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Gosh! This sounds tempting. I may have to download it onto my Nook. I've never read Georgette Heyer, though I have been a life-long fan of Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney.

The Reluctant Widow is highly recommended, so I think I'll try it! Thanks!

Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)

Dorothy W.

I'm so glad I have a couple Heyers I haven't read on my shelves! She is a lot of fun and perfect light reading. I'm glad she wrote a lot!


I have read nothing by Georgette Heyer, but I've at the same time I've heard nothing but good about her. It reassures me that she's your 'go to' author, as I agreed to review one of her books in August. (Sadly, I can't remember right now exactly what the title is, but I'm still glad to know you enjoy her! Phew!)


Judith--I loved Phyllis Whitney when I was younger, too, though it's been ages since I've read any of her books. I do have a Victoria Holt on my reading pile. I think if you are a fan of those authors, Georgette Heyer will compare nicely. I've enjoyed all the books by her I've read, though of course have favorites. I like her more adventurous, more suspenseful stories very much, so this might be a really good place to start.
Dorothy--She is one of my favorite authors for unadulterated escapist reading. It is nice to have a few on hand and I have a few myself. I'm looking forward to getting into the two I mentioned.
Bellezza--A lot of people seem to have read her when they were younger, but I only discovered her in the last few years. There seems to be a resurgence of interest since Sourcebooks has reissued her books here. People who love her seem to really love her and return to favorite books again and again. I like her anyway! When I am feeling out of sorts and just need a nice read, I often will pick up one of her books. I'll watch for your review--I hope you enjoy your first experience reading her!


I really need to get Georgette Heyer a try...


Kailana--Do, she's very fun and there are loads of different sorts of stories to choose from! :)


I loved this one. I listened to it on audio & it was the perfect start to the day, listening for 20 mins or so on the way to work. I've only started reading Heyer in the last few years & I prefer her older heroines like Elinor. I'm too old myself to have much sympathy with her teenage heroines. I'm looking forward to Jennifer Kloester's biography later this year too.


I also think I never read her (maybe when I was very young but can't remember). I got the Devil's Cub that someone suggested but every time you ask someone they are likely to come up with another title. I guess there is something for every one. What about Eva Ibbotson? Could she be similar? I liked her novels quite a lot.


I'm not sure if I've read this one... or even if I own it but you've whetted my appetite, as you usually do with your Heyer reviews, so I'll have to check and read... or reread.


This sounds like good fun. I am curious though, do you ever find out what happened to the original girl who was supposed to marry Eustace? Did she get a nasty surprise and end up having to be a governess?


Sounds like a nice book for a summer in the countryside. Thanks for sharing


Lyn--This would be a fun one to listen to. I've only recently discovered her as well, and like you I prefer the slightly older heroines, though there is only one Heyer that I didn't get on well with. I've enjoyed all her books otherwise. I didn't realize there was a new bio of her out--I have read the one by Joan Aiken Hodge--she was a fascinating and formidable woman! She truly worked as a writer to support herself and Heyer's husband.
Caroline--I think everyone who likes Heyer will probably give you a different favorite book! My favorites are The Corinthian and A Civil Contract, but I've pretty much enjoyed all the books by her I've read. She wrote so many different books I think you probably can look for one that has a story that really appeals. As a matter of fact I did pull out an Eva Ibbotson book last week, though I really, really shouldn't start reading anything new until I finish a few more I have going at the moment!
Cath--I admit that a few of the Heyers I've read have gone fuzzy so I know that feeling of uncertainty whether you've read something or not. This is one I wouldn't mind saving for a reread!
Stefanie--You know I never did give that other girl another thought--it would be fun to know what happened to her--probably not as exciting as what Elinor went through, though you never know about the life of a governess! :)
Carolinareads--Yes, this would be a perfect vacation read. Something to sit on the porch with and a big glass of lemonade at your side! :)


I read a lot of Georgette Heyer in my teens, though I don't think I read The Reluctant Widow. It sounds like one I'd like, so will have to track it down. She is lots of fun, and definitely fills the bill when you want something light and amusing. I like her characters a lot.


Kathy--I've only just discovered her in the last few years and am glad as I enjoy a Heyer novel now and then. Her characters are almost always sparkling and witty. Probably a little formulaic but when you are in the right mood for a book of this type--you know what you're getting!


This is one of my favotire Heyer books, too. Glad you liked it. :)


I haven't read this one (and am now very tempted to get it) but I loved Bath Tangle and Sylvester. I find Heyer reliable and someone who'll often get me out of a reading slump when no one else can.


I haven't read a Heyer in a while but the ones I've read have just been so fun. I don't think I have this one but will have to look for it!


Tiina--I thought you might have read it--it is a fun book and one I will have to revisit sometime, so will be keeping it on hand.
Litlove--It's nice having a few unread Heyers--something to look forward to! When I am feeling out of sorts with the world, I very much enjoy visiting her world!
Iliana--I binged on Heyer for a while, but then I had a nice long break, so it was about time to pick up another book. Now I have a few more lined up and am looking forward to them.

Elaine Simpson-Long

I adore Heyer and have read and re-read all her books many times. This is one of my favourites. You will also love Sylvester - one of Heyer's rude, ill mannered but fascinanting heroes. I may just take a look at it myself.


Elaine--I have loved all the Heyer books I've read save one that didn't quite work for me, but I was happy to have read it anyway. I already am enjoying Sylvester though haven't had a good opportunity to get far into the story. I like her more sardonic men actually, they're sort of fun!


This is one of my favourite Heyers, it's one I regularly return to when I need a good comfort read.


Karoline--I think this is one I wouldn't mind rereading sometime in the future as well. Needless to say, all Heyer's novels will always have a place on my bookshelves!


I really need to read Heyer. This is the one book by her that I own. Sounds like a good one.

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