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I discovered the same workaround for British books that I couldn't get through TBD and am much happier now! I haven't had a problem getting them through ABE yet.

Carol Roberts

Thanks for the info. I am surprised to learn that Amazon now owns all three. I, too, have been unable to order certain British authors from TBD, and have had to wait until they're published in the U.S. Sometimes I am able to order them using one of Amazon's used book sellers located in Great Britain, but I will try using your methods and order through AbeBooks. Sounds like a monopoly to me!

Jan S.

Amazon is going to rule all of bookdom before long!
Isn't this cooler weather wonderful? My windows are open again!
Love, love the "Woman Reading" pic.


I think you are versatile when it comes to reading. I cannot read while moving, meaning me or something else (bus, car)...
I often buy the Reading Woman calendar, they are lovely, I like them a lot.
This is a picture I had in the past, it's beautiful with that goledn light.
Glad you are enjoying the Capote...
What ambitious needlework.

Liz F

What a lovely postcard - the golden light has a sort of early autumn glow about it!
I can't read when travelling in a car or bus either, although I'm fine on trains or planes!
I am really itching to get started on an embroidery or tapestry project myself after both you and dovegreyreader mentioned it but I would have to try and do it sitting at the dining table because if I sit in any other chair, one of the cats will instantly materialise to sit on my knee and as I'm sure you know working with any kind of wool or thread can be hazardous with felines involved!

Joan Kyler

You find the loveliest needlework to do! The Hawk Run Hollow pieces are gorgeous - and doesn't the name Hawk Run Hollow conjure up wonderful things?!

I'm like Liz F; if I want to work on some needlepoint, I have to hide in a room where my cats won't find me and 'help' me with the yarns.

I've been having the same reading problem you have. I have started nine books in the last month or so and although they're fine, interesting books, I just have not been able to sit down and finish one of them. I have high hopes for the cooler weather - which I hope will arrive soon!


Love the woman reading image! those designs look pretty involved and intricate. They will look really awesome when you finish them. Maybe the BD is just temporary and you will be able to get books direct again soon. Fingers crossed. Our weather here remains nice. So nice that I really can't complain about it. That's saying something!

Dorothy W.

I hope they work-around remains available and that they don't discover it and close it off! How annoying to be stopped from getting the books you used to get no problem. I'm glad to hear that your weather has moderated a bit, and I hope it the coming temperatures aren't too bad. It's been humid here and stormy, but not ridiculously hot, so I'm not complaining!


Wow-I responded to all your comments and the message is gone! I wonder if it wanted me to reproduce letters/numbers to make sure I am not a spammer, but the comment is not in the spam folder. It ate them up....


Forgive me if I am really brief this time--very annoying to have my comment eaten up.

Sarah--I'm happy to have found a resolution of sorts for this problem. I hated not being able to get new books from the UK!
Carol Roberts--It is very worrisome about Amazon. I'm disappointed, but I suppose as a business they are happy to buy out the competition. I'm trying to be selective, but I am glad there is still an option or two for ordering from the UK.
Jan S.--The choices for book ordering are fewer it seems! It does feel good to open the windows at night. We still have a few warm days ahead but I think the worst is over!
Caroline--I do most of my reading while doing something else it seems--riding the bus or at the gym. I don't get in as much reading time at home lately as I want, but probably everyone feels that way? I love The Reading Woman calendar--I get it every year and I think the postcards I have might well be the illustrations from it.
Liz--It does feel a little autumn like--very nice! I am in the mood to do needlework, too. I have to be careful as if I set out my supplies the cats inevitably will come and plop down on top of them. They, of course, think my stuff is really their stuff and whatever do I think I am doing with it!
Joan Kyler--I used to do quite a lot of stash buying, but now I have so much I don't really need to buy more these days. I love the Hawk Run pieces--there are a series of charts and they are all lovely. I would love to finish at least one of them someday! I'm enjoying the books I am reading, but I am still feeling restless and having a hard time sitting still with them. I think I am going to enter another new reading phase...
Stefanie--The designs are actually all just plain cross stitch--but there is a Lot of it. The pieces of linen are huge and a small count--tiny stitches. Maybe someday I will finish one? I guess if I can get BD books via ABE I am happy--it's just a strange work around. They'll sell to me, but not directly? Yes, keep the nice weather coming. We are still having hot days, but cooler evenings.
Dorothy--I am trying to be good about not buying books--that is my one (almost) credit card expense and I am so close to paying it off--I need to resist more. Glad your weather is better, too. I am not ready for the cold, but more moderate temps--and No humidity would be perfect!


I was wondering what had happened about TBD and whether you could still get books okay - clearly not! I'm as guilty as anyone of overusing amazon because of their prices, but this sort of thing reminds me how dangerous it will be when they have market domination (and it can't be far away). I'm very glad you found a way to get your shipping reduced, though, and wish I could find a good deal for American books!


Litlove--Here I am complaining and you don't get the same sort of reciprocal deal, do you?! I still use Amazon loads, too. It's a love hate relationship. If only I could stick with the books I already own...I have found a work around for TBD. Huge sigh of relief!

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