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Very pretty painting, and reading in the garden is awesome! So is reading in the living room, the bath tub, the front porch, etc. Hope your weather holds for the weekend so you get the chance the read in the garden.


Kathy--It's finally nice enough again that I can actually sit on the porch and read without melting! I hope your weather cooperates, too! Is it always humid there?


I could grow very attached to finding lovely paintings like this:)Hope your weather keeps up for the weekend, we are promised some autumn sun after a spell of rainy days, probably some reading outside too over here.


Such vibrant colors. Reading in a garden is lovely.
I think this is one I haven't seen yet.


Who is the author?


Very pretty. The weekend is almost here and you can be the woman who is reading :)


Catharina--Isn't this nice? It would be great to have a nice oversize coffee table book with these sorts of illustrations! I think we are going to have a pleasant weekend--I decided to make it an extended weekend and will be taking Monday off from work--hopefully will get in extra reading time!
Caroline--I hadn't seen it either. I love the bright colors, too.
Izbela--I am also curious to know who painted it. Unfortunately it was only listed as 'English School'.
Stefanie--Yay for the weekend. I would love to sit out on the porch and read--it is finally nice enough to do so. Alas my garden consisted of containers with flowers that have long since died out. Poor things with me as their gardener--they didn't stand a chance.

Dorothy W.

How nice of you to help your niece! But now the weekend is here, and I hope you are getting some good reading time in.


It is, indeed, a very lovely painting and you are so sweet to keep your readers posted from abroad. Thank you.


Dorothy--She's usually fine once she gets the hang of whatever she's doing, but I think she just needs a little extra help and a push. It does cut down evening time, but I rarely get to read in the evening in any case.
Penny--I like this one, too. It has such a nice energy!


I am using this painting as a reference point for a painting I'm doing. Was it a work in progress in an English art class in 1920? Do you know the painter?


I have a postcard of this work--isn't it lovely? The only information given is: English School, twentieth century, "Woman Reading in Garden", 1920, oil on canvas, Gavin Graham Gallery, London. A bit sketchy, but I hope that might help in your work!

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