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I just alphabetized my books this weekend. I thought it would be a quick hour or so, but it ended up taking me most of Sunday. Coincidentally, I stumbled across a Muriel Sparks book that I am reading now! (Mandelbaum Gate)


How annoying to have to hunt for a book like that... I liked Gilrs of Slender Means a lot btw.
I also got The Amateur Wedding.
This is one of the pictures I alos had in a calendar. It's very nice.


A short cardio workout! Lol! Funnily enough I've been wanting to read a Muriel Spark lately, although I do know where they are on the bookshelf. In my case it's a whole pair of trousers that's gone missing. What can I possibly have done with them? I can also see myself caving in and buying the Jojo Moyes book very soon, too....


I'm glad to hear you are enjoying THe Last Letter From Your Lover. Sorry to hear about the location issues. I hate it when I cannot find a book. It happens to me a lot lately with thesis related books and makes me wish I had a better system of book organisation.


Amanda--It always takes longer to organize books, it seems, than you expect. I tend to stop and look at everything and end up with a pile of more books I want to read now! I was thinking how much easier it would be if I could alphabetize my books, but it's a matter of where to set them!--They are in two deep on my shelves and piles on the floor....I'm not at all familiar with that Spark novel--must look it up!
Caroline--The pictures come from a book of postcards which is put out by Pomegranate press, so I am sure they recycle the illustrations! I've heard The Girls of Slender Means is good--and also set post-WWII, which is what I seem to be in the mood for at the moment. And I have yet to read Anne Tyler--I really, really need to rectify that as I have a number of her books.
Litlove--I always seem to be shlepping books around so it often seems like a workout! :) Now misplacing a whole pair of trousers is a feat indeed. I wonder if they are wherever that missing sock goes when you unload clothes from the dryer and you are one off! I really enjoyed the Moyes book--very pleasantly surprised--it was a nice book to read actually so I must seek out her other works.
Iris--I was a little unsure of the Moyes but it wasn't just a simple romance, though it had nice elements of that, too. I finished last night and now it has been returned to the library--only three days late! :) I can only imagine how many books you have to keep track of for your thesis! I also need a better system--my book room is a terrible mess but I know if I decide to go clean it will be an all afternoon affair. More space would be nice!


I now wonder if there is a whole unknown to me world out there where missing socks do live. I have five pairs incomplete (that must be a contradictio in terminis)at the moment and it never ceases to amaze me. Beautiful painting once again!
And not related to this post: I brought Tim O'Brien July,July home from the library, the one you wrote about not being available alas.


"Some might call it a sickness, but I prefer to think of it as an intellectual hobby with the added benefit of a short cardio workout."

Oh Danielle, I am going to be giggling over this all day! I had one of those workouts last weekend and I must say I like those kind much better than the gym kind!


Putting in a vote for Anne Tyler's Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant. I also liked A Patchwork Planet and Saint Maybe a lot.


I know we share an interest in epistolary novels, and, so, you know how quickly I added the Moyes novel to my TBR list...even if it's not written in letters alone, I'm still keen on the idea: thanks!


Catharina--I still haven't found that book, but I'm afraid to spend too much time looking as it is a great way to waste an entire afternoon! My library has it so I brought their copy home! Too bad you weren't able to get ahold of The Things They Carried--I really loved it, but I am also curious to hear more about his other books. Do let me know what you think of July, July. It seems like it's been a while since he wrote anything new.
Stefanie--Yes, workouts that include books are definitely the best kinds! There's nothing like moving stacks of books and finding everything you don't need except the one you want--I still ended up dragging yet more books with me upstairs...that bedside pile is constantly growing.
AJ--I have yet to read Anne Tyler. It is a gaping hole in my reading history and I need to fix it. I have Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant and had it in hand not too long ago--I just need to start reading and let it jump the queue. I seem to collect her books (I think I have Saint Maybe too)...
BuriedinPrint--I do love epistolary novels. I really liked the Moyes book--it has letters in it, but it's mostly plain storytelling. However I'm generally a sucker for anything having to do with letters!

Rebecca H.

What a great picture! Many of my books are alphabetized, which helps a lot, and the rest are organized by genre and are in pretty small groups, so it's not too hard for me to find what I'm looking for. My TBR books are growing and growing, though, and they aren't alphabetized, so that might become a problem soon ... :)


I am so glad you are enjoying Last Letter from my Lover! I read it earlier this year and although I don't tend to like to read about infidelity this was a book that I just loved!

Liz F

Lovely picture - I really must see if I can get hold of the Reading Women calendar this year as it has always appealed to me!
I have been on the hunt for some books that I know I have but can't lay my hands on, but I fear that means they are probably in one of the boxes in the attic and if I start bringing those down then I am definitely in trouble spacewise!


We share the same "intellectual hobby" and it too drives me crazy when I own a book and can't find it!


Rebecca--I was thinking how nice it would be to alphabetize my books but as they are literally scattered in piles on the floor and two deep on my bookshelves...I can never find anything.
Marg--I don't really like reading about it either. I found myself being more annoyed at Ellie, however, than Jennifer and Anthony. How weird is that? But I liked this a lot!
Liz--I buy it every year and should really be on the look out for next years as they do sell out! Is it really almost October? Eek. Ugh--lost books. I was just reading about another author who I know I own but I haven't a clue where the books are and am afraid to start digging for them!
Kathleen--I know I need to weed my books so that I can actually get to them, but I can't bring myself to deciding which ones need to go!

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