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Cath @ Constance Reader

Death on the Nile is my favorite, too, but I have heard a lot of praise for this book and think I might just have to give it a go. I'm not generally a reader of mysteries--the suspense either is too much for me or leaves a lot to be desired, but I appreciate how Christie manages to pace her stories to avoid both of those extremes.

Great review!


Cath--I love mysteries and suspense stories, but I somehow managed to not read hardly anything by Agatha Christie until in the last few years. She is always clever in how she works her mysteries. Sometimes the solution is a little bit of a stretch, but they always seem to work. Sometimes I can figure them out (at least the culprit if not how they did it) and sometimes not. I'd love to see one of the film adaptations of this.

Jan S.

And Then There Were None was the first mystery that I ever read. I remember thinking that it was great, and expected all mysteries to be equally as good!


I read a lot of Christie when I was in high school, but at some point I lost interest in her books. I think I just found other crime writers I like better and decided locked-room cozies aren't for me. I do have fond memories of this book and still consider it her best. My high school actually put on the play of this (written by Christie herself) by senior year. I got to play Dr Armstrong, since we didn't have enough boys and rewrote a couple of parts for girls. It was a really fun part to play and is among my best high school memories.


Now, I just have to read this. Would you believe a movie version was just on today on one of our PBS stations? An oldie in black and white, it kept my attention and I'll be interested in whether or not the movie held true to the book.

I love Agatha Christie and don't know why I haven't read this. Thanks you.


Oh how I wish I still had all Agatha Christie's books to read for the first time! I loved her as a young teenager and I love her still. Every scene has something interesting in it, something that makes the reader think, and yet it happens all so naturally and easily and with a lot of humour, too. I think people underestimate her because she makes it all look so easy. So glad you enjoyed this one (and Death on the Nile is fab).


I loved this one so much when I read it. She is one of the authors my mother was very fond of, so I read at least ten of her books at a very young age. 16 or younger. That would almost make a first reading after so many years. I still got a few though that I haven't read.

Kathy Johnson

I read this as a teenager, and it's never been one of my favorites...I suspect that I would like it better now as an adult, so I'll have to dig it out of the collection and reread it soon. Nothing like an Agatha Christie on a crisp fall day--or a chilly winter one! She'll always be one of my favorite authors. I'm excited for you that you get to explore her books for the first time!


This is one of my all time favorite novels - one of the best written by Agatha Christie


Jan--This one would set the bar high for mysteries. Christie had a real knack for twisty stories that don't seem to have an obvious explanation. But she always cleverly explains them!
Teresa--I think it would be easy to OD on her books. There are so many. They can be formulaic--not that that is a bad thing at all, but it's probably good to spread them out. I've read so few I don't have many to compare it with, but it does seem a favorite. How cool that your class put it on as a play--that would have been fun. This would be a good story to see adapted to stage or screen!
Penny--Lucky you--I really want to see a movie of this now and wonder if Netflix will have it. I wonder how it would compare to the book! It sounds like this is one of her best books and one to move to the top of the pile--I'm glad I picked it up.
Litlove--She does make it look really easy--that is what always amazes me. She's managed to pull off the story each time! I think I am lucky to have so many of her books to explore now. I like to space them out a bit, but she is a perfect turn to author when I need something entertaining yet just a little challenging, too!
Caroline--How did I miss her as a child? I don't recall any of her books in my house growing up. I think I didn't read any of her books until I was in my 20s! That's cool your mom liked and read her, too. Do you still have her books? I have been collecting them--buying used copies at my library sales as they always have a selection of her books on offer.
Kathy--I liked this, but I think I didn't necessarily love it because, and this is awful, I looked at the last page and while I didn't get the ending exactly I was tipped off a little to the story's twist. Bad of me, but it was really just an accident as I wanted to see how many pages the book had--oops! I think I need to read a Miss Marple next or a Tommy and Tuppence. May add one to my holiday reading list....
Vipula--I picked a good one I see! I have heard from a number of other readers that this is a favorite. I'd love to see a movie adaptation of this--it was nicely suspenseful!


Danielle, it is the 1945 version of the book and I think you will enjoy it. While I'm sure liberties were taken, I think it holds true to the storyline and spirit of the book and is fun to watch. It all seemed so familiar and then I realized the book was originally Then LIttle Indians.

Simon T

This is my favourite Christie novel, of the 15 or so that I've read - such a simple, brilliant idea, and so impossible to fathom!


Penny--I used to not like B&W films much, but they have grown on me. Now I quite enjoy them. I will see if Netflix has it--maybe it is one they stream, so I can watch it over the weekend, though maybe that is asking too much?! I knew they had rennamed the story--I think it even had a different name before the one you mention.
Simon--She does simple well, actually. I've not read a lot of her books, but this is definitely a good one. I also really liked The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. How does she pull off these sorts of stories? They must have been shockers when they first came out!


I had a big clean out once and gave away a lot. It was needed, only I overdid it. I remember some old paperbacks, originals from the 60s with incredible covers, all gone.


I think I read virtually all of Christie in high school and though I have never reread her, she holds an enduring place in my heart for her clever plots and the great Poirot and Marple characters. I am particularly fond of the latter and love the filmed versions starring the remarkable Joan Hickson.


Caroline--That is exactly why I hate weeding my books. I know eventually I will want to read some obscure title that I bought years and years ago...if only I could find it on my shelves!! However, they do stack up and weeding is almost inevitable--unfortunately!
AJ--I have some authors like that--I've read their works, probably will never read them again, but they hold fond memories! I need to read a bio of Agatha Christie--she seems like she was such an interesting woman. And I think I like Miss Marple just a tad more than Poirot. I had planned on reading the Miss Marples in order, though I am only up to book #3! Strangely I have only seen a few of the movies, and I think they are Poirot films--with Peter Ustinov. Someday I need to watch more of those as well. I know there have been a number of actresses playing Miss Marple--I'll watch for Joan Hickson!


If you are a Netflix member, they have the David Suchet Poirot just added to streaming video -- he is just lovely in the role. Also -- the most recent incarnation of Dr. Who running on BBC America has an episode that features Fenella Woolgar (a great name or what?) as Agatha Christie in an episode called "The Unicorn and the Wasp". And for all you Persephone fans, she is also appearing in the upcoming film version of Cheerful Weather for the Wedding.


AJ--I have heard the David Suchet Poirots are good--I will add them to my queue--even better that those are the ones that stream. I am signed up for streaming videos, but never seem to watch those. I have never watched any Dr Who, but that show seems to have a cult following and I always think I must be missing out. I love the name Fenella Woolgar--I wonder if I have seen her in any movies. I had no idea that Cheerful Weather for the Wedding was being made into a movie--I have that book on my shelf--a reason to pull it out sooner than later to read.

Carl V.

I've only read a few of Christie's books, and those all within the last couple of years, but I find that I consistently enjoy them. And I also enjoy most of the film/tv adaptations of her work. She did a series of short stories featuring a character called Harley Quinn that I started listening to earlier this year and am going to take with me on a trip here in a few weeks. Can't wait to get back to them, they are quite fun.

And then there were none is one of my favorite plays (as Ten Little Indians). I've seen it performed live and it was so much fun.


Carl--I've only read a handful, too. While some I like a bit better than others I have enjoyed all the books by her that I've read and always look forward to the next. She is totally a comfort read for me. I don't think I've come across her Harley Quinn character, but I've only read a few of her Miss Marple stories--I'll be on the look out for them now. I would love to see this book performed--movie or play--I need to see if Netflix has it. Loads of her works have been adapted to film--she translates well to film, doesn't she?!

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