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Oh now I've just got to reread's a hard life isn't it


This sounds lovely. Atmosphere, setting. I know what you mean about liking books written half a century ago. They make you long for another time, less complicated, slower...


I completely agree with you that timing is all for so many books, and I also love novels from the mid-twentieth century. The pace is delicious, plenty of room for lots of character development. The speed of film and television is wrecking contemporary narrative, because authors are told that readers can't concentrate unless force fed action-packed events. Wrong! It's getting inside people's heads and watching them in interaction that's really fascinating.


I loved this one - I've just finished one set in the South of France, *Madam, Will you Talk*, which was equally enjoyable. I keep thinking that there's no way I would have the ability to remained daintily fresh in a pastel frock in a hot Mediterranean climate where a decent bathroom seems hard to come by and the heroine only travels - for days at a time - with a tiny handbag to hold her compact and cigarettes!


I have my first Mary Stewart novel sitting on the desk next to me calling my name! I must confess I have high expectations for it.


This sounds like it was fun. And what a great setting too. I see I will have to give Stewart a try one of these days.


I think the setting is what intrigues me most about this one. I will definitely add this to my list!


This is one of my favorite Mary Stewart books, and I had the great fortune of being able to reread it while visiting Greece a few years ago. In fact, it was reading Mary Stewart books set in Greece that first ignited my interest in visiting that country.

(The Ivy Tree is one of my least favorite of her books, by the way. I'm glad you gave her another try--she is one of my favorite authors.)


Val--That's the sort of hard life I like to have, too! :)
Caroline--I hate to think how often I am wishing for a slower time--there's no going back now, but I love reading books set in that era!
Litlove--I think you're right. I don't mind a little action, but I like getting into the heads of characters and taking time to unroll the story. I like a suspenseful story that takes time to build--that's almost more effective. The contemporary world moves a little too quickly for me sometimes and I wish it could slow down.
Bibliolathas--I'll have to check that one out! I had to laugh at your comment as one of the most climactic scene in my book which included a cave and a chase up the mountainside was accomplished by the heroine in a dress! She also was a smoker, but then I think at that time most people were!
Marg--Which one are you starting with? I'm looking forward to reading more of her work. I'm tempted to start another, but I am trying to finish a few other books first.
Stefanie--I bet you'll even be able to find her in your local library. It seems she is experiencing something of a revival--or maybe it just seems that way to me.
Kathleen--I loved the setting--and now I wish I could go to Greece. I like that most of her books have exotic settings-which makes them very tempting.
Kathy--Did you get to go to Delphi? I don't think I've read many books set in Greece, but I have always thought I would enjoy traveling there. Maybe someday. I think she has at least one other book set there. Maybe I'll give The Ivy Tree another try sometime, but as she has so many other books I think I'll have plenty of others to choose from first.


I am going to be starting with Nine Coaches Waiting!


I guessed you would like this one and happy I was right:)


I did get to go to Delphi, and I was the Charioteer in the museum there. Amazing!


Marg--I have that one, too. I have heard it is good!
Catharina--I did--so glad I finally picked it up and may join you in reading more!
Kathy--How cool. I looked up some places she writes about so I could look at pictures at least. Someday I would love to go there, too!

Liz F

Nine Coaches Waiting is one of my favourites, and I fear that I am going to have to find it because all this talk of Mary Stewart makes me desperate to re-read her!


Liz--I have a copy of it--and I just saw it the other day when I was looking for something else! I'm so tempted to go and pick out another of her books and start it this weekend. Will try and talk myself out of it, but that usually doesn't work... :)


Romantic suspense from this time is some of my favorite comfort reading. I just started rereading The Moonspinners (also set in Greece). The exotic settings are half the fun!


Rebecca--I like these sorts of stories as well and could easily pick up another right now! I have The Moonspinners as well on my pile to read sometime soon I hope. The settings are half the fun, you're right. Nice escapism!

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