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What treasures she will have found there you think? It has my imagination running away with me.
Lovely painting.


Catharina-I've always liked this painting. I, too, wonder just what she's finding in her trunk and who those letters are from and what they say! :) It is quite nice, I agree.


Isn't there a Judith Lennox novel with letters in a trunk?
I like the painting a lot as well.

Margaret Powling

What a beautiful painting, such a fine composition, and so emotive ... we wonder what she has found? An collection of old love letters or simply shopping lists left by the previous generation?

Amanda R.



What a lovely picture!


I love old paitings


Beautiful painting! I have a coffe table size book of paintings of women reading and love to browse through it; so relaxing and they all look peaceful and/or happy! I think the title is Women who Read, but can't check because the book is in Toronto and we are at the cottage, still in summer mode and doing lots of reading.


Portraits of women reading are so appealing...I wonder why men just wouldn't cut it with me somehow? Surely the yards of silk must have something to do with it.


So beautiful! All those rich colors.


The Law and the Lady is one of my fave Wilkies too! :D


Caroline--There might indeed be one--I've so far read only one of JL's books (and liked it very much)--this would be a fitting cover illustration for it!
Margaret--It is nicely composed--a nice Victorian painting. Let's hope she's looking at love letters--so much nicer than old shopping lists! :)
Amanda R.--She is!
Litlove--Isn't it nice--It's a postcard and I think I'll pin it to my bulletin board now.
Carolinareads--I do as well--I didn't realize there were so many paintings of reading women!
Cathy--I'd love to have that book! I have seen some online but would want to flip through it first. I do have a lovely book of reproductions of women needleworkers--I'm not sure if I ever shared it here. I bought it at a local museum and keep it near my bed. My favorite next to reading portraits. It's still summer and now quite nice--hope you're enjoying your cottage vacation.
Darlene--Yes, aren't they nice? You don't often see paintings of men reading, do you? Just not quite as elegant I think. :) (No doubt the silk helps!).
Stefanie--Don't the colors make you think of fall and crisp clear days? She's all cozy inside her room!
Eva--The Law and the Lady is a Keeper--one book I will surely reread someday.


Love the painting, and I haven't read that Wilkie Collins book yet. I loved The Moonstone and am currently starting The Woman in White.


Kathy--It's a fun story as are all (pretty much anyway) of Wilkie's books! I loved The Moonstone, too, but I think The Woman in White rivals Armdadale as my favorite. Maybe I'll choose one of his books for Carl's Rip challenge.... :)

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