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My husband &iloved MI% couldn`t stop watching.Enjoy one of my favorite series.


I have The Secret History on my to-read pile, too. I'll be reading it immediately following this month of spooky autumnal fiction. Reading about the exploits of school friends just feels right at this time of year.


Thank you so much for mentioning both of my events.
I'm looking forward to The Lotus Eaters and the German Literature Month anyway.
I'm somewhat wary of the Lawrenson schedule. It makes for great discussions but when you like it you want to rush through and then it gets difficult not to spoil the book in the answers.
I loved The Secret History so much. I hope you will like it as well.
A Wild Surge of Guilty Passion does sound interesting. I'll be curious to see how it is.


So much good stuff going on in the blogworld right now - I'd like to read The Secret History if I can, and I'll definitely be joining in on Caroline's German reading month. Apart from that, though, I've got stuck with three books at the moment that are all good, but require a bit of concentration to read. So they are all going really slowly and I feel a bit frustrated! I should just get on with them really. :-)

Liz F

I'm going to try again to read The Secret History and see if I do better than when I gave up after only a few pages the first time! Admittedly I did have four children under ten at the time I tried, and probably wasn't capable of the concentration required, so I'll give it another go - so long as I can find my copy which is here....somewhere!
I am trying very hard not to request any more library books as I have restricted reading time at the moment and I am finding that I spend more time trying to get through books before they have to go back, than actually reading for enjoyment. Since this rather defeats the object for me, I have decided that once I have got through the current crop, I am going to try and begin to whittle down the piles of my own books which are waiting to be read.
Well that's the theory anyway!


I was so addicted to MI-5 I watched most of it a few years back [before it made it to [Netflix] in 10-15 minute increments on YouTube. Ros is a great character -- I'd pretty much watch Hermione Norris in anything. She was the best thing about the early years of Blood in the Wire -- a show I didn't much care for but she was great in it.

Have you seen the BBC Version of Elizabeth Gaskell's North & South? Stars MI-5's Richard Armitage -- I like it as well or better than the BBC Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth.

Joan Kyler

My husband and I love MI-5, too, and finished watching season nine a few weeks ago. The fact that we never know which agents are going to bite the dust makes the show exciting (and sad because we do get attached to the characters). We joke that we had no idea that England seems to always be on the edge of destruction!

Now, back to my October ghost story reading!


I read The Rose Garden this summer and loved it! I, too, am having trouble with The Long Shadow; it just doesn't grab me like the previous stories did. I read The Secret History years ago when it first came out and wondered what all the fuss was about, maybe I should try it again. I love it when you go through a list of titles; there is always at least one that I want to read.


Wow--you make me tired with all your reading plans. I don't know why, either, but read-alongs and due dates help me, too, possibly by helping to keep me focused instead of shooting off in every direction after every new book that catches my eye.


Oh, I'd missed the announcement about The Secret History being the next Cornflower BC read. I've only managed to join in on one or two of those, but I do have that book on my shelf, so maybe I'll join in this time.


Rhonda--It's been completely addicting for me, too. Not sure what I'll do when I finally see the last series. Start from the beginning again?
Joanna--It does seem a good time to read something with an academic setting, and this has the added benefit of being sort of a thriller--an intellectual one, but still suspenseful.
Caroline--I always look forward to each new book every month and I had wanted to read more German lit, so this is good timing for me. I've just barely started The Lotus Eaters and it looks interesting. And I know what you mean by answering questions--I've not seen the list yet--will wait to read the questions before I've read whatever section, but it will be hard to write about the book without giving spoilers away I think! I didn't like Donna Tartt's book that came after Secret History as much as I anticipated, but I am looking forward to finally reading her first book!
Litlove--It is hard to read slower more thoughtful books when you know you are in the mood for something fast paced--I usually give in and read the fast paced read. Sort of bad of me. I've got lots of good books I'm in the middle of at the moment and only wish I had a little more reading time.
Liz--Small children must be a huge distraction when you want to read! :) Some books take a while to really get moving--perhaps that's the case with the Tartt? I need to go find my copy--it's longish so I had better give myself ample time! I constantly go back and forth between my own books and library books--there must be some happy medium, if only I could control myself and my expectations!
AJ--I started watching it when it was on A&E, but then I think they dropped it and it wasn't until several years later that I requested it from my library--than later switched to Netflix. I liked Ros, too. At first I really disliked her, but in the end I was sorry she got dropped from the show. I've not seen her in anything else, so I will have to look her up. And your comment made me dig out my copy of North and South, which I want to read before seeing the film....I've been dying to see it!
Joan Kyler--I'm bad--I couldn't take the suspense and so looked up the episodes online to see what happens--I rarely do that, but the tension was awful. I think I won't do that with season ten! And I am well into my ghostly reading, too!
Cathy--I'm so looking forward to the Kearsely. She is a great storyteller. I'm determined to try and finish The Long Shadow this week. I just do not like Annunciata and don't care about her--very unusual for me. I'm so ready to move on to the next book, which I think she does not play such a prominent role. I hate to say it, but these are always my favorite posts to write...not very intellectual of me, but it's fun chatting about books.
Kathy--I can't help myself. I am just not a one book at a time person, but I am definitely a--my eyes bigger than my stomach reader--everything looks so good! I think that's why I like readalongs--I am better at staying focused on one book.
Teresa--I always am curious about what books Cornflower picks, but it is hit and miss which ones I can read along with. I do hope to read Donna Tartt--I've had my copy for so long and it seems like the sort of book I would enjoy.


Look at all the good reading in the works! I read Secret History on the plane during a business trip a number of years ago and liked it very much. I look forward to hearing what you make of it.

Karen K.

I was a faithful viewer of MI5 but after about the 5th season I had to stop -- it was just too depressing! However, I've since learned that Richard Armitage joined the cast in later seasons, and I've had a secret crush on him since watching North & South, so I may have to try it again.


As much as I enjoyed the movie version of North and South, I might have enjoyed the book even a little bit more.


I really want to read A Wild Surge of Guilty Pleasure. I had meant to read The Lantern for the readathon too but as soon as I started it, I had to finish it. Schedule be damned!


Stefanie--It sounds like a page turner and lately I am a great fan of those sorts of stories. Not sure how I managed to miss it all these years, but better late than never.
Karen--I know how you feel--that's why I was sort of apprehensive about starting to watch the show again. Bad things happen to people--people you like on the show--and it makes it a little hard going when this is meant to be entertaining. Still, I keep going back for more! I'm reading North and South now as I want to see the film--I have a little crush on RA as well. Sigh.
AJ--Books are almost always better than movies it seems! Actually I'm glad to hear the book is better as I've just started reading it!
Stephanie--That's a good thing, though, right? I've just started and am rationing my pages every day, though we'll see if that lasts!

Rebecca H.

I'm curious what you will say about A Secret History. A friend gave me a copy of the book, but I haven't felt ready to pick it up. I have a feeling I may like it, but I'm not sure enough to try ... so maybe your response will motivate me! We'll see. It's a campus novel, right? I do enjoy those.


Rebecca--This is one of those books I really have always meant to read. It almost seems a classic of its type, so I am glad I have a good excuse to finally pick it up--not that I need an excuse, but you know how that goes. And I love stories with academic settings, too.

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