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Linda Gillard

Just popping in to say that Kindle have e-published UNTYING THE KNOT sooner than I expected and it's now available in the US -

and the UK -


Very interesting and thanks for sharing. I like her proposal of a new category called Rattling Good Yarns!


Linda--I've added links to make it easier for people to look the books up--thanks!
Kathleen--I like it, too. There was once a book catalog called The Common Reader and they would write up books--really good ones they called thumping good reads--another category I like! :)

Linda Gillard

Thanks for the new links, Danielle.

"Thumping good reads"? Now that I like!

Liz F

Just the sort of books I love to read! Now I really will have to get a Kindle if that is the only way I can get to read House of Secrets and Untying the Knot!
One thing occurs to me about writers who are non-genre finding difficulty in getting published - doesn't that mean that if Daphne du Maurier was a new writer now, she would never get into print? By my reckoning she wrote suspense, (Rebecca, My Cousin Rachel), time slip stories (The House on the Strand), family sagas (The Loving Spirit) straight historical novels (The King's General), historical suspense (Jamaica Inn), short stories (Don't Look Now, The Birds)...


Rattling Good Yarns, now that's quite the genre.
Thanks for this very informative post.

Linda Gillard

I'm sure you're right about du Maurier, Liz. On dark days I think of Daphne, take a deep breath and say to myself,"It's OK to write books that are different from each other, Linda. You're in good company." ;-)

DduM also hated being referred to as a "romantic novelist". She didn't see herself as a writer of romance at all.

There are no plans for HOUSE OF SILENCE or UNTYING THE KNOT to appear in print, so perhaps resign yourself to a Kindle purchase?... I'm actually yet to hear of anyone who thinks buying one was a mistake. Most owners seem to want to promote them with an almost religious zeal.

Margaret Powling

A lovely guest post, Linda. I agree with all you say, and Rattling Good Reads, or Thumping Good Yarns, to mix the two suggesitons, just about sums up what we all want.


Yes, many thank Linda! Good luck with the new book--hopefully once things settle down--weather turns nicer--things will pick up online again and people will be reaching for their books!

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