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Wasn't it a great novel? I really enjoyed it.


I had already fallen for the cover,the content sounds just as good. Just curious: how does this novel rank in this year's books for you?


What a great review! So glad that this is already on my TBR list, which doesn't need to get any longer.


Sassymonkey--Yes, it was a great story and Katey was a wonderful character. I'm glad it seems to be popular with readers.
Catharina--I love the cover, too. It has a great illustration. I think this is going to be in my top 10 books!


Cathy--I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did when you get to it. I think I may have to buy it when it comes out in paper!

Claire - The Captive Reader

Oh, I want to read this! I am sitting at #32 on the wait list at the library and thank goodness I'm going to be on vacation for most of September and distracted by my travels, otherwise I might go mad from the wait!


You make this sound exceptionally good. I need to put it on the wish list. I have read a few books which I didn't want to "leave" but it is very rare. It's great when you feeli like this about a book. This one sounds quite nostalgic. I'm a sucker for nostalgic stories about the end of an era.
I started Two Days in Aragon, btw. It's lovely so far.

Margaret Powling

This is on my Wish List, but I think it should now be moved up the list closer to the number one position! Yes, the cover alone would 'sell' the book to me! And if it makes your top ten books, then that would be a good enough recommendation for me!


Fabulous review. Good gosh, I can feel the excitement of the read come off the screen with your words. Just yesterday, I nabbed Captain John Emmett from the only library in our system that didn't have him on a long hold and here you are, tempting me with Katey, Eve, and Tinker.
Well done!


What a great review, Danielle! I'm so glad you posted about this because I keep looking at the fabulous cover in Barnes and Noble and wondering whether I should take it home with me. You've convinced me! I LOVE 30's era books and anything set in New York entertains me! I'll definitely be picking it up.


What a lovely review - I am definitely looking forward to reading this! Your review is really sparkling - your enjoyment of the book shines through!


I really liked Katey too, for the most part. I wasn't sure what to make of her at the beginning, but as the book wore on I really loved her wittiness.


I seem to have got myself into a queue of books at the moment, but I really DO want to get to this one soon, and your review is lovely, Danielle. Just makes me more impatient!


I'm so glad that you loved this book! I've been interested in reading it, but the more good reviews I read, the more urgent the acquisition of this book becomes.

Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)


Claire--How exciting to be traveling abroad and just think when you come home you'll have a lovely read waiting for you! There is a long line at my library for it as well.
Caroline--I loved Two Days in Aragon--looking forward to hearing what you make of it. I need to get back to Molly Keane's books, too! Rules of Civility is a very nostalgic read. Towles makes NYC sound so inviting--even with the Depression it sounds like such an interesting time to have lived.
Margaret--I do hope they keep the cover for the paperback as I think I need to own this one. It just resonated with me as I was reading. Quite nicely done really--one to look for! He wrapped the stories up well.
Penny--Two really good reads almost back to back! The stories are very different but I liked escaping into both of them. I hope you enjoy Captain John Emmett!
Rachel--You should treat yourself--what a nice book to take home with you since the story just exudes what I think NYC must be like (or been like in the 30s), and it has such a gorgeous cover, too. I think this might be different than the typical 30s story--not as domestic since the women are both single, but an interesting view on the single woman's life.
Courtney--Towards the end I was dragging it out as I didn't want to turn the last page! I like Towles' writing style--so perfect for the story he told!
Stephanie--I was also uncertain at the beginning--she is such a strong character really, yet had no luck in love it seemed. But the more I read the more I liked the story and Katey!
Litlove--Oh, I know all about that reading queue. I have one myself and then someone tempts me with another book and it just gets added to the list! I keep pulling books out to start reading and then talking myself into waiting 'just until I finish one book first'!
Judith--I've read a number of good reviews, too. I skimmed the NYT review (I was reading it at the time) and believe it was also favorable. Definitely this is one to look for.


This sounds like such fun! I've always dreamed of being a witty conversationalist but it never fails, I always think of what I should have said after I leave the party! But being readers we have the pleasure of living vicariously :)

nomadreader (Carrie)

This one sounds so good, and it's been on my radar forever. I need to make time to escape to that world!


Stefanie--Unfortunately that is me all over, too. Katey is smart and comfortable in her skin--as weird as that sounds. And she's very articulate. I live vicariously an awful lot, too. I wish I had noted some of her good comebacks!
Nomadreader--I think it may well be making the rounds in the blogosphere--I know a few other people who have read it or are reading it. I think it is even the author's first novel!


I just finished this last night and I really enjoyed it! Great review!


I'm absolutely going to read this after your description. I also envy people who have what seems like an effortless sense of self and confidence as they move through the world (I'm thinking of a friend right now) and wish for some of that myself.

Karen K.

Wow, this sounds so interesting! I've put myself on the library waiting list -- I'm number 44!! There must be a lot of well-deserved buzz about this book. I look forward to reading it.


Kailana--It seems to be quite popular now, which is nice to see as I enjoyed it so much, too.
Kathy--Katey was great. I'd love to have her sense of assurance. She was such an interesting character to read about--I loved being part of her world.
Karen--I was lucky to get in line early on and so got a copy right after it was processed. I think the library line at my public library is equally long. I think it got a good NYT review and lots of people have been talking about it too. Hope you enjoy it!

Liz F

Looks like I am going to have to be patient with this one at the moment as it is not in the county library's stocks anywhere so I will have to wait until next year when it goes into paperback.
Oh well, it's not as if I'm exactly short of things to read!


What I loved about this book (spoiler alert) is that from the beginning part, you assume that Tinker loses his fortune and that it's a bad thing. And at the end, you realized that embracing a simple life was actually a choice for him - and one that made him happy.


Meghan--It was a surprising story, but I liked the ending. I think some readers were disappointed that Tinker and Katey didn't end up together, but I liked how things were tied up. I think he was happier, too--certainly he looked younger when he didn't have any money than when he was living the high life! This is a story I think I could happily reread.

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