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Thank you so much for joining and this great list. Tis should/could inspire people. I've read most of theauthors and some like Keun are favourites.
Your list shows a nice diversity, classics, crime, modern. I'm very curious to see which ones you will read.


I look forward to hearing more about these. I will travel to Germany in June and would love to read some German literature before I go.


This is a very interesting list, as all the German novels I know date from about the 1940s backwards! So Effi Briest I've read (and enjoyed), and Goethe's Elective Affinites, which I loved the first time round and felt a tad lukeward about on the reread. And I've read Stefan Zweig, who's great. Other than that, all are new to me - you provide an excellent research service, Danielle!

Liz F

The only one I have read is The Murder Farm which I recall as being quite short but fascinating.
I have read a Stefan Zweig, but not the one on your list, and I like the look of quite a few of the others too - more for my list which gets longer by the day!

Jackie (Farm Lane Books)

This is a great list of books and I'm sure you'll enjoy them.
I'm half way through The Sinner at the moment and I'm loving it! I look forward to comparing notes with you.

Liz Paulk

I've (tried to) read "Love Virtually", but it was really bad. (Eye rolling bad.) Save your time and eyesight by reading something else.

(And I'm not trying to be mean or anything. I am sure the author is a lovely person. But the book is not good.)



Caroline--It's always fun looking through my books for something new to read. I had more choices than I thought I would have. I'll start with Effi and probably chose a crime novel and one other--hopefully slightly shorter books so I can squeeze more in! I'm looking forward to seeing which books others choose and I am sure my own list will grow even longer! I'd like to read the Keun as I have had it for a while now.
Kathleen--Lucky you! I would love to visit Germany--I was in the Munich train station for one evening but that's it! I have only traveled across on my way somewhere else. You'll have to go look at the other lists for more reading ideas!
Litlove--I wouldn't mind knowing more about contemporary German fiction--I'm sure I must see more than I think but I feel like I mostly read about German classics and maybe a little crime fiction only. It's a pity more foreign fiction isn't translated into English. It's too bad the Goethe didn't quite stand up to the first read, but that happens sometimes I guess. I've read a couple of Zweig's books and have been wanting to read more. I hope I can squeeze several of these in next month!
Liz--I bought the Murder Farm ages ago--not sure why I haven't yet read it since it is so short, but I know you know how that goes! If I read the Zweig that will be the third of his novels--I really do like his work!
Jackie--I do have a lot of really tempting books here. It'll be fun to start reading them finally. Quite a while I started Petra Hammesfahr's The Lie but didn't quite get on with it--I have heard The Sinner is much better and am glad to hear you are enjoying it as well. Perhaps I should start with that one!
Liz Paulk--Oh no! Perhaps it is the translation? Sometimes a story just loses something when it gets translated into another language. I had heard it was a good story but maybe in the original language it worked better?


What a fun idea! I haven't read any of those books but they do all look good. Hard to choose!


Stefanie--I know which book I'll start with, but how to choose amongst the rest? They all sound good...

Sigrun Hodne

- Daniel Glattauer is very 21'st cent., but he is good at it! Well worth reading.


Sigrun Hodne--Thanks--it's good to hear that. I know Caroline liked the book so I jotted the title down on her recommendation and bought it when I came across it this past summer. I'd like to give it a try and hope I might squeeze it in next month.

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