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This sounds like a really good read. I admire Linda for finding a way to get her work published, and for me, a book that doesn't fit into one particular genre is a good thing! I'll ask my husband if I can put this one on his Kindle.


Kathy--Her previous three novels were published in book form but she had a harder time finding a publisher for this novel. She's done quite well selling an ebook version, however, so it seems to have worked out well. It's a great read and very inexpensively priced, too!


I got Star Gazing. I want to read that first but the genre blend is something I like as well. And of course the setting...


What a great review! Alas, I can't read this as I have no ereader.It's such a shame that publishers are so hooked up on genre conventions. I agree that the novels that try to do something a little different are often the most interesting ones.


I do think it's unfair that everyone keeps talking about how good it is, but I can't buy it for my Nook! :p

Linda Gillard

Thanks Danielle for the great review. :-)

I'm sorry it's not available for the Nook, Eva. (But see below.)

Litlove, you don't have to have an e-reader if you can bear to read on a screen. The Kindle app is free to download for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android & Blackberry.


This sounds like fun, mysterious and a little creepy but not quite straying into gothic. I can see how it is hard to fit into a genre. I think we need more genre defying books!

Linda Gillard

So do I, Stefanie! I mean, who chooses to eat a Margarita pizza? Give me Four Seasons any day. ;-)


How I long to read this book, it's just the sort I love! Alas, I don't have an e reader and am heavily involved in hurricane clean up at present.


I think the next best thing to a Kindle would be reading it on a Netbook--alas I don't have one of those either. Another solution would be seeing if your public library has Kindles to check out--I'm lucky as my library has Kindles and they will download whatever books (in reason cost-wise) a patron asks for. Am very spoiled!
Sherry--So glad you are okay after the hurricane--hope you didn't have much any damage and that your electricity is back up. You deserve a nice long rest after last weekend!

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