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Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy this as much. I guess you are right, with over fifty boks there will be the one or the other that isn't as good.


It always interests me that Heyer in the flesh was a real dragon lady, very fierce, very grumpy. Usually her stories are surprisingly light and cheerful, but perhaps she was having a bad few weeks when she wrote this one! The biography I read of her (the one you have too) also stated that some of her books were better than others, and it was the characterisation that failed in those instances.


I didn't realize Ms. Heyer had written so many books. I don't think I've read Bath Tangle, and haven't read anything by her for quite some time. I do like her books, though, and might have to slip one in for a comfort read soon. Sorry this one wasn't as enjoyable as hoped--that's disappointing when there is so much out there to read!


I'd say you and Heyer have a pretty good record if this is the only one of her books so far you haven't enjoyed very much!


Caroline--She was certainly prolific! Maybe I was just in a grouchy mood while reading and didn't have much of a sense of humor? This one just didn't really click with me unfortunately.
Litlove--It started out very light and amusing, but those personalities just started grating on me and they never really changed. Maybe someday I'll read it again and have a better experience, but I have loads of books still to explore and I am sure I'll find another one that is more entertaining for me.
Kathy--She is one of my dependable authors who I know will be a light easy and entertaining read. You never know what you're going to get until you're well into the story. There were still some good points about it--but most of the other books I've read just seemed a little better in their characterization. Oh well.
Stefanie--I have had a very good run with Georgette Heyer--it was bound to happen that one wouldn't be quite what I was in the mood for. This won't put me off to try another one in any case.

Dorothy W.

I can see how Heyer's characters might cross the line between amusing and annoying. It's probably not easy to stay on the right side of that line! It's great that she usually gets it right, though.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts! With so many Georgette Heyer books it's nice to know which ones to save for later. I've had it happen before where characters were just not as appealing as I wanted them to be. At least there are many others to choose from.


Dorothy--They do sometimes walk a fine line I must admit. I am usually pretty forgiving with flaws in books, but this one just grated on me. Most of the time Heyer's sillier characters are just amusing, but well this time not so much!
Rebecca--Lots of people loved this, but it just didn't quite work for me. There are loads to choose from but it is nice hearing a few different opinions before deciding. I think I'll take a little break before picking up another, but I do look forward to reading more.

Desperate Reader

This isn't one of my favourites either, it's entertaining enough, but just not as good as her best books. Not to worry, many more good ones to come.


Desperate Reader--I'm glad I'm not alone--there were things I liked about it but she has some really wonderful books that it sort of paled. I do have loads of other books to explore and I'm looking forward to them!

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