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I think I will make this one of my winter reads. It sounds great. I don't think I'll be experiencing storm and ice to go with but early dark nights and cold will do nicely as well.
A very nice review, Danielle.

Margaret @ BooksPlease

I was thinking about this book yesterday and wondering whether to get it - having read your post I have made my decision - I will get it!


I'm so glad you enjoyed this - your reaction is pretty much identical to mine. I did like the way it was written, so smooth, so easy to slip down, and gripping, too.


It's a super book, isn't it? I recently got the chance to hear Michelle talk about it and why she chose that setting, time period, etc., but even without that background it's a great read.


Oh fun! I will definitely keep my eye out for this one and save it for a dark winter's weekend.


OOOooo, I hate it when something I've seen/read makes me rush through the house like that: I feel like I'm twelve years old again, and wasn't there supposed to be an up-side to getting older instead of still being afraid of the dark *and* having to work for a living? (Well, should be glad I *can* still rush around, right?!) This sounds deliciously creepy.


Caroline--I'm envious you won't have any icy storms--I'm already dreading our upcoming winter--but best not to think of it until I have to! :) I think you will enjoy this one!
Margaret--I have only heard good things about this book so far and I really enjoyed it as well. It's one I can heartily recommend!
Litlove--It was definitely one of the best ghost stories I've read in a very long time. I think under the right circumstances it could be very spooky indeed, but reading it on bright sunny days does help mellow the scare factor a bit! :)
Cornflower--That would have been an excellent talk to listen to. I can see why this setting and era would have been appealing to her to use, but I would love to hear the background to the book. I know from the afterword that she has traveled there--very cool (no pun intended!) she has traveled there. It must be both beautiful and desolate at the same time. I'm very glad I finally got around to reading it!
Stefanie--It would be perfect for a cold Minnesota winter! :)
BuriedinPrint--I have an unfinished very creepy basement and often when I am home alone and need to do laundry and wait until it is dark, I inevitably think of a book like this or scary movie and start imagining someone hiding under those stairs! EEK! :) Now if my niece was here I could put on a good show--don't be afraid...that's silly, but alone....not so much. It is a creepy read--I really enjoyed it!

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