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Margaret @ BooksPlease

I love this book too, for its beautiful poetic descriptions, the way it looks back with nostalgia and forward with optimism - a truly memorable novel.


This sounds so lovely. I absolutely want to read this one as well. I'm a sucker for melancholic books and combined with hopeful is a nice change.


Straight onto the wish list this one goes. I'd been meaning to put it there anyway. I do love this kind of book.


That Teaser is intriguing Danielle ..I'm not sure how I'd take this book as I'd be pulled both ways I think? It makes me think of My Grandparents and parents life, One Set of Grandparents had "live in help" but not servants and my other Grandmother was a servant in a household for 7 years (before the first WW) and it was not a happy experience..change can evoke such a mixture of feelings can't it.

(well your teaser really got me


I have this sitting on a pile, wondering now why I have not yet picked it up and read it. Thank you, and glad to hear you are out of your rut. It happens sometimes to me and then, poof, it is gone.


Best endorsement for a book ever. I've added it to my TBR list :)


That is one of absolute top favourites - quite marvellous.

Karen K.

I have no business getting any more books, but this is going on my Christmas wish list (or if I win any giveaways, this will be my first choice!) I loved Good Evening, Mrs. Craven so I'd love to read more of her books. This one seems to get raves from everyone!


Margaret--That's it exactly. It's so beautifully written. I wonder what people thought when it fist came out? I've enjoyed revisiting it!
Caroline--I think you'd like this one as well and it should be fairly easy to get ahold of--it is still in print. She also wrote a column during the war for The New Yorker and I've meant to get around to reading those too.
Litlove--It is beautifully done and as Margaret says very nostalgic yet forward looking too! Definitely worth looking for!
Val--I know what you mean. The Marshalls do lament not having their parlor maids and cook, but Laura rolls up her sleeves and dives into the work. I think she realizes that the world is changing and the days of live in help are over with. Now Laura's mother is a complete Edwardian still and probably will never change! It's very well done really and interesting--you might give it a try if you have an interest. I would have hated to be a servant--have you ever watched Upstairs/Downstairs--very good even though it isn't filmed as prettily as Downton Abbey. I am going to be watching the last four episodes this weekend--interesting too. I love reading about that era, but would hated to have lived in it. You might also be interested in Mrs Woolf and the Servants if you've not yet read it--also very eye opening!
Penny--I'm very much enjoying my books this month and only wish I had a bit more reading time! Glad to hear you have this one on your pile--and hope you enjoy it when you get to it!
Stefanie--This is one I am happy to recommend to people--especially if they have an interest in the period!
Cornflower--It is a really lovely story and one that is so nice to revisit!
Karen--Definitely sneak this one on to your wishlist. It's in paperback and would make the best gift! :) I've read both her collection of short stories and one of her earlier novels--all great stuff. If you liked Good Evening, I think you'll love this one!

Liz F

I really, really love this book!
I read it after Dovegreyreader did a post on it and fell utterly under its spell so much so that it went straight into my top ten books of all time and I had to buy my own copy (I had read a library copy).
I love her short stories too and did find a book version of her New Yorker columns at the library but didn't manage to read much of it before it had to go back!


Liz--I don't think I've heard of anyone not liking it, and it seems to be one of those books that you read thanks to word of mouth. I think I must have originally heard of it in one of my reading groups. I loved the stories as well--she is someone I would happily go back and reread. My library owns the collection of columns, but I have not yet checked it out--I'd love to read it sometime, too. I have a feeling I will need a chunk of time or will also end up returning it half read!

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