment but I'd love to read that one this summer.
Kathleen--I look forward to library sales--I will be more adventurous trying an unknown author when I know the price is very reasonable.
Lily--Well, my reading time will not match the size of my piles, unfortunately, but a girl can dream! :) It'll take me a while to get to most of these, but they'll be nice and handy anyway. I like unusual mysteries, too!
Caroline--Your comments about Coetzee intrigue me, so I might start reading it now! My coworker also enthused about this book, so I will have to tell her I bought it. I have never tried van der Wetering before but the Amsterdam setting sounded great--I'm not sure I will be able to manage that this month, but it would be perfect for Iris's readalong!
Amanda--Another intriguing comment about the Coetzee! I have an idea of what it is about, but maybe I'm not as sure as I think!
Cath--I am also an armchair traveler, so I am very drawn to setting! I hope to read that Cape Cod mystery this summer as it seems the perfect sort of book--I'll let you know how it goes!
Liz--I always need a steady supply of escapist books, so these are perfect stories to add to my pile. I'm very tempted to start one of the MacInnes books this week--am trying to decide. I generally really enjoy historical fiction, but I'm not sure I've read any at all this year so far--the Hickman would be perfect! And I was happy to find the Maron mystery--I don't often find a book I had planned on searching for.
Lyn--That is a ringing endorsement--just what I like to hear! :) As I already have about three mysteries started I might not choose another right at the moment, but the Maitland is at the top of my pile--Jerusalem Lane sounds like an interesting place--part of the reason I wanted this book! So glad you've enjoyed the series.
Pam--Lucky finds indeed! I had the Maitland on my wishlist, so I am happy to have found it--and a first book in the series, too.
Val--I loved the MM Kaye books--I read them all, too, and was thinking they would be fun to read again! I might start Decision at Delphi--I have it and a couple of other books sitting by my bed right now as I want to start one rather than being good and waiting. All the authors you mention are on my list as well and I'll add Macdonald Hastings to it, too! :)
Maxine--Yes, that is exactly the problem and it doesn't help that I am not a very fast reader and easily distracted by something new from the library. I don't mind a splurge like this as they were so inexpensive and the money goes to a good cause. The other nice thing--if I don't get on well with a book I can just recycle it back, too. I couldn't believe I saw a Peter Temple book just after hearing about him--as he was new to me. I think I wouldn't have picked up the book had you not mentioned it. And I'm curious about the Maitland--I like the sound of it, so we'll see how it goes!
Jenclair--I did get a little of everything. And the funny thing is I always think I will not find anything good! :)
Kathy--Phyllis Whitney must have started my love of mysteries and suspense! I have a lovely pile of books and feel very fortunate. And yes, lots and lots to keep me busy for a long time.
Anothercookiecrumbles--I have never read Peter Carey, but I had to snatch this one up when I spotted it. I'm so curious now about Coetzee, since so many readers have enjoyed this book!
Katherine--So glad to hear you enjoyed May Sinclair--I have never read her, but this story sounded really good!
Iliana--Well, I think I'll be reading Disgrace this summer for sure! :) And I have been serious binging on mysteries lately and I don't see a let up anytime soon.


What a fantastic pile of books! I do so wish we had more library sales over here. When we do, the books are in such horrid condition that you really don't want to take them home! You have all sorts of interesting sounding mysteries there - looking forward to hearing your recommendations.


What I meant to ask, wasn't very clear in asking I realise, if people also bring in books for these sales, because when my library has a sale all books have labels and in your great pile I see only two. Just curious:)


Litlove--Some of the books are in nasty condition, but I'm amazed at how many I find that are nearly new, too. It almost makes me feel guilty to get such a great deal on them. They always have a great selection of mysteries--obviously other readers are much better at recycling than I am!! :)


Catharina--Most of the books are donations--people who want to weed their own collections and give them to the library to resell and the library keeps the profits. They also do sell a lot of books that were previously in their collection so they have library stamps and call numbers and such on them. Those are the only ones with labels--otherwise they sell books for a set price depending on whether it is mass market, trade or hardcover. I prefer the books that are just gently used as the library discards can be sort of grimy sometimes. The couple I found were in reasonably good condition and I can just drop them back into the library return bins for them to sell again if I don't hold on to them. It's nice that most don't have those awful labels!


Hooray for library sales! Bold Spirit sounds particularly interesting. Read that one first! :)


Stefanie--Bold Spirit is my next NF book--already decided that. Which means I really do need to get going on the book I have underway. I am lucky to have such a great local library sale!

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