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I'm pretty sure I've read some Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine, but it's been a long time. Your description sounds very intriguing, so may have to add her to my ever-growing list. So many books, so little time.

My library FINALLY got some Susanna Kearsley books, and I've just started The Winter Sea. :) Yay!

Amanda R

This is an author i've wanted to read for a while but i cannot choose a title. What do you recommend i start with?


Kathy--Ruth Rendell has been writing for quite a while so I am sure you have come across her and read her before. She's wonderful! She is an author I can return to again and again. I hope you enjoy the Kearsley! I've read a couple of her books and think that is my favorite so far. I have her newest to read soon, too! Yes, I'm also spoiled for choice and need more reading time!
Amanda--You have such a treat in store if you are just picking up her books--anything would be good, but I think my favorites are: Asta's Book (also called Anna's Book), A Dark Adapted Eye, A Fatal Inversion, and A Judgement in Stone. Those are all excellent--maybe A Dark Adapted Eye is my very favorite but I've enjoyed all the books I've read by her. I have just started the first Wexford novel, too! I do hope you'll get a chance to pick up one of her books soon!


Oh this sounds excellent! Ruth Rendell really appeals at the moment - something about the combination of autumn and psychological crime. I may have to go and see if I can find a cheap copy of this online - thank you for the lovely review, Danielle!


Good review. You can't go wrong with Ruth Rendell! Just finished Tigerlily's Orchids, marvellous!


Oh, this sounds really good, sort of creepy and seasonal and page turning but not the kind of book to keep you up at night. Well maybe keep you up reading but not keep you up with nightmares. :)


Your great review certainly puts me in the mood to start one of her books. It sounds like another really good one.
Tigerlill'y s Orchids is one I was thinking of reading as well.


Litlove--It's strange how certain books appeal more at certain times of the year, but I've been picking up more books like this lately as well. I have a feeling you should find lots of cheap copies of this as it is an earlier book. I hope you enjoy it when you get to it!
Tracey--I have Tigerlily's Orchids on my wishlist--I'll wait til it comes out in paper to buy. I'm happy reading any of her books but am always glad to hear this is a good one!
Stefanie--This was sort of creepy actually--this first few pages were really great to pull a reader in--I almost was going to share a bit, but I hate ruining a reading experience for someone else. Creepy, but you're right, not really nightmare material.
Caroline--I think you would like this as well. It reminded me a bit stylewise of A Judgement in Stone, which I think you also read? I'm also planning on getting her newest couple, too!

Liz F

I read a lot of RuthRendell/Barbara Vine books at one time but I haven't read any for years.
I do remember reading A Demon In My View and finding it very creepy.


I'm a fan of Ruth Rendell (and Barbara Vine), but I haven't read this one, and it sounds good. Many of her books have creeped me out and fascinated me at the same time.

Jan S.

She writes some great psychological fiction. Kind of twisted, but I love her books! I am reading only suspenseful fiction this month & am currently becoming more aquainted with Jack the Ripper. Perfect for a rainy day like today.


Liz--I read quite a few, too, (almost all the Vines)some years ago, though I do still pick up her books now and again. I've been thinking lately that I need to read her entire output so am slowly making my way through her books. Of course it's about time I reread those first books I read as now I have forgotten so many of them. This one is very creepy--she always has a good twist at the end, too!
Jenclair--I think she is my favorite mystery/suspense writer. Her stories are interesting--I like the psychological aspect of them, which she is famous for, but she also just writes a really good story and often very creepy/eerie!
Jan--Yes on both counts! :) Her characters often are very twisted--but sometimes they are also strangely sympathetic, too. I've read a number of suspenseful books this month, too--I guess I really am in the mood for it! Which book on Jack the Ripper are you reading? The SJ Bolton novel I just read a few weeks ago is about a modern killer who is a copycat of Jack--it was good and suspenseful, too.

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