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Thanks for the tip on the e-books! I've never read any Heyer but have always thought it would be fun, so I picked out two, one detective novel and Sylvester. Perfect reading for my upcoming plane trip!


Rohan--I've yet to read any of her detective fiction, though I've enjoyed her Regencies--they are light and fun and should be entertaining and will hopefully pass the time quickly on a plane ride! And it's nice to get a good deal on a few ebooks, too.


I like that painting. I only recently found out that she also wrote mysteries which did surprise me.


I love Georgette Heyer! And it strikes me as so funny that in life she was fierce and grumpy, and in fiction, so witty and charming and delightful!


She looks great for someone who is 109! I wonder if she had botox? ;)


I had NO idea Heyer was born in 1902! A fascinating factotem. And, equally interesting, is that she still appeals to so many.

Thanks for the post!

Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)


I still haven't decided which ones I'm going to get but I better hurry right? Maybe tonight I should make some purchases :) I've got my eye on four in particular.


Caroline--I liked the painting too and decided I had to share it so I could spruce up my post. :) Georgette Heyer was certainly prolific. She actually wrote the mysteries with her husband, which I thought was interesting.
Litlove--She's quite the contradiction, isn't she? How does someone write such delightful romps when you know what her personal life was like! I love her books, too!
Stefanie--She was quite attractive, wasn't she? Not a single wrinkle--maybe it all due to lots of edifying cups of tea? :)
Judith--She lived through some interesting times! Imagine reading her books while bombs were dropping over London! And she has endured, which is more than can be said about so many other authors.
Iliana--I need to decide as well--I'd like to load a couple of books onto my Nook--was thinking I might even load one of my favorites so I could read it again and have it easy to carry around. I'll be curious to hear what you buy.

Liz F

I haven't read a Heyer for years although I recognise a few of the titles in your list and I am almost certain that Bath Tangle was one that I read!
Clearly I am going to have to rush out and acquire some asap!


Thanks for the eBook sale info
like Thorntons chocolate it was impossible to resist :0)

Dorothy W.

What a lovely picture that is! It puts me in just the right mood to read a Heyer :) I have at least one, perhaps two, on hand, so I'm in decent shape for when I next want some regency romance.


Liz--These Sourcebook editions are really nice--I have bought quite a few of them and even broke down and bought a couple of the ebooks! I need to get going on Bath Tangle--I am supposed to write about it this month still!
Val--I don't buy many books for my Nook--I try and load the freebies from Project Gutenberg or Girlebooks, but I can't pass up such a good sale. I don't think I have ever had Thornton's I am going to have to go look!
Dorothy--If you want one for your Nook, I think there is a free one on Girlebooks--her first that can also be downloaded. It is nice to have one or two of hers on hand--I find I do pick them up--lately more often than not.

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