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This made me smile, appreciatively. Lisa Simpson has a more varied library of books than many people I know. How impressive that there is a Lisa Simpson Book Club.


Penny--This is probably a totally silly post, but I liked the idea when I saw the display in my library and had to borrow the idea like I did with Marilyn's personal library. It's sort of fun seeing what other famous people read (okay, even though Lisa is a character on TV!).


I've never watched a whole episode of the Simpsons (I'm allergic to the yellow and the drawings) but I think it was a fun idea for a post.
I would be tempted to compile the books Rory reads in The Gilmore Girls. On the other hand I seem to remember there is even a blog somewehre dedicated to that. She seems to be most well-read character in any series.
Some of Lisa Simpson's choices are suprising... I've read a few but not all of them.
Maybe I should include Gravity's Rainbow in next year's Literature and War readalong? No worries, it's far too long and I've read it in school.

Liz F

I'm trying not to feel inferior to a cartoon character because I haven't even heard of some of the books/magazines on the list never mind read them!
Clearly the reason that lists like this exist is because there are a lot of people out there with too much spare time and not enough to do with it!

Liz F

Excuse the ratty tone - I'm just envious of all that spare time as it is in very short supply for me at the moment!


Love the contrast of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and The Babysitter's Club!

Joan Kyler

I love Lisa because she reads widely diverse books and because she's a vegetarian and animal welfare advocate. I'd love to be her friend (except that I don't think I could stand her father and brother!)


I'm afraid I never watched any episode of the Simpsons and after reading that awfully impressive list - I managed a few - I surely must go and hide in shame...


Your library does such great displays! Besides being well read, Lisa also reminds us that it is perfectly fine to read books across the spectrum from Babysitters Club to The Bell Jar.

Kathy Johnson

Clever idea, a display of Lisa's books! She's more well-read than I am, I'm ashamed to say, though I have read quite a few of the things on her list.

Rebecca H.

What a fun list! It makes me miss watching The Simpsons, which I used to do all the time. I love Lisa Simpson.

Thomas at My Porch

Lisa's reading tastes are generally more serious than my own. This list is such a fun idea. I think one of my favorite literary references is when Lisa is quoting Pablo Neruda to Bart and he interrupts her and says in a rather annoyed, how dare you tone of voice "I'm familiar with the works of Pablo Neruda..."


What a great idea for a library display and I love it when people put lists like this together! I remember one that came out about the books featured on Mad Men (some of which have been reissued now and become bestsellers again). I'm going to show this to my son, who is a big Simpson's fan (I must have seen hundreds of episodes), and I think it's a very positive thing in our dumbing down culture that Lisa is well read, not to mention portrayed as a brainy girl. You wouldn't go far wrong to read the books she's been reading - that's a wonderful selection.


There are a lot of books I want to read on that list and haven't, so I guess I am not as well-read... I am happy that she reads, though. Hopefully it will inspire others to by watching it happen in a popular show.


Caroline--I could resist sharing since I keep looking at those books in my library every time I go out into the public area! I've not watched the show for years, but I liked it when I did--it has a very satirical and clever tone. I didn't realize there was something similar going on in The Gilmore Girls--I've not watched enough episodes to catch on. I like that characters on TV and in books like to read--I always wonder if it is a reflection of the writer's tastes, though or purely random. The Pynchon still scares me, though! Glad it won't be on the next list! :)
Liz--I know what you mean...and she is only eight! I've not even read most of the books on her list, but I bet we've both read loads more in any case. I'm with you on being envious of of that extra time that could be spent reading--I need more of it myself! :)
Jenclair--It's obvious Lisa also thinks variety is a good thing!
Joan Kyler--She does have a lot of good habits, doesn't she? I like her, too. And you have to wonder where she gets it from being in that family--maybe just a rebellious nature?
Catharina--I think you have no worries at all! I'm not sure if The Simpsons is just an American thing or if it has been shown other places. I wonder if some of the jokes and references would be list in translation, but it is an amusing show to watch on occasion. I've read too few of the books on her list, so I though it best not to mention which ones!
Stefanie--Indeed. It is nice to know she has her own comfort reads--like The Babysitters Club and can tackle more challenging books as well. She has the right idea! I'm not sure who comes up with all these interesting displays, but these sorts are always fun since they relate to something out in the non-library world--it's good when different worlds collide.
Kathy--I liked the idea, too. It's a nice way to showcase some unusual books and I am always surprised (though happily) when the books get checked out.
Rebecca--I'm not even sure if The Simpsons is even still on? I just don't watch much TV anymore, but I used to love this as well. Matt Groening is a very clever man, I think!
Thomas--That's great! And rather unexpected coming from Bart. I think she is also more serious than me, too, as the books I've read on her list are along the lines of Harry Potter and Jane Austen!
Litlove--Now that you mention it, we also had a display of Mad Men books--I didn't think of posting about it at the time, as I have never seen the show (though I hear it is good). Displays like this are always fun as they tie into something most of the students are familiar with so it is not only eye catching, amusing, but they also get to see books from the collection. It is nice that Lisa is brainy and articulate. I remember when the show first aired and everyone seemed to be watching it! Your son will have to check out the website as they have lots of screen shots from the show--I enjoyed clicking through them. I've not read as many of the books on her list as I should have, but I have quite a few on my reading pile. Someday I'll get to them!
Kailana--I always think I'm not well-read compared to other people, but that is such a relevant term, I try to avoid thinking that! I think you're very well read! It's always cool when books show up in other books or on TV. I often will be watching a show and if it is set in a house--automatically look for bookshelves. Too few of them seem to have them!

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