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Margaret @ BooksPlease

I've read and very much enjoyed her first three books, but have been wary of reading Now You See Me because I am very squeamish. Maybe I should give it a go, you make it sound so good.


Looks great, right up my alley! I'm going to check that one out...

Leeswammes (Judith)

I'm looking forward to reading this book, I won it in a giveaway - but books have been piling up recently and have not found the time to read it yet.

Don't worry about the snakes, it's a bit creepy, but nothing too bad.


Oh, this does sound like a page turner. My sister used to have a bit of a Jack the Ripper fascination so I will have to tell her about this one and maybe read it myself sometime.

Liz F

Admittedly it has been a while since I read Awakening but I don't recall that the snakes are particularly frightening.
I thought that it and Blood Harvest were very good so I must make a point of tracking this one down - not that I need any more books you understand, but still ...


Great review. I must give this a try. I quite liked her first novel, Sacrifice (good first three-quarters, poor last part) and very much liked Blood Sacrifice despite the gravestones on the cover.


Margaret--There are a few gruesome parts, but I think you could easily skim them and not miss anything. I don't like anything too violent or bloody either. Since it is about Jack the Ripper I was expected a little detail like that but otherwise it was a good suspenseful story.
Smithereens--I hope you enjoy it-it is certainly a page turner!
Leeswammes (Judith)--I know how that goes. I got my copy earlier in the summer but only just now had a chance to really get into it. I like this sort of story at this time of year anyway! I expect creepy--just don't want to know too much about snakes...or have them do anything really icky!
Stefanie--If she has had an interest in Jack she might like this--the story has its own little spin that I thought was well done. I should really count this as a RIP book--perfect fit for scary book reading.
Liz--That's good to hear. I think it is just the Ick factor. I ordered a copy (bad of me but I know the public library copies by this time will be all grotty--which is scary in and of itself) and should be getting it soon. I might just go ahead and start reading it now! I'm in the mood for creepy at the moment. Another to add to your pile! :)
Maxine--I've really enjoyed her books--her endings do go a little over the top but this one seemed fitting and plausible. The story had some nice twists--a few I saw coming and others not. I'm very curious now about the sequel as I wasn't expecting one--though am happy to hear she is continuing the story.


I really must read her - I keep meaning to, and your wonderful reviews make me very curious!


This sounds like a great page turner. It's going on my wish list right away.


Wow this sounds like a great gruesome read - must add to the list.


Litlove--She is an author to pick up when you are in the mood for a fast page turning read!
Caroline--I've enjoyed all her books and have one left to read--should be getting it in the mail this week, so hopefully you'll enjoy whichever you pick up!
Bibliolathas--There are a few "eww" moments I won't lie, but all in all a great thriller and I loved the main characters. It will be fun to read her next since she is bringing them back.

Les in NE

I recently read Awakening and enjoyed it in spite of the snakes!

Just read your comment on Kay's blog (about blogging) and am happy to rediscover yours. Not sure when (or why!) I stopped following, but I'm anxious to catch up on your posts. Maybe I'm feeling nostalgic for my blogging pals from five years ago.


Les--I just got it in the mail last week and am looking forward to reading it! I always enjoy her books even if the subjects are somewhat macabre! It's lovely to hear from you--it's very easy to get busy and just not be able to make the rounds--that has happened to me as well but hopefully we can keep up and chat more often! :)

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